A long recap and first impressions

This past month has been a whirlwind and I finally feel as if I’m coming up for air. So I invite you to pour yourself something to sip, find a comfy chair, and let’s catch up!

Last views of the Lake Arrowhead area the morning I left.

Saying goodbye to the cabin was more emotional than I thought it would be! A few tears were shed.

Three weeks ago early on a Monday morning, I said goodbye to our cabin and drove to Las Vegas to help launch the fabulous new Janome top-of-the-line, combo sewing machine; the CM17! It was such an honor to be part of this big launch and I spent time with many talented educators, fantastic dealers, a delegation from Janome Tokyo, and meeting many new folks. I must say, this machine is absolutely incredible! You really need to see it in person, so I hope you’ll take time to drop by your local Janome dealer and experience all the amazing new features and true sewing innovations.

John Ryan and Regena Carlevaro introduced the CM17 to dealers as part of the special business meeting held in conjunction with the VDTA convention. Notice the pretty quilt? That’s my brand new, 2022 BOM Blitz II Quilt! I will be teaching a FREE series of six classes on the Janome social media pages beginning in late June. (Stay tuned for more details.) 

After the launch, I flew directly from Las Vegas to LAX where I got to enjoy the luxurious United Polaris lounge before my long-haul flight to Sydney. What a 5-star experience that was! The Polaris lounge even has the most opulent private shower rooms and fine dining to enjoy before the flight. It was the perfect way to relax in preparation for a big, new adventure.

I splurged and treated myself to a glass of bubbly!

I’ve been saving my frequent flyer miles for several years and used them to upgrade my seat from economy to business class, so the 15 1/2 hour flight was actually nice and comfy and I was able to sleep for about 7 hours lying down. I woke up refreshed and excited to arrive in Australia; my first time in country!

Kent was waiting in Sydney for me when I arrived early in the morning. It was such a happy reunion after being separated for almost six months. It was a necessary separation, but we both agree we hope never to live apart again.

He surprised me with a fun day exploring the city followed by an extra special evening date night: He had arranged for tickets to see Phantom of the Opera at the world-famous, Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour! This was truly something amazing to see. The elaborate sets are built on a barge and everything is operated by two giant cranes flawlessly synchronized to work with the music and actors. And seeing the city of Sydney all lit up at night was breathtaking!

The next morning we hopped on a flight to Alice Springs which, for those who don’t know, is located in the center of Australia.Over 8 million happy customers since 1984 Cruises now operating worldwide!  River Cruises I Tours I Resorts I Safaris 800-338-4962 My Account I English  Español Français Português Home Cruise Lines American Cruise Lines Ponant  American Queen ...

The day after we arrived, our four kitties were delivered by a special transport service after they had completed their two week quarantine in Melbourne. Cheeto survived his six-day hunger strike at the quarantine facility, although he had lost a little weight. But otherwise, they were all in good health and seemed so happy to be reunited with us!

Since the moment I arrived here, life has been one exciting new experience after another. Although I had been very apprehensive about moving to the middle of the Outback, I’ve been happily surprised with how much I like it here. My first impressions have been very positive. The most exciting part has to be the kangaroos and wallabies we have visiting our back yard every day. I feel as though I’m living in the midst of a National Geographic luxury Outback safari! I could watch these amazing creatures for hours on end — they are simply fascinating.

Of course, the cats love to watch the Roos and chatter at them from the comfort of our bedroom. It’s great entertainment! I’ve been posting so many Roo videos on social media, I can’t help but wonder if people are getting tired of seeing them, but we find them so engaging and fun to watch. The are skittish, gentle animals and are more scared of us than we are of them. 

Many folks have commented or asked what we feed the kangaroos. We buy bags of “Roo Food” from the local feed and seed store. They are pellets which look like something rabbits would eat. We also make sure to provide plenty of water in troughs because water is scarce here. 

ROO FOOD 20kg | Laucke Mills

ROO FOOD 20kg | Laucke Mills

I’ve been unpacking our household goods and since we didn’t bring much in the way of furniture (most went into long-term storage in California), we did some shopping to buy a dining room table, matching buffet, entertainment center and hall table.

