The loveliest remembrance

I received a package the other day that literally had me in tears within seconds of opening it. 

I have a wonderful friend named Judy. We’ve known each other since our time at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, more than 15 years ago. Judy is a fabulous quilter. She’s amazingly talented, so much fun to be around, and I love calling her my friend! Judy and I share a love of quilting, Mini Coopers, and cabins and cottages. We’ve kept in touch over the years and for the past several years she has come to Quilt Festival in Houston and taken a class or two with me. She always sits up front where we can chat and visit throughout the day. 

A few years ago, her sweet Mom came to Houston to spend time with her. She was going to spend the day waiting out in the hallway or in the vending area while Judy was in class, but I invited her to come sit up front near the table where Kent sits so she could spend time with her daughter and knit while class was in session. I loved getting to know her and Mr. Kim enjoyed chatting with her, too! She came to Houston again last year, took her seat up by the table and spent the day knitting while spending time with her daughter. She always had the sweetest smile and I enjoyed admiring her knitting projects. It was a joy to get to know her. 

Earlier this year, she became ill. Unfortunately, the cancer took it’s toll quickly. I was very sad to learn she passed away just a few months after her diagnosis. Judy was so close to her Mom and it has not been an easy road to walk without her. 

Fast forward to the package which arrived a few days ago. Judy had sent me a message saying she was sending something but I thought it must be quilt related or a gadget, or magazine article. I was not expecting the treasure inside the package she sent.

It was a gorgeous blue, hand knit shawl, from Judy’s sweet Momma. Judy wrote to say her Mom especially wanted me to have it. She knew I love blue. 

I can’t even hold the gorgeous wrap without tears forming. But they are tears of sweet memories, smiles, and joyful times. Tears of gratitude that I had the opportunity to know such a generous and kindhearted lady. And honored she would choose me to have something she made with her own hands. 

Handmade gifts and hand written notes mean so much, don’t you agree? I’m blessed by this loveliest remembrance of such a lovely lady. And grateful to my sweet friend, Judy, for carrying out her Momma’s wishes. 

  1. You’ve been granted a blessing, Kimberly, and it is well deserved. How wonderful for your dear friend to share with you what her Mom wanted you to have and enjoy. Such a lovely gift…and the story behind it has made my day, too.

  2. The sweetest of gifts AND memories!

  3. I loved reading your story. It’s so important that these stories are told to the next generation so they know why we treasure certain items.

  4. ❤️?❤️?

  5. What a treasure you have been given full of happy memories to cherish. Condolences to her daughter on the loss of her mother. I lost mine several years ago but will always remember the love.

  6. How special and the blue is your color looks great on you. I’m sure you will treasure it always.
    And I got my M7 today it is huge. my husband is going to modify my sewing table to fit this monster of a machine??

  7. You are very blessed.

  8. What an awesome story!! And What a special gift. Priceless!

  9. What a wonderful blessed gift of friendship. I don’t know Judy, but she is very special. Just like you. You gave her mother the gift of time with Judy as she took your classes. Kimberly thank you for sharing this and for being the blessed and favored women of Christ that you are. Grace and peace as you wear this beautiful shawl.

  10. Kimberly, This is an awesome and inspiring story! You are so blessed to have such special friends and they are truly blessed to have you! I love heart warming stories like this! My sincere sympathy to Judy! ?❤?

  11. What a touching and sweet story. Friends are the best and this shawl will have a special place in your heart!

  12. What a heart warming gift you received because you touched someone’s life. When I was out on the road teaching my landscapes, I often felt it was more about lifting people up than it was about sewing. The ladies came to take a break from life. I heard so many personal stories about their lives they shared with me. Now, more than ever, we need to lift each other up. Keep up the great work/mission you’re on. Sending hugs, Linda Crone

  13. What a wonderful surprise. It looks very nice on you. You are so lucky to have an amazing friend… Cherish the memories of a sweet lady ?❤️


  14. A wonderful tribute to your friend and her Mom. You are forever wrapped in the Love she had for you. Many blessings to you, your friend and her family.

  15. SUch a special gift from Judy,s mum may she rest in peace.
    My sincere simpathy to Judy.

    And that beautifull shawl looks so good on you.

    It’ll keep you cosy and warm when it is cold.

    Emma (The Netherlands)

  16. What a sweet gift, I’m sure there was a prayer in every row.

  17. What a beautiful gift and memory. Handmade gifts are the best gifts as they are made with so much love. Knowing the person that made it for you touched every stitch and thought of you while they were making it of course would bring tears to your eyes. I can’t think of anyone who would deserve it more!

  18. What a beautiful gift from one caring woman to another. You are so generous with people and your friend’s momma recognized that. Enjoy the sweet memories and the warmth of your special gift.

  19. So special!! It’s a gorgeous treasure. ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Such a lovely story!

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