A day of anticipation

A car and a pick-up truck, fully loaded, on the day our sons moved to college.

We’ve been anticipating this day for many, many years. And yet now that it’s finally here, I’m filled with a flood of emotions, both glad and sad. 

My husband and I have officially become “empty nesters.” 

Moving into the dorm day. (Incidentally, they are in different dorms.)

As all parents know from the time they start a family, there will come a day when those children will grow up and leave home to start their own lives. We’ve been parents for over twenty three years. We’ve raised two terrific sons, ages 23 and 18. There were days I thought I honestly couldn’t wait for them to grow up and be on their own and other days I have wanted them to stay young, here at home with us, forever. That’s a normal part of life. (Although, I’ve heard it said God created teenagers to make the transition for parents to becoming empty nesters easier.)

Brothers and friends.

Honestly, we thought the transition would come more gradually, but because our eldest son didn’t start college until this past January and since both sons are attending Liberty University at the same time, the transition feels quite abrupt. I’m happy they have chosen a great university and one they are excited to attend. We couldn’t be prouder of their efforts and accomplishments. And it’s time for each of them to make their own way in the world. But this big house sure seems quiet and empty. I’ve tried to prepare myself for the rush of emotions; of course I’m not the first Mom to go through this and I certainly won’t be the last. Truth be told, I miss having my folks here on this earth right now. I’m sure they’d have some wise, wonderful words of wisdom for me. 

Both boys are taking a T-shirt quilt made from their favorite shirts to college. It’s my way of sending them with a hug. (Machine quilting by Carolyn Archer, Ohio Star Quilting.)

It’s difficult to see Josh’s T-shirt quilt because he has the top bunk. But it’s there, all the same.

So I’ll send them off with a big kiss, lots of prayers and the knowledge that they can always come home to visit once in awhile.

For now, you can find me in my studio to stitch and create and make something wonderful. I’m blessed to be able to quilt; it gives me a chance to keep my mind and hands busy while I think and plan and hope and wait for the next “big adventure” that I’m sure is just around the corner. 

Here’s to our new beginning and to our boys’ and their future. Whatever that may be!

  1. It will take a while to become accustomed to the quiet but it will happen! Then when they come home you will wonder at how noisy it is! Good luck on the transition and keep quilting!

  2. It happens to us all… and it is fun being home”alone.

  3. It is a big adjustment but such is life. Love the pictures. Thank goodness we have our creativity to get thru those quiet lonely times. Big hug.

  4. There is life after the kids leave. We now have 5 grandchildren and we are back in following all the things that they have going on. Like baseball, football and volleyball. It is fun all over again. I know you have raised wonderful Kids and will miss them at first.

  5. My son is 20 and going to college locally so we still have him around for a while. I tease him because when he came along I lost my sewing room, so I tell him if he is out of the house too long I will take it back, but I will really miss him, he is so fun to have around. We are both late nighters and I have spent many a late night laughing with him. Hmmm, maybe I can convince my husband to let me have our bedroom for a sewing room?

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