Time to ????

Merry belated Christmas to you all! Did you survive the frantic holiday season? Did Santa bring you everything you hoped for?

We enjoyed a blessed Christmas with family and friends. It was a happy and joyful time, and also a time for napping and resting after such a hectic month of preparation and festivities. We enjoyed sleeping in late over the weekend. Pure bliss.

This week, I plan to spend time “regrouping.” My email inbox is full of letters that need answering; there are phone calls to make, bills to pay, and lists to make. My desk is piled high under a mountain of “things to do.”

But the boys are home from school and the Wii Resort games are calling. Maybe those “things” can wait just a bit longer while I go take on Josh in a game of tennis or fencing. And Andrew wants to bowl…..

I’ll be back soon!

  1. Kimberly, I am so happy that you are having such a wonderful time with family and friends. That is what this season is for! I am glad you get to have your boys home with you too. None of our children came home this Christmas. But our daughter gave birth to a wonderful blessed newborn daughter, on December 21st! They have named her Preslie Jane and she is adorable. I will email you a couple of pictures of her in her little Santa costume that my other daughter sent to her for her ‘coming home from the hospital outfit’! She is a sweetheart and is welcomed home by her little sister, Chloe Catheryn who is only 14 months old herself! Mommy (and Daddy) are doing fine! I will be going out to see them in 2 more days! I will be with them for almost 10 days before heading back home and back to work.
    In the meantime, I have been trying to get some quilting done, here and there. I have quilted a quilt for my sister who made the top for her granddaughter. Then I have done my border with triangles for a round robin I’m involved in. So fun, yet sooooooooo hard!
    We had a nice quiet Christmas, but two other empty-nester couples came over to our home to eat and play! We had a terrific time!
    Merry Christmas to you – and Happy New Year too! Can’t wait to see you – March is coming!!

    LynnEl in Illinois!

  2. Good to see your priorities are in the right place! The phone calls, the lists and the bills will always be there — the boys will not. Go play Wii.

  3. I agree with Pat! Enjoy your time with the boys. Time fly’s way to fast!

    Thanks for suggestion me as a friend to Mark Lipinski. I’m sooo disappointed about the magazine but I’m hoping new and exciting things will come to him in the coming year! Maybe you two should collaborate on a project, wouldn’t that be fun!

    Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

  4. Thanks so much, ladies! I appreciate the great comments, and it helps me not feel so guilty about leaving “career” things aside while I spend time with family!
    Happy new year to you all!

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