Tantalizingly modern

I’ve been hard at work on the quilts for my next book. And I’m having T H E   B E S T   T I M E!  The designs are new, different, fun, exciting, and (for me), completely out of the box! I’ve stretched my creative muscles and tried new things, new color combinations, new techniques, and explored NEW IDEAS — and it has all been so invigorating! (But don’t worry….I haven’t strayed TOO far from my traditionally-based roots….)

IMG_0957I began with these scrumptious Aurifil threads for inspiration, then I went shopping at my local
quilt shop and bought the most amazing (and unexpected) combination of fabrics!


I started playing with a fun tool that I haven’t used much in the past; the EZ Fat Cats Tool….. IMG_0910

…and I combined it with the EZ Dresden Tool. IMG_0916 IMG_0942

I sure wish I could show you exactly what I am working on. But it is still a secret (for now…)

I finished the quilt top today and it is now all packed and ready to fly over the ocean to Birgit’s house.
I can hardly wait to see what magic she does with her machine quilting to make this tantalizing quilt really sparkle!


Stay tuned…..more good stuff coming in the coming months. Lots of sneak peeks!

  1. I’m certainly eager to see your new book. I’m sure it will be delightful. These Aurifil threads and fabrics look beautiful together. 🙂


  2. Wow. I love how the fabrics, that are just lovely, were inspired by Aurifil threads. I’m a new quilter and haven’t used Aurifil threads yet. I see most every blogger uses them. I would love to try them.

    • Hi Brandy! I “play” with my thread spools often and find this is a good way to “try out” new and different color combinations. If I like the combo of thread colors, it is so easy to get inspired and then try to find fabrics with these same colors! It doesn’t always work this way (sometimes I find the fabrics first!) but I always stay open to all sorts of different color schemes and different ways to put them together. As for Aurifil, I just can’t begin to recommend them enough. I LOVE them! They have made such a difference in my piecing and quilting! My seams are more precise and the thread is colorfast and STRONG! There are many good web sources where you can order them. And I recommend ordering a color card of actual thread samples to keep in your sewing studio so you can match the threads to your fabrics.

  3. Can’t wait to see the new book. I loved the Jelly Roll class on Craftsy.

    • Thanks, Nancy! I so appreciate your kind words about the Craftsy class!!!

  4. Yay! I have an EZ Fat Cats Tool. Can’t wait for your new book to see what you’ve done with it now. I think I bought it to make a tote bag with a cat on the front. Do you remember that one?

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