A creative do-over

2018 has ended and a bright, shiny new year has just begun. Years ago, I adopted the “ONE WORD” concept at the beginning of each year in lieu of making new year’s resolutions. Without looking back to see what my ONE WORD was for last year, in reality, my ONE WORD for 2018 was TRANSITION. We sold our Virginia home in March and bought a new home in April across the country in the South Bay area of LA. It was a big, no….a huge transition to move across the country and establish ourselves in a new house while Kent began a new job with a new company. We went through the process of finding a new church, joining a small group, making friends with our neighbors, learning new places to shop, finding new medical and banking facilities, and in general, navigating a new state with different weather and geography. Yes, it was a year of transition and not much else happened by way of my creating new things. I’ve learned sometimes life is like that and we just have to roll with the punches, adapt, and do the best we can.

When I finally took the time to look back on the ONE WORD I had chosen last year, I giggled when I saw it was actually two words: CREATE and FAITH. Well, I certainly relied on my faith to see us through the big transition, but I really dropped the ball when it came to creating. 

But there are no rules when it comes to selecting ONE WORD, so why not give myself a do-over? 

My word for 2019 is CREATE.

My Personal App Quilt by Kimberly Einmo

Now that we are finally unpacked, have completed all the changes and renovations, I feel like we’re all settled in. And my goal is to spend a great deal of time CREATING this year. The following is on my short list:

  • Create at least three new mystery quilts for upcoming classes.
  • Create a new series quilt for American Quilter Magazine.
  • Create time to sew and make quilts just for the fun of it.
  • Create new machine embroidery designs and spend time actually doing machine embroidery.
  • Create time to machine quilt my own smaller quilts. 
  • Create new designs for exciting and fun new classes.
  • Create time for more hand embroidered projects.

2019 is full of possibilities and I’m blessed to be able to pursue my dream of spending more time creating. Here’s to fulfilling dreams!

What are your dreams? Do you have ONE WORD for 2019? Leave a comment and let me cheer you on in 2019!


  1. A wonderful article Kimberly. Yes, you had a huge year…but it’s good to hear you’re mow more settled. It sounds like you’ll be creating up a storm this year! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    My one word is RE-CONNECT. I’ve been so unwell for so long that many parts of my life have slipped away. Finally though, after a proper diagnosis and treatment, I’m turning the corner and feeling much more like my old self. During that time, I gradually disconnected from friends, family, other relationships and, most distressingly, my sewing room.

    So I’ve made a start by drastically reducing my on-line time (I’ve closed my FB account and deliberately rarely check my phone & iPad), started writing letters to my friends around the world by hand rather than email, and with my trusty old fountain pen, and tidied up my sewing room.

    I’ve rationalised my sewing room too. I had far too many projects, ideas, fabric and bits and pieces I’ll never use even if I live to 100! Or 200!! Now I’ve put away things I may get to one day, things I’d like to start in the next couple of years, and things I definitely want to complete this year. Everything else is out of sight, so out of mind. Or given away, donated to friends or sold.

    And family? I’m making a lot more time to talk to each of my children, grandchildren and especially my dear husband. It’s hard to get myself out of the awful state of health I was in, but yes, reconnecting with all parts of my old life will help me recover and become my old self again.

    Thank you Kimberly, for your inspiration and talent,

  2. #CreativeGoodness

  3. My word is Persevere – in other words, follow through, follow up, finish. It especially relates to projects (which become UFOs). It relates to things I want to study (then drop). Also work and relationships and exercise and diets, my devotional life, and pretty much my whole life. My dad told me when I was a child – he was teaching me bowling – “you need to learn to follow through.” Little did I know those words would ring true even in the year he would have turned 101. Thanks for another good article, Kimberly!

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