Women of Wenatchee!

Let me begin this post with a disclaimer. You see, I have been remiss. Seriously, remiss. Last year (especially the second half of last year…) I found myself immersed in a schedule that was beyond busy. I was traveling around the country to teach. A lot. And while I loved every moment of meeting new people and sharing my best tips and techniques through classes, lectures and workshops, when I came home I returned to literally piles of work, seemingly endless deadlines, and a family who was feeling, well, neglected. It was a recipe for “overwhelmedness.” (Even though that isn’t really a word, it should be.)

Have you ever felt like that?

One of the things I was seriously behind on doing was updating my blog and posting photos from my travels. Gosh, I’m sorry. Better late than never, right? So, to all you women of Wenatchee (Washington), I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for making my trip to the great Northwest so spectacular. It was amazing! And, if you’ll click here, I’ve posted all my photos from my visit last August at the Wenatchee Quilt Guild and teaching classes at the fabulous Attic Windows Quilt Shop.

Show and Tell at the Wenatchee Quilt Guild Meeting and quilts made from my patterns!

Above all, thanks so much for your patience and understanding. I’m looking forward to heading back to your neck of the woods at some point soon.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner out at a favorite local restaurant in Wenatchee. Hey - wait a minute! Who's the dude standing by me in the photo? Was that our waiter?

  1. We all know what it’s like to have overwhelmedness. A condition suffered by all of us at one time or another. Your presence here in Wenatchee is still talked about and all of us hope that we get to have you come and see us again soon. The pictures are fun to see! Remember you and your family are always the top of your list. When those two are taken care of, the rest falls in place.

  2. Love to see the photos. A friend was working on her jelly roll quilt on Saturday, needed a refresher on the Tri-Recs tool. And we finally had a class at the Attic Window using the Pineapple Log Cabin Ruler. I just did a little table topper with 4 blocks, using a new layer cake and my jelly roll ruler. Hope to post some pictures soon at the Attic Window’s blog.

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