Oh, how I hate to say good-bye. I don’t want to say it, but I have to because we’re moving. (Yes, for those of you who have followed my blog for some time……you read that correctly.) We’re moving. Again

One of the few things in life I’m absolutely certain about is that nothing stays the same and things change when we least expect it. We thought we’d be living in our current home for many years so we put down roots last year when we bought this home. But my sweet husband’s job situation changed late last year so we’re off once again. This is our 4th move in the past 6 years for anyone keeping count (and move #14 in the last 24 years!) I’ve learned to bloom wherever I’m planted. And it is a choice.

I chose to bloom where the roses grew profusely in our backyard in Ohio.

I chose to bloom where there were gorgeous crocuses in my backyard in Germany.

And I chose to bloom where there were pretty plumerias here in Florida.

And I am certain there will be new blooms to appreciate in our new backyard in Virginia. And I will choose to enjoy them for as long as time permits before life offers us the opportunity to bloom somewhere else. Of this I am certain.

But in the meantime, it is especially difficult to say good-bye to good friends I have made here. In fact, just a few days ago many of those dear friends surprised me with a wonderful going away party. I was completely touched by their outpouring of love and friendship!

They brought all sorts of goodies — the completely yummy kind and some more fun and/or practical! I was overwhelmed by their generosity and thoughtfulness! (Thank you all SO much, ladies!)

We all had such a great time. We laughed ourselves silly and enjoyed so much good food.
It was seriously one of the BEST. TIMES. EVER!!!!

One (of many) of my most favorite things was the CAKE. Check this out:

They had a picture of my Checkerborder Rainbow Star quilt printed on top of the cake itself and it was completely edible!

And just look at the darling details….

Of course I cut the cake with a rotary cutter. Okay, not really. Just kidding….

But it still hurts to say good-bye to these wonderful, amazing, creative, interesting, and completely talented women. Even though I know we’ll stay in touch through email and Facebook, it won’t be quite the same. And I sure will miss those Friday sewing nights at Tess’s shop, Scrap and Sew.

So I won’t say good-bye. I’ll just take a cue from another bouncy friend of mine. Tigger said it best:


  1. Oh Kimberly,
    I am so sad for your loss of such a wonderful community of lovely and talented, and warm friends, but I’m also sure, after reading this blog entry, that you will be a welcome addition to a new community of friends. You have a wonderful way of seeing the silver lining, as you’ve had lots of practice! Your brilliant smile and warm personality will endear you to new friends, and hold your “old” friends close, whether near or far.

  2. Do you get to leave near Claire?!!!! How fun for her if you do!! Life is full of surprises….we just have to roll with them and make the best of them… are seasoned for sure!!! Hugs!!! Send me your new address!!!

  3. But you can’t go!! 1. You have the same name as my daughter. 2. You have inspired me to advance my quilting skills. 3. I would like to know how to buy your fabulous rulers? If you can supply that info,I would be eternally grateful. You course from Craftsy is most enjoyable….yes…I quilt in my bare feet. PLEASE ADVISE HOW TO LOCATE YOUR RULERS, AND ANY OTHER IMPORTANT INFO. THANK GOODNESS I PURCHASED THE VIDEO!! CHEERS..merle

  4. oh Kimberly !!
    what a beautiful cake !!
    as a military wife ,I sure know the feeling and I also hated to say good bye !!! where do you go in Virginia ?
    I wish you the best and I am sure you will make good friends anywhere you go because you are such a good and fun person!!!
    I really hope to see you soon !!

  5. Good Morning Kimberly,
    I am a brand new student of yours @ I live in Victoria BC Canada ( North of Seatle).
    I am also a wife of a retired Canadian military man(34yrs in, I did over 25 yrs with him)…I remember all too well all of those good byes! We did 12 moves in about 6 yrs. You learn to make friends quickly, I love your analogy of blooming wherever you are planted.
    We lived in Potomic Maryland for 3 yrs., right on the edge of MD, Verginia border, I absolutely loved it… that is where in 1997-2000 I caught the quilting bug !
    I wish you all the best with your move.

  6. Hi, Enjoying your blog so much its always fun and informative. I was wondering if you know where in Va. you are going
    and if you have been there before? Hope you will keep the blog going and let everyone know how you are doing in your
    new area. Wish you all the best and looking forward to enjoying your next book.
    Barbara M.

    • Thank you, Barbara! The next book, Precut Bonanza, will be out in early fall. Be sure to watch for it!

  7. Hi,
    What part of Virginia will you be calling home??
    Maybe our paths will cross.

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