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UPDATE! My PERFECT PINES pattern is now available as a download on my website! My Precision Flying Geese Ruler is required to make this pattern (you’ll need it to squeeze out cutting the little triangles from the leftover bits to make the pieced border trees!)

I’m excited to share a brand new quilt with you! I was inspired to make this quilt by this woodsy, mountain lodge themed fabric and my original Perfect Pines pattern. The blocks are pieced from 10″ x  10″ squares (these fabrics are from a Layer Cake by Deb Strain called Holiday Lodge and the background fabric is Sandstone from my own Solid-ish line by Timeless Treasures Fabrics) and the small bits of fabric leftover after constructing the large pine blocks are used to make the smaller, pieced pine blocks in the outer border. Here’s another peek…..

I had such fun making these cleverly-pieced blocks in my studio at our cabin in Lake Arrowhead on my Janome 9450 sewing machine. It’s my tried-and-true, ever-trusty workhorse and I can always count on perfect stitches even during marathon sewing sessions. 

Mr. Kim was a huge help arranging the blocks for the final layout. Of course, Peanut and the cats were also on hand to lend a hand, er, paw.

After the quilting was finished (more on that later) I used my fabulous Janome Continental M7 to sew the binding on with a lovely serpentine stitch. No hand stitching necessary!

The Big Reveal

Are you ready to see the final quilt?

Each 10″ square makes one large pine block and one small, border pine tree block. You may remember I posted a more “Christmasy” version of Perfect Pines HERE. Of course, I’m pretty partial to those two, cute elves. 

The quilting makes the quilt

After I finished piecing the top, I sent it to my talented, dear friend, Carolyn Archer, owner of Ohio Star Quilting. She has frosted my tops brilliantly for over fifteen years! Since this quilt is meant to be used at our cabin for snuggling, we agreed an all-over quilting design would be fine. While you could certainly add custom quilting, I find this design to be the perfect canvas for an appropriate, edge-to-edge quilting pattern. Consider it quick, easy, and done! And Carolyn certainly came through. While the fabrics could be considered holiday themed, I think they are more perfectly suited as “wintry” instead. Carolyn chose a pattern with bears, pine trees, a cabin and a cute little outhouse! Take a look:

Here you can see large and small pines, and a big ‘ole bear!

This quilting design features woodsy-themed motifs which compliment the fabrics beautifully!

Do you see the cabin and the little outhouse?

Here’s a close-up of the outhouse…..

I had a lot of help as I stitched the sleeve on the back. I use the term “help” loosely. 

Fortunately, there was snow on the mountain and I had a great photography assistant to help with the glamour shots.

And yet, spring is certainly on the way. What a lovely thought!

I hope you love this version of Perfect Pines as much as I do! I might be convinced to offer this as a single pattern download on my website shop. Is there any interest in this? Please leave a comment below and let me know!

PERFECT PINES, by Kimberly Einmo


  1. I would love to have this pattern. Is it in one of your books? A download would be great.

  2. Another great quilt. Can see how different fabric collections could change the look. Country Christmas to Classy Christmas to elegant Christmas. Timeless.

  3. I love this quilt and would like to have the pattern available as soon as possible!

  4. Being an Idaho native and a lover of trees, I love this woodsy quilt!

  5. Love this quilt, Kimberly, and would really like the pattern. I’m happy to see you were able to get up to the mountains as well. Stay well

  6. Peanut is so adorable. I think I saw Cheeto resting on the quilt in an earlier photo. Of course, Mr. Kim makes a good assistant, too. I love the trees quilt. Stay well!

  7. So beautiful, Kimberly! I would love to make this quilt and would definitely love to have the pattern available for purchase on your site!

  8. Yes, yes, yes! I would LOVE to have this pattern! It’s the perfect Fall/Winter Quilt, and that fabric line is fabulous for it!

  9. Love this pattern! Your background for the photos are wonderful. Perfect for this quilt.

  10. I love ? this pattern! It would be wonderful to have it as a download. Thank you. And what beautiful scenery!

  11. I would love to have this pattern. Love it. Stay safe.

  12. I’d love to make this pattern Kimberly , a download would be great.

  13. I have signed up for this class at VQF. Fingers crossed it goes as scheduled. I LOVE this quilt. I have fabric on preorder.

  14. That is a beautiful quilt! I would love to have the pattern so that I could make it.

  15. Nice to get the whole family involved (pets included). Great way to spend quarantine time by making it family/quilting time. You are always an inspiration. Love your sewing room and your view! Beautiful. Stay well Kim and family!

  16. Beautiful. I love quilts that are Happy. And that one sure is! I would love the pattern.

  17. Love this quilt! I’d love the pattern!

  18. I would love to have the pattern.

  19. Kimberly, I would live to buy this pattern! I can’t take the class in Vermont because my group needs to head out Saturday afternoon to start our long drive home. Both quilts are adorable!

  20. Beautiful as always. I would definite do this for our cabin in the mountains. We love having cuddle quilts. I enjoy how the various fabrics and colors change the look. You are so talented and inspiring. Thank you.

  21. I really like the simplicity of this quilt. As someone who lives in the Rockies, I can see it done up in shades of green, with a dash of brown, to give it more of a woodsy vibe rather than Christmas. And I’d quilt it with an E2E pattern of critters (think moose or bear), trees, and pine cones.

  22. Absolutely Love ❤️ it! I most definitely would be interested in a pattern download. This would be perfect for my “camp” in NH. BTW Mr Kim and the furbabies were a great help ???

  23. Beautiful quilt. I’m interested in this pattern, if you add it as a single download to your site. Sweet design.

  24. Yes, pattern to print, please!

  25. Love this! I would absolutely love to have this pattern! Beautiful job! And you’ve got the best helpers!

  26. Beautiful I would love to have a download for later use.. I am too busy making masks for everyone right now to worry about me.

  27. Is this pattern in a book? I would love the download version, but would consider the book as well! I’m so excited about this!

  28. Would to have this pattern. Beautiful scenery. My husband and I love going up to Big Bear when ever we get a chance. We were suppose to go up this weekend but was canceled because of Covid-19. We plan on possibly moving up there when I retire. Stay safe and healthy.

  29. I would love this pattern! It is perfect in those fabrics! Stay safe and healthy!

  30. I would love to have this pattern. Please make this pattern available on your website. ❤️

  31. Add me to those that would love to have a download pattern. Such a happy quilt!

  32. I would love a single pattern for your Perfect Pines!! Love the Trees, large and small. I have some great overall longarm tree, Reindeer and bear designs for this great quilt.

  33. Is the pattern available? I would love to make it.

  34. I love this quilt and Cheeto helping you. He is near his “treat drawer” I guess too. The quilting is so very beautiful. Wow. I just love your quilts and all your wonderful

  35. I would love to have this pattern. Thank you.

  36. I would love a pattern on your web site. Looking at the class in Houston. Love trees on anything woodsy lodge decorations. I’m thinking of flannel for the warmth

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