I’m excited this home is a modern style. I’ve finished unpacking the kitchen, dining room and living room and now I’m trying to decide what color to paint the walls (big surprise: they won’t be blue this time!) and I’m in the process of selecting a dynamic and bold artwork to hang on the wall. One of the benefits of moving as many times as we have is I’ve been able to decorate our many homes with different styles from early newlywed, traditional, colonial, Mediterranean, classic German, beach cottage, mountain cabin, and now modern. I love having the opportunity to reinvent our living space so we can try so many these different styles. It’s challenging but fun!

Did you see my post on social media recently where I was surprised at the lack of any cabinets in our kitchen that only has drawers? Well, it hasn’t taken me long to become a huge fan of the drawers! They are so easily accessible! I think I will want drawers in any kitchen I live in from now on; they are amazing! If any of you are ‘on the fence’ about kitchen drawers, let me assure you that you will love them!

We’ve been enjoying the local restaurants — such a nice selection of varied cuisines. The town itself is very small and everyone knows everyone else. The Aussies are warm and welcoming and happy to offer suggestions. But services such as delivery or trades (plumbing, electrical) tend to run on a different pace than what we’re used to. There’s a funny saying here that NT (which stands for Northern Territory) actually means “not today and not tomorrow.” There are very limited stores for shopping (a teensy KMart and an even tinier Target — that’s it!) and only two real grocery stores which, while adequate, are not what we’re used to in the US. I am finding some things quite challenging when it comes to finding the products and brands we’re familiar with using. This will take some creative substitutions on my part and I will have to adapt. I’m surprised while they do have some brands with familiar names, the tastes and flavors are vastly different.

There are no US military facilities such as a commissary or post exchange here like we enjoyed when we lived in Germany. And while there is Amazon.AU Prime, shipping takes on average 2 – 3 weeks instead of 2 – 3 days. Really. I’ll have to adjust my expectations to the selection and speed of delivery for anything I order. Fortunately, we do have use of the APO military mail system (which costs the same for someone in the US to mail something through USPS as it costs to ship something to San Fransisco) and this is a wonderful benefit, but those shipping times also range from 2 – 4 weeks. 

Oh! And this happened! We bought a zippy new little red car for me to drive around town. Check out the steering wheel on the right side of the car. I can honestly say it hasn’t been that difficult to learn to drive on the left side of the road! It’s kind of fun, actually, but I do keep turning on the windshield wipers when I am trying to use the turn signal. They call it the “American wave.” 

By the way, I actually did try a small schmear of Vegemite on toast. Um,…. I think it might be an acquired taste. 

What I really have enjoyed seeing are the beautiful landscapes and dramatic vistas including the MacDonnell mountain range. They may not be as tall or grand as most mountain ranges in the US, but they are dramatic and impressive in their own way. And the color; oh, the glorious colors! I’m overwhelmed at the beauty and light. Everything is crisp and vibrant! One of the locals told me the colors are so vivid because there is no pollution here; the air is clear and pure. It seems to make all the difference! Sunsets are stunning and the evening sky has the most brilliant purple hues as the sun fades away and the stars emerge. 

We’ve knicknamed our home “Four Palms” (with a nod to “Twelve Oaks, from Gone with the Wind”) because of these stately palm trees lining the street in front of our house.

This is the view from what will become my studio shown here at sunset with the MacDonnell range in the background.

Enjoy some sights in the area….

Meanwhile, unpacking and settling in at home continues. We’ve just begun to work on the quilt storage room and haven’t started on the studio yet because we need to have cabinets and shelves built for storage. There is literally no place to store anything at the moment! I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks as we continue making progress on those rooms. We did hit a bit of a snafu concerning my cutting island. It is too large to fit through any of the doors here in the house! So until we figure out what to do and how to make it work, the cutting island is currently in the garage. We may need to cannibalize the parts to create a new cutting island or surface. There’s simply so much to consider and so many decisions to be made. 

Cheeto is my Quality Control Manager no matter what room of the house I’m working in.

This room will be the quilt storage room and will also house many of my supplies.

Cheeto is always alert when it comes time to supervising my work.

Mr. Kim assembled some heavy-duty industrial shelves to hold the bolts of fabric from my Solid-ish line, along with other heavy items.

Cheeto and I spent an entire afternoon unpacking these bolts of Solid-ish and arranging them on the shelves. This colorful corner of my soon-to-be quilt storage room makes me happy!

