You’ve heard it said….

….that the only thing predictable in life is unpredictability.

Too true.

Do you remember earlier this year when I blogged about my loss of momentum and feeling discouraged? Well, it was much due to the fact that life threw us a curve ball we just didn’t see coming. And the uncertainty of it all pretty much consumed our winter and spring months. But summer is here (big sigh of relief) and the warm winds of change are blowing.

Yep, we are moving again. And nope, we didn’t plan for this. We had hoped to stay here for an extended period of time. But God sees the big picture for our lives and we’re on our way again. Another overseas move – our second in twelve months. (Sheesh. Didn’t I just finish unpacking a little while ago?)

My blog entries have been a little few and far between recently because I’ve been packing boxes. Lots of boxes. But we have completed our pack-out and now two extra large containers are on the high seas headed toward American soil. Gosh, I hope that cargo ship doesn’t take a route by way of Somalia. Otherwise, there could be some pirates who end up with one heck of a fabric and quilt stash! (just teasing….)

I think one of the hardest parts for me was saying goodbye to my cute little prickly friends who came every evening to my sewing studio door for the all-night buffet.  I told the new tenants about them and how they prefer their entrees. Al-dente. I just hope they remember to feed them like I did. Oh yes, and Boo Kitty. I sure will miss her, too.

But there are good things on the horizon. New adventures, new beginnings. And I’m sure there’s another sewing studio in my future. (I’m already designing and setting it up in my mind….)

And although life is unpredictable, isn’t it exciting? Wish me luck!

  1. Wish you all the luck in the world… :o))
    Safe journey!!!
    Hope to see posts from you soon!!

  2. America – you’re coming here??? Where? Sorry you have to move again – the thought of packing up all my stuff is overwhelming.

  3. I sympathize with moving so soon. For me, pack out wouldn’t be hard as there would still be much left in boxes from the last move. I am happy to hear you will be near Cindy. If Mickey wasn’t enough of a reason to visit, now there are two of you there.
    Take care of yourselves. Hope you find a great place to live. Too bad you couldn’t have come to WA. I am looking out my sewing room window at a gorgeous sunset over the Cascades. If I could just get the people across the street to take off the peak of their roof, life would be perfect.

    I saw your final photo of the quilt in the Irish magazine: Wow. Are there any upcoming issues of magazines to be looking for? Any dates on your new book?

  4. You are so right. Sometimes God has her own Mystery Quilt planned for us. I’m glad the pack out is done and that it is behind you. Off to a new adventure! Ok, Ok, I can hear you groaning “enough adventure, already!”, but I have a feeling you will be settled for a while in your new digs. I will miss the pictures of your little garden friends, your flowers, LegoLand & etc. Hopefully you will find new and exciting things to share with all of us, including that new sudio space you are planning in your head. In the mean time, maybe you can find a local chapter of Quilters Anoymous: “Hi, my name is Kimberly, and I haven’t had access to my fabric or machines for three weeks…..”

  5. Oh my, I hope the move will finally bring more good than worries… my fingers are pressed that everything will go smoothly!
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Dear Stina, Robin, Jan, Pat and Julia;

    Thank you ALL for your good thoughts and kind wishes! You have no idea just how much I appreciate reading all your uplifting words. We’ll be fine — and will look forward to this next adventure with a positive outlook as we always do. We’re looking forward to getting settled and beginning the “next” chapter in our lives. There certainly is never a dull moment for the Einmo’s!
    Thanks again for leaving your comments here on the blog. I’ll be posting more blogs with updates throughout the move….

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