A day in the life

of our furry friends.

I did not put Poppy there. She burrowed in between the folds
of my quilt all by herself, thank you very much.
And then she was indignant when I questioned her about it.

 My self-appointed, Quality Control Manager, Tuffy, at his usual post.
He sits right next to me in his chair while I work at the computer and
double checks my designs giving “two paws up” as his stamp of approval on
everything I do before you all ever see it. He’s one cool dude. Literally.
When he’s perched in his chair, the fan is turned on right behind him.

Miss Divot went for a “spa day” today.
She enjoyed being pampered and having her fur done,
including the purple “yo-yo’s” above her ears.
Now that she’s back home, she has
perused the perimeter of the yard and chased
several uninvited squirrels and lizards.
After all….how dare they invade her space?
Alas, it’s a difficult job, but someone has to do it.

And Ms. Snickers? Well, I found her taking a power cat-nap.
In the middle of the afternoon.
She heard the camera click as I took photos, but she was too lazy, sleepy
…er, she was otherwise occupied.

I’d say they have a pretty good life, wouldn’t you?

  1. You have quite the staff, and they all appear to be quite good at their jobs!

    • You bet, Pat! And their compensation package isn’t all that bad either. Just some tuna for the cats and chicken and kibble for the pup!

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