I have much to learn and experience here in the land down under. It is so remote; more than twenty + hours of driving to the nearest city, or approximately three hours by plane in any direction. We do plan to take long weekend trips every six weeks or so to a different city to experience as much of Australia as we possibly can. I’m truly looking forward to that. Plus we are beginning to plan trips to Tasmania and New Zealand as well. There is truly so much to see in this corner of the world. My eyes and heart are open to experience it all.

We had dinner over the weekend with a lovely couple who have been here for many years and I asked them if they love Alice Springs, why they chose this place, and what makes them stay. The wife’s response was absolutely perfect and deeply touched my heart. She replied while they don’t necessarily love the remote location or everything about the city itself, they love the life they have created here. I can relate to that. It’s another “bloom where you’re planted” moment in my life. Kent and I have asked God to guide our path in this life and He has brought us here. I didn’t understand why and honestly, I can’t say I was thrilled about uprooting our lives and moving 10,000 miles away to undertake a journey in this remote place. But I do trust that He has a clear purpose for us both and I’m eager to build a life here we love. Daily. 

Last but not least, I thought I would share something to make you smile. I spotted this sign in the women’s bathroom at the Alice Springs airport. Now I know for every “caution” sign posted, it was put there because someone did something they shouldn’t have done. This one made me laugh out loud because it never would have crossed my mind to do this, let alone being able to physically accomplish such a fete. But like I said, it is good for a giggle.

I’ll continue to post updates and share our experiences with you all. This is such an exotic, unexpected life! So far, I haven’t seen a single spider or snake. I hope it stays that way! 😉

Thank you for spending time with me today. Please leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts or kind words or questions. God bless you, and….G’day, mate!

  1. Love seeing your take on life in Australia. Seeing things through new eye on what we take for granted. The squatting figure in the ladies room is referenced for Asian visitors.

    • Lyn — thank you for illuminating me on the bathroom sign. I didn’t know that! I hope it isn’t offensive that I showed it…I would never willingly offend anyone! I just thought it was funny because it isn’t anything I would — or could — attempt. Even if I wanted to! LOL

  2. Sounds like you are settling into your new home. What an adventure. And how fun to provide feed and water for the Roos, while the cats try to figure them out. I’m wondering if they are thinking “that is a strange looking dog?”. Your fabric line looks like it will bring good cheer to your new sewing room. It certainly looks inviting to create. I look forward to hearing about your upcoming BOM QAL, as well as your unfolding life in the land of OZ.

  3. Dear Kimberly,

    A very warn and sincere welcome to Australia.

    May the time you both spend here be filled with happiness, great health, adventure and lots of fun.

    Regards Jill

  4. You would not have offended anyone as this happens quite often with those who are unaware of the meaning.

    I myself first saw this sign in Europe and asked the hotel staff what is was for……,well that was a fun reply lol lol

  5. I am sooo Happy for the two you and the puddy tats… I love everything you have posted and your letter here is fantastic. I am surprised to hear that the base does not have a BX or Commissary. If they have AF planes are coming and going they should. Your house is a dream… You two keep stepping it up… I do hope one of your trips will include our place here on Samal Island.. before we put it on the market in 2023. We Love you both and wish the very best for the two two of you…

  6. I’m laughing with you on the restroom sign. Love your new furnature,the dining room table is gorgeous. I enjoy your daily pics of the Roos. So glad you are all settling into your new home. Is your cutting table put together with screws. Maybe you could dismantle it and rebuild it in your work room.

  7. What wonderful news and photos! So happy you are settling in. A new adventure for both you and Mr Kim! And I’m sure the kitties will get their fill of watching the new “critters” in the yard! LOL As Lyn said- the bathroom photo depicts using and “eastern toilet”. Those are common in many countries of the Far East countries, along with India and the Middle East as well. I learned all about them when I was younger, fortunately, as they were what was available when I lived in Riyadh (except in some areas where mostly “westerners” lived who were contracted there) and travelled back years ago. I’m sure God has a wonderful plan for your time in Oz!

  8. Welcome to OZ.. it is an amazing country.

  9. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. I can only imagine how challenging this move has been. I’m amazed at your faith that this was the right move for both of you.
    Keep sharing pictures of the Roos- love them.

  10. Welcome to our little slice of the world, we like it. Vegemite is definitely an acquired taste, make sure you go for a very thin smear. Don’t forget to explore a little wider in your slice. You are very close to some of our most iconic natural wonders there and you could access the indigenous communities in your area for an even deeper Australian view. I can’t wait to see an Australian themed quilt or two that focus on your adventures.

  11. Kimberly, this is so amazing! What a life adventure…every minute. Thank you for sharing your experiences in such a beautiful way. May God bless you all as you make your way!

  12. Iam amazed at the scenery and enjoyed your missive. How will you keep up your Janome lifestyle? Have I missed some news?

    • Janome and I are still a TEAM! I will continue to be the Janome America National Spokesperson and do Facebook Lives and my BOM Blitz II quilt classes on their FB social media pages. I hope to be more of a “global ambassador” and help to support Janome Australia while I’m here in country, too!

  13. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you! I loved your paragraph about having dinner with the one couple! I cried when I read, “Bloom where you are planted!” It has been my motto for decades! I look forward with anticipation to your next post. Thank you!

  14. Thoroughly enjoyed your letter and pictures. So glad Cheeto seems to be adapting to his new home. I definitely will watch for your coming entries.
    I am getting ready to go to Pigeon Forge, TN in three weeks. That’s where I had the pleasure of meeting you and your husband. The mystery quilt you taught is laying on my couch right now, took three of your classes. Learned so much from your excellent way of presenting everything.

    • I LOVE the show in Pigeon Forge! I hope to return there in 2024!!! Please tell the show organizers you’d like me to come back!

  15. Thank you for sharing your adventure and I hope you enjoy it. I’ve never been to Australia or New Zealand but we are planning a trip there for next year.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing! I love seeing a different part of the world. I can’t wait to see your finished sewing studio

  17. I enjoyed your update and look forward to hearing more as your journey continues over the next 2 years! Your home is beautiful and I’m sure you will enjoy it. Are there any quilt shops in Alice Springs? What fun it would be to get together with local ladies to quilt. Enjoy your adventure and thank you for sharing. This is likely the closest I will get to Australia so keep sharing.

  18. So happy God has placed you here. Take care and keep trusting!

  19. Even though you’re across the world I still cherish your words of encouragement every time I am sewing. Alice is lucky to have you and Kent! I would be happy to send you anything you need! Thank you for all your updates.

    • Heidi — that is such a kind offer, and I may take you up on it! 😉 You’re one of the most creative and gifted quilters I know and I truly am your BIGGEST fan. I LOVE your quilts! You have such an eye for design, fabric and COLOR! Keep ’em coming….

  20. Wow. What an adventure! Good luck to you. Can’t imagine moving that far. And I thought Wyoming was remote! Wow. Glad you are having fun.

  21. Kim, you are the most amazing person I know! WOW!! I cannot believe just your last few weeks/days!!!! I have to admit though that I am SOOOOOOO relieved that Cheeto and the other cats are OK. I have been worried about them and this transition and the plane trip! So much could have gone wrong with them and I’ve heard horror stories about “traveling” with pets. So, to see them there with you, in your new home, and OK is a blessing! Thank you for posting these pictures of your new home and your cats, and Cheeto! You are the bravest person I know for undertaking this move and making it all work, WITH four cats! I look forward to more updates as you settle in. Take care, and give Cheeto and the cats a hug for me. You may not remember but you helped me with my purchase of my M7 and 500E some time back when my 15000 went bonkers. I truly appreciate all your help and am learning so much making new embroidery projects! God Bless you and your family!

    • I remember you very well, Karen! Thank you for your lovely comment and for all the support! Believe me, we took EVERY precaution and hired the BEST Pet Transport Company we could find — that got such high reviews and ratings. It was very expensive to ship the kitties this way, but worth EVERY cent to ensure nothing went wrong in the process. I wouldn’t have be able to make this transition any other way. SO worth it for all of us to be together. They are our babies!!! I’m so happy you have the m7 and the 500E. I’ll be unboxing my embroidery machine here very soon!

  22. oh Kimberly – I love reading your posts. You’re truly one of God’s ambassadors in life. His light just glows all around you. I know your adventure in Australia will be wonderful and fun for us to follow! Safe travels in all your exploring!

    • I appreciate your comment so much! But it’s ALL praise to Him….for He is so good!

  23. I’m so thrilled that you have shared so much of your new adventure “Down Under”.
    Your pictures are breath taking and please don’t stop sending pictures of the Roos too!
    Yes, God has a plan for all of us and I’m so happy that I have had many memories with the Einmo’s.
    Looking forward to seeing the new Janome machine and your BOM.
    Wishing you many great adventures for you both and the 🐈 too.🫂🥰

  24. Wonderful blog. God bless you and your family as this journey unfolds! Love you! Dee

  25. Congrats on the new adventure. When you get to New Zealand, it’s Kia Ora for hello. I learned that from watching My Life is Murder (Lucy Lawless Mystery set in Australia 1st season and New Zealand 2nd season). Have a blast and love watching the Roo videos. So adorable

  26. Kimberly,

    I am so happy that you and Mr. Kim are reunited! Believe me as a 30 year military wife (now retired) I totally understand that excitement!

    I love the new quilt and look forward to making it with you! Just have to find the fabric.

    Take care and have fun!

  27. I’m so glad you are enjoying your new adventure! Keep the updates coming. 😁

  28. I love living vicariously through you. Thanks for all the lovely “new” sunset photos. And the Roos of course. Enjoy your new home.

  29. Beautiful photos! What an adventure! I’m looking forward to seeing the quilts you design under these new influences. I’ll bet they will be spectacular 😉

  30. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, I enjoy your pictures and impressions.

  31. Plan your trip to Tazmania in October – there is a craft show in Deloraine towards the end of October that is AMAZING! The talent of the artists is incredible. There is a quilt on display in a building (sorry I cannot remember the name) that is HUGE and depicts the life in Taz.

    • WOW — definitely a big thank you for this info!!! Will be looking up information on this. Do you happen to remember what city the craft show is held?

  32. I am glad you’re adjusting well. The peace and quiet isn’t all bad! You will love New Zealand, it is one of our favorite spots we have traveled to. I am in the process of packing up to go to Wisconsin. We have been delayed as John had to have a surgery we weren’t anticipating. He is doing great. I love our Wisconsin home and can’t wait to get there. The new machine sounds interesting and look forward to your updates. A big hello to Kent from us…hugs to you both!

    • Give John our very best wishes for a truly speedy recovery! You have two beautiful homes — so glad you get to enjoy them both equally! Big hugs, Linda. I’m SO glad we’ve been friends for so many years.

  33. Who would have thought when we met at SAL Centerville, that I would be following your and Kent’s success’s around the world?? And I do love the Janome’s. Congratulations and I will continue to follow.

  34. What a grand adventure! Thank you for sharing it with us. Can’t wait to see more of the life you make a you get your studio together. Bloom where you are planted, indeed. God’s got this! Hugs from Georgia, USA.

  35. Oh how blessed we are to experience Australia and the like through your marvelous photos and your informative blog! I truly enjoy every minute of reading your new adventures and seeing the sites through your wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing them all. Love the comical moments as well. You are so talented in innumerable ways!! You capture my heart and truly make me smile with every post!! Love you so much. Stay safe and keep on sharing. Cannot wait for the ones to follow!!!

  36. Such a life changing opportunity and experience! I love you share it with us! Thankyou 😘

  37. I am so enjoying your reports from Down Under! I can’t wait to visit myself!

  38. Wonderful new adventures. Thank you for this update. Just think of the creative juices that are going to be floating around in the peace and quiet. Enjoy every new day..

  39. Kimberly,
    Thank you so much for your update!! How wonderful your explorations will be! I can’t wait to see how this New Experience will influence your designs!! How much fun to see your Beautiful Pictures and your Roo’s!! So glad that your little kitties survived their travel experience too!!! Remember us in Cheyenne, Wyoming!!! We will miss you GREATLY!! Thank you so much for your wonderful patterns and such Bright. Colors!!!!

    • I definitely want to come back to visit you all in Wyoming again — it was one of my favorite spots and the quilters there are SO WONDERFUL!

  40. Goodluck on your new exciting journey. So very brave of and your family.

  41. Kimberly I so enjoyed your post. The pictures of the landscape are amazing and I’m sure even more so in person. Cheeto made me smile. I’ve missed seeing him and his other furry siblings. You and Kent continue to be in my prayers. I know God’s hand is guiding you both. Be well and as always I send hugs.

  42. I was so happy to see and read your post! Your new home looks absolutely beautiful and I admire you being able to decorate in so many styles. Reminds me of how vanilla I am! Lol I can’t wait for more updