A few of my favorite things…..


A few of my favorite things include this adorable magnetic hedgehog pin catcher, gifted to me by my friend, Sue Hausman and the best scissors in the world by Karen Kay Buckley.

It’s mid December and deadlines are looming. I have a million things I should do. But what I really want to do is stitch. Not because I have to, but because I want to. So I decided it was time to treat myself to a little quilt project. Just for fun. Just because.

I always carry a hand stitching project with me when I travel. I prefer either wool buttonhole applique or redwork-style embroidery. A few years ago I bought a cute redwork embroidery pattern at a quilt shop in Alaska. I didn’t make the project as shown in the pattern but I did use the embroidery designs and stitched them in red thread on white cotton. A few months ago, I finished the embroidery and put the project in a drawer in my studio. Earlier this week I came across it in the drawer and decided to add a little patchwork border to make a cute Christmas table runner.



To do the machine quilting, I used my absolute favorite product which was given to me by a student in my class last year at QuiltWeek in Paducah; Marcia Baraldi, who came from Brazil! Over the years I’ve tried dozens of different types of gloves and gadgets for machine quilting but these nifty palm gloves invented by Marcia are truly THE. BEST. EVER. You can check them out by clicking here.


These special gloves by Marcia Baraldi make machine quilting not only easy, but a breeze! Definitely one of my favorite things……


It was so fun to spend a lovely afternoon machine quilting this Christmasy quilted table runner! And I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the sunshine streaming in my studio!




And Toby kept me company as well. It was a delightful day in the sewing room!


Christmas music was playing, candles were burning, and I simply enjoyed the process of stitching — just because it makes me happy!



It was like giving myself an early Christmas gift. Time spent doing what I love to do. (My oldest son surprised me and snapped this candid photo while I stitched. I think the look of sheer happiness is pretty evident, don’t you?)DSC_0405

Merry Christmas, dear friends, to you and your families! God bless you in the new year!!!



Marcia contacted me to let me know there is a US distributor of her amazing gloves. You can find them here. Why not treat yourself for the holidays? You won’t regret it!

  1. Lol. Totally understand about how crazy our schedule gets but to make time for sewing is a must. Hope you had a good respite. Have been missed. By the way I looked at your glove site and it is all in Spanish. I can slowly try to read it. I am a little rusty…. Funny I was just thinking about getting new gloves. Tis that time.

  2. So cute, Kimberly! You should make it a pattern and sell it, I’d love to have it! I would love to get the gloves, she has pink and black ones, but I can’t understand the website. It actually wouldn’t matter because I know what I want and can get it in the cart, but I can’t read what is needed to be filled out to pay for them. Hmmm, maybe I can get my daughter to help me! Thanks for showing us your pretty and for posting the link to the gloves!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family. You have been such a blessing to my daughter Cady and I this year. Our highlight of the year was meeting and taking a class with you at VQF!

    My husband is going to be busy this weekend and since all my presents are made,Mi am gong to spend the weekend quilting. I am only coming out to eat, sleep and wrap gifts.

    • Darlene, it is my privilege to call you and Cady my friends. You are both so sweet — and I LOVE keeping in contact with you through FB. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2016! Hugs to you both!

  4. Wishing you many more such happy times and brightest Christmas blessings for you and you family!

  5. Wonderful post…really enjoyed it. Do you happen to know where Sue bought the sea otter magnet? It is adorable and I would love to find one for myself. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


    • Hi Alice!
      Honestly, I have no idea where Sue found that adorable pin magnet. Next time I see her, I will ask her, though!

  6. How can I order the Biraldi quilting gloves. I’ve had a pair for years, I think I bought them at a quilt show, and suddenly one is missing. These are an absolute MUST for me. I can’t stand any of the usual quilting gloves, I’ve tried them all, and love that I can use my fingers for changing needles, the bobbin, etc. and they’re so comfortable. I’ve been on several websites, including Biraldi’s, and can’t find a way to order. HELP! Even Etsy is out. None on Ebay or Amazon.

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