Something fun to share…..UPDATED

P1020884A few weeks ago I traveled to the Chicago area to present a lecture and a few workshops for the Northwest Suburban Quilt Guild. While I was there, one of the guild members, Joanne Bina, surprised me by bringing her quilted version of my Lone Starburst design. She had made the quilt with some encouragement and support of her husband and had enlarged the pattern to make it into a size large enough to be used in her family room. I LOVE it!



And while I was there teaching two workshops, another sweet lady – Clare Carlsen – brought her finished Keukenhof Tulips quilt to show me. Years ago I had sent her the pattern along with a hand written note, and she had kept it and brought her book/note to show me. Look at this gorgeous quilt:




Thanks for all the comments and support about whether or not I should continue to blog. I received some wonderful, encouraging comments after that blog posting, and many more emails sent to me personally. I appreciate it so much! It means the world to know that there are wonderful people out there (you all know who you are!) who enjoying reading my blog postings and want me to keep them coming. So please check back for more postings — hopefully more frequently than in recent weeks!



  1. So glad you decided to continue your blog, Kimberly! And thanks for sharing these lovely quilts by these very talented ladies.
    I’m a nurse in Boston, and at this moment, I appreciate being able to experience something positive and beautiful.
    Thanks so much.

    • Hi Karen –
      Thank you so much for saying you are glad that I decided to continue writing this blog. That truly means the world to me! I watched with the rest of the world in horror at the bombings that took place in your beautiful city. My heart goes out to you and all the victims of this horrible act of terror. My prayers are with you all!

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