Welcome 2018

Happy New Year! 

I love and enjoy every moment of the holidays but I’m always ready to greet each new year with enthusiasm and expectation. 2018 is full of promise. I gave up making new year’s resolutions years ago and instead adopted the “One Word” concept. Each year, I choose a word to focus on and this year I have chosen two words. The first word is CREATE.

I want to create a life that is balanced, full of love and joy, giving to others, filed with creativity, purpose, optimism and hope.

My second word is FAITH.

I want to nurture, grow and strengthen my faith this year. We are in the middle of transitioning from the east coast to the west coast because of my husband’s new job. Our home in Virginia hasn’t sold and we’re praying and waiting with faith and expectancy for buyers so we can transition fully to California and buy a house here. In the meantime, the separation, living in limbo and financial strains are challenging. I need to stretch my faith to know we will be able to accomplish our dreams in God’s perfect timing. 

In the meantime…..

I am focusing on tasks and projects at hand. After many weeks of feeling unmotivated to quilt or work on anything creative or quilt related, I finally feel my “mojo” returning. I’m eager to work on several UFO’s and to begin some newly designed projects as well. First up? I’m going to catch up making my basket blocks in ‘real time’ for my third GATHERINGS quilt; the series quilt currently appearing in issues of American Quilter Magazine. I’ve fallen behind by an issue and need to make six Posey Basket Blocks which will hopefully encourage other American Quilter readers to make their own basket blocks. I’ve got a Gatherings Group on Facebook and I’d like to invite YOU to join us! We post photos and encourage each other to make our blocks. Even if you haven’t picked out your fabrics yet, it really isn’t too late to join in the fun! Simply click HERE.

Something to share….

In December, I was finally able to reveal a project I spent more than a year creating. When my Mom passed away in March, 2016, one of the treasures I inherited was her old wooden recipe box filled with her cherished and often used recipes.

With the help of my good friend and editor, Linda Lasco, we compiled all the recipes and created a special, custom cookbook filled with photos, family traditions, and memories spanning many decades. I had these cookbooks printed and bound and sent them to family members and my Mom’s friends as a Christmas gift. It was difficult keeping this a secret for such a long time but since the cookbooks have been delivered, I can share this with you all. I’m honestly thrilled with the way the cookbook turned out and I think my Mom would be so pleased to see these recipes passed down to the next generation of cooks in our family. 

Mom, teaching her great-granddaughters how to make her signature “snowballs” at Christmas. This photo was taken just a couple of months before she passed away. She suffered from dementia and could not remember much in those last months, but when she made these cookies, she was remarkably lucid and focused.

Pouring through each of those hand-written or typed recipes, which are now stained and worn from years of use, was comforting and brought back so many memories of the times my Mom used them to teach me how to cook. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I wish each of you all happiness, prosperity, and God’s blessings in 2018. Let’s endeavor to make this our best year yet!

  1. Love this column. My husband retired from the Army 24 years ago. The transition was not easy. You will do it! Time goes by sooooo fast. A couple of years ago I put my own recipes into a “cookbook” for my kids. My daughter really appreciates it. Happy New Year to you. Remember it only takes one family to buy your house and that family will probably be there in the Spring. I’ve been told houses sell in the spring as the school year ends and families want to be settled in their new homes when the new school year starts. Keep us posted.

  2. Great recipes I’m sure! Should do something with my Mother’s and Grandma’s recipes. Their recipes cards look the same, brings back a lot of memories. What a treasure!

  3. You have had a difficult road this past year but in this new year hopefully there will be peace and happiness. Your gift to family and friends of your mom’s recipes will keep her alive for them and future generations. I have my mom’s wooden recipe box also- it is comforting to look thru it. Hugs and hope to you.

  4. What a treasure that your mom was lucid enough to bake with her great-granddaughters. My mother is starting to lose her memory a little bit and it’s hard to watch. She just seems too young for it.

    I’m working on your Magical Blocks quilt from Craftsy, but I’m substituting different blocks from your Precut Bonanza book in it. It’s all in batiks, and I’m excited to see how it’s going to turn out.

    Happy New Year!

  5. I am both a retired officer and the spouse of a retired officer. I know the ups and downs of retired life and like you I have not had the “mojo” to get in my quilt room and create. But I will. When my mother-in-law and my mother died 6 months apart, my husband and I took all the recipes and put them on computer discs and sent to all of our children and my sister and brothers and his brothers. While it was hard it brought us closer than ever and now I have another part of them with me.
    Like you I have a lot of faith and know that God will provide. Have a great move and I have enjoyed your EQ lessons and classes from craftsy.

  6. gee last year must have been the year for many to lose their mojo as I too seemed to have lost mine. Just couldn’t get into the Christmas spirit it seemed. I’m thinking maybe cause we have had such warm weather this year might be my reason.Did make up my mind tho the day after Christmas I was going to get right back to my normal (whatever that is) routeen & so far today I started it. I’m looking for 2018 to be a good year no matter what anyone tells me. I have so many UFOS to get back to & have decided not to start many new ones till I get some of these done. Lucky you on having your mother’s receipe box..My sister has both my mom’s & my grandmothers. Now if only my kids will be pleased with mine I will be happy.
    Someone mentioned houses sell better in the spring & that is so true as both of mine I sold did so in the spring. I am still living alone at 85 but know that one of these days I am going to have to make another move (hopefully in with 1 of my daughters) but I am sure trying not to think of it as I do like living alone. Keep the faith & God will provide that buyer in His own good time & Welcome to California.

  7. Happy New Year Kimberly! Your blog is always such a delight to read. I wish you and Kent and the boys a wonder 2018.

  8. Love this blog, Kimberly, your faith and caring nature. Your Mom, Pop, and family are so proud of you.
    Love, Denise

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