Three cheers for my Mom!

Happy belated Mothers’ Day!

For all the mothers reading this blog, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend – perhaps spent with your children and families. However you spent your special day, I hope it was a blessing to you as I’m sure you’re a blessing to your kids!

My Mom, Nina Wallace, has been an unbelievable force and shining light in my life. Always encouraging me, and my best friend since I was little, she remains a steadfast rock of strength and support no matter where I go or what I do. She also just happens to be the world’s greatest “shopping-and-eating-lunch-out” buddy. Mom, you’re the best and I love you!

I enjoyed a lovely Mother’s Day here at home with my husband and boys. While they did take me out for a delicious dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, and Andrew surprised me with a heartfelt, handmade card and cut-out paper hearts (which are, of course, the BEST Mother’s Day gift) I told them I didn’t need or want anything else special or store bought because they treat me as if every day is Mother’s Day! (I know, it seems a bit schmaltzy — but honestly, it’s true!)

God has blessed me in abundance! Just look at those two handsome young men. What more could I ever want?

So, do you care to share? How did you spend your Mother’s Day? I’d love to know!

Here’s wishing you abundant blessings in your lives.


  1. You and your mother both have the same amazing smile! Now I know where you get that from! I knew that your boys would do something special — they are just special kids.

    The pillow/pillow case-making with my 3.5 year old grand daughter was not so much of a success — she needs more glue/paste/paint stuff at her age. Just feeding the fabric through the machine was a little too boring for her. She did like stuffing pillows for her doll, however. The BIG hit was the stuffing itself. You know the old saying that a big cardboard box makes the best toy? Try a big ol’ bag of stuffing We took it all out of the bag & she had more fun with that than anything. Let’s see, it was (at various times): a big cloud for a princess to sleep on; funny hair to put on our heads; cloud soup, cooked in her little kitchen; cotton candy, in various flavors; stuffing under her shirt to make a fat belly; a soft bed for her dolls; something to hide under so Daddy couldn’t find her; and bunches of flowers to throw in the air while dancing! Who knew?

  2. Sounds like you really enjoyed your mothers’ day. I had a two day celebration with my twins. Shopping, eating, theatre(one of them is a stage management student and we saw her play), more shoppping, phone calls with my eldest DD, lots of hugs too.
    I had a truly wonderful time. And called my mom for some phone hugs back and forth.

  3. Pat and Robin —

    I’m delighted you both took time to share your Mother’s Day happenings with me and all the blog readers! Sounds like you both had a great weekend, which makes me very happy. It sure doesn’t take a lot to make us, as mothers, feel special, and usually that simply involves just spending quality time with our children and grandchildren!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Well, my mothers day was great! I had a coffee in bed and my girls let me watch my shows on tv. Gracie my 4 year old planted a flower for me and Nicole 6 wrote a story for me. I have to agree with you Kimberly home made gifts are the best. I also feel very blessed because I have a wonderful husband and two amazing girls.

  5. I am very lucky because I have two mother’s day !!!because my daughter is living in Canada and she sent me a very nice card and the second one is living in France and there mother’s day is at the end of may!!!
    i just cannot spend it with them!!!

  6. Christine –
    I’m so sorry you won’t be able to spend time with your daughters for Mother’s Day, but I know they are wishing they could be with YOU to show you how special you are to them!

  7. Dear Kate —

    I’m delighted you stopped by my blog and took a moment to share you wonderful Mother’s Day with all of us! It does sound like you had a great day; I’ll just bet those sweet little girls of yours were so tickled you loved their flower and story! I can just see them “beaming” with pride! Hope the rest of your week has continued with those warm fuzzy “Mom-is-special” feelings!

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