The Janome BOM Blitz II quilt is HERE!

The 2022 BOM Blitz II quilt-along has begun!

This is a FREE program and if you follow along, you’ll have the quilt top finished by early December! I hope you’ll join me on this fun-filled, skill building journey. It’s absolutely not too late to join, and you can work in the comfort of your own sewing space — at your own pace — while I walk you through construction process, step by step!

What you’ll need:

The supplies you need are simple. You’ll need 3 yards of one background fabric (includes the binding), one Jelly Roll with 40 – 2.5″ strips with at least two strips of every color (so 20 different colors) plus 3.5 yards of backing fabric. I recommend checking with your local Janome dealer to see if they might still have some of the kits in stock. 

You’ll also need my signature rulers, the Precision Flying Geese & HST Ruler, the Precision Precuts Ruler, and the Precision Jelly Roll Ruler. (At a minimum, you’ll need the Precision Flying Geese & HST Ruler!). You can order them by CLICKING HERE.

And finally, you’ll need the link to access the videos and handouts by CLICKING HERE.

We’re going to have a great time. The videos will be posted once a month through December, 2022. We’re going to have such fun; Mr. Kim will be there and Cheeto, too! Make plans to join us on this BOM journey!

  1. Very disappointed the background fabric is not in the kit as expensive as it is. Now I can’t move forward bc my dealer didn’t have that!

    • Stephanie –

      I’m very sorry you are disappointed. I have no control over how the kits were combined or priced. I hope you’ll be able to either find the background fabric from one of the many sources I have listed on my social media posts or simply use one from your stash! Your quilt will be so pretty no matter what you use, and I hope you won’t let this spoil the fun of making the quilt!

  2. I am starting to cut my background material and made a mistake on the first cuts making them 48 inches long instead of 48 1/2. Will I need more material. I have 3 1/4 yards. (It is white on white and I can get more.)

    Also being new to this- for the last LOF cut 2 – 2 1/2 strips – cut 7 – 2 1/2 X 8 1/2 strips
    does that mean that I cut 2 strips 2 1/2 wide and 53 inches long? than cut that into 7 – 2 1/2 x 8 1/2 strips?

    I think you will be hearing a lot for me. Is this the right place to put these questions? I just requisition admission to the Janome sewing machine classroom.

    Looking forward to all I am learning with this beautiful BOM.

    Thanks’ Judy

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