A golden weekend

“It’s another golden Tamakwa day.” Does anyone recognize that line from a popular 1993 movie? Can you guess the movie? (Looking forward to seeing your answers in the comments.)

That line has been going through my head as we’re at the cabin in Lake Arrowhead for a quick weekend before returning back to South Bay for a busy week of Quilt Market/Festival preparations ahead.

What is it about the changing seasons that makes my heart sing?

I need to see the seasons change. Growing up in Northeast Ohio, I enjoyed seeing the seasons change year after year. I anticipated the changes to come. Autumn was always my favorite season, followed by Winter, Spring, and Summer. 

For a time in our married lives, we lived in Florida on two different military tours. During those Florida years, despite my best “can-do” and “bloom where you’re planted” attitude, I never adjusted to the lack of changing seasons. To me, the two seasons in Florida were either “hot” or “hotter.” For me personally, I don’t feel my best in hot, humid weather.

While we spend the majority of our time in the South Bay Area of LA where the temperatures are near perfection with 70’s during the day, 60’s at night, and plenty of sunshine, we have our cozy little cabin in Lake Arrowhead where the elevation is about 5600 feet. And up here, we thoroughly enjoy the changing seasons. 

Granted, autumn here in Lake Arrowhead may not quite have all the glorious colors of New England or even Ohio. But it is still glorious. I’d even say “golden.” And my heart is content.

(Incidentally, no filters or edits were made to adjust the colors in these photos.)


  1. “Indian Summer” Wasn’t the scenery in that movie awesome? And after looking at your pictures, Lake Arrowhead is a beautiful place to be this Autumn.

    • Deb — you GOT it! Yes, Indian Summer. What a fun movie. I may have to check and see if that’s on Netflix and watch it again! 🙂

  2. You can tell that it’s autumn in FL. when the license plates change color! I love there now but this weekend I’m in Rhinebeck NY for the sheep and wool show. “Indian summer” is a fun movie.

  3. Kimberly, thank you for the lovely photos taken at your cabin at Lake Arrowhead. What a glorious area to have a get-away cabin to visit; and so lovely for me to see some of the US/
    Here in Melbourne, Australia we experience all 4 seasons-a local joke is that we can have all 4 in one day!
    I agree with you, Kimberly’Autumn is definitely my favourite also.

    Blessings for your week ahead of preparation for Quilt Market/Festival.


  4. Thank you for sharing, you are blessed.
    As a Florida resident (transplant from Canada) I understand abou hot and hotter, I very much miss Spring and Fall. Oh well, I may not enjoy the changing seasons but I still have and love my quilting, it transports me to far away places.
    Have a great week.

  5. What beautiful pics! Here in GA we get mostly russets, some yellow, little red (although more people are planting maples). Spring is my favorite season since it symbolizes renewal of life. Don’t know where I was when that movie came out ’cause I don’t remember it. Guess I’ll have to see it now.

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