Weinachtsmarkt time!

Yes, I have deadlines looming. I have a million things to do; emails to answer, phone calls to make, appointments to schedule, housework to do, and always piles of laundry calling my name. But this is one time when I just need to put all those “pressing things” aside and focus on the true reason for the season, namely, the birth of Jesus. Work and commitments will wait. They will be there tomorrow (and the next day….) There are times when I just need to focus on the love and fellowship of family and friends.

I thoroughly enjoy this time of year! The Christmas markets have returned to various villages and cities in Germany, and I don’t want to miss visiting at least a few of them. So, yesterday, right after school, we headed to the quaint village of Esslingen am Neckar, which is about 18 miles away from Sindelfingen. Every year, Esslingen has a Christmas market — but their market is different than most because it is a medieval market! The vendors all dress in period clothing (including wooden shoes) and the streets and stalls are lit with candles, torches, and lanterns. It is enchanting and breathtaking! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll share some of the many photos I took with my digital camera. Enjoy some of the sights and wonders of Christmastime in Germany!

  1. Absolutely lovely!

  2. Hi, Pat! Reading your cheerful comment this morning made my whole day bright!

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