Right down to my toes!

Guess who’s featured on the Jolly Jabber blog at the Fat Quarter Shop? Click here to go check it out. I’ll bet you learn a fun fact or two! A thousand thanks to Kimberly Jolly at the Fat Quarter Shop for asking me to be the guest blogger. Truly, I’m pleased as punch (wow, that phrase is showing my age….) and totally honored to be on her blog. The Fat Quarter Shop is one of my all time favorite internet retailers. They always have the BEST selection of Jelly Rolls and Precut fabric bundles….and y’all know how much I LOVE those!

But also suffering from email woes.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours I’ve spent over the past few days (especially yesterday) trying to get my email working on both my laptop and Droid phone. Now, let me say that I love, love, LOVE my new Bionic Droid phone. It is lightning fast. But (and this is a big B-U-T….) if the email comes in on my laptop, it won’t come through on my Droid. If I get the email working on my Droid, it won’t download to my laptop. And if I try to forward any emails from my Droid to my laptop, the 4G speed is so speedy it sends and “captures” the email right back before my laptop has a chance to retrieve it.

I know, I know….you’re thinking I should check the email settings to allow the emails to go to both the Droid and the laptop. Been there, done that. Over and over. I’ve spent hours on the phone with my web guy (he was a big help); two more hours on the phone with Verizon tech support (this guy? Not so much…) and by the time I was done, I couldn’t receive email on either my Droid or my laptop! Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh! I still don’t have everything working properly. In fact, if you emailed me at all yesterday there is a very good chance I did not receive it (so send your email again.) Please forgive this rant, but it has been very, very frustrating.

I think I’ll go back to thinking about how happy and excited I am about being featured on the Jolly Jabber.

Aaaahhhh. That’s better. Yep, I sure am feeling tickled!





  1. I adore you! Your book, which I was so fortunate as to have won (thank you so very much!!!), is awesome, but you … you are wonderful and I thank you for all you share on your blog … Please know you are appreciated through and despite all your techie woes. 🙂 Blessings!

  2. I saw you there……great way to get your name out there!!! Woo Hoo!!!

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