Thank you, mystery quilt bloggers!

Wow! I am overwhelmed by the positive response from all you quilt surfers and bloggers to the FREE MYSTERY QUILT I have posted on my website! To date, I think there are more than a hundred of you who have downloaded the supply list and first installment. I hope you are having fun and will remember to download the clues each week. I appreciate everyone who is participating, and hope you will look forward to Fridays as new clues are posted. I think I’ll call it “Mystery Fridays with Kimberly” or something like it…. 🙂

My friend and mystery quilt participant, Pat Deck, sent me photos of her two mystery quilts in progress so I could see the fabrics she chose for both of her versions. She has a bright batik version, and a traditional – very elegant – version with fabrics to match her decor. She also shared a great tip with us: she used cookie sheets to hold her cut fabric pieces and keep things organized. The cookies sheets stack together nicely, and she’s ready to go each Friday when the next clue is revealed.

Pat's mystery quilt version #1

Pat's mystery quilt fabrics version #1

I also loved the photo she sent of her cutting table. She bought some “risers” from a home improvement store to raise up her table to a suitable height to keep her back from becoming strained or sore. And she purchased one of those super large cutting mats so she can make great use of every inch of the table top. Well done, Pat, and many thanks for sharing such great tips. I can’t wait to see the finished quilts!
Pat's mystery quilt fabrics version #2

Pat's mystery quilt fabrics version #2

I’d love to see any photos you readers out there might care to share. You can email them to me at: moc.omnieylrebmiknull@ylrebmiK.
Liz Vickers sent a photo recently of her completed mystery quilt top from the recent AQS Show in Des Moines, Iowa, and I just have to share it with you all. Her quilt is beautiful, and I’m delighted she took time to send the photo!
Liz Vicker's mystery quilt from the 2008 AQS Quilt Show in Des Moines

Liz Vicker's completed mystery quilt top from the 2008 AQS Quilt Show in Des Moines


As you are figuring out the clues to the first mystery quilt, I’m hard at work on many deadlines including THE BOOK (#2), several magazine feature articles, projects for a cruise with Quilt Seminars at Sea in 2010, and designing and writing the instructions for a brand new, free mystery quilt for the website to begin right after Christmas as my special New Year’s gift to you!
Happy quilting!
  1. I love Liz’s mystery quilt! One minute the motif in the middle looks like pinwheels, and the next it looks like intertwined knots or links in a chain. The colors are so handsome.

    I am now officially addicted to the Friday Mystery Quilt thing. It’s the first thing I check on Friday morning, before I head off to work, before my shower, before my coffee (!). We need buttons to wear at quilt shows so that if any KMQ’s (Kim’s Mystery Quilters) run into each other, we can have instant recognition and cause a ruckus. People will stare at us with envy in their eyes and wonder who those crazy people are!

    By the way, Kimberly didn’t mention that the cutting table was a “find”. My eagle eye hubby spotted it someone’s curb on trash day & “recycled” it for me. Free is always good.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Even in difficult times, we have so much to be thankful for — especially the friends we have made quiting.

  2. Hey Pat — GREAT idea about the buttons. I think I’ll check into having some fun buttons made to send out to everyone who sends a photo of their mystery quilts! What fun!!!

    You absolutely made my day when you wrote that you look forward to Friday mornings, even before your coffee! I’ll keep the good stuff coming your way every Friday — you can count on it!

    Thanks for the smile. I’m off to do some online browsing for some buttons…..

  3. I do KMQ, do U?

  4. Love the mystery quilt by Liz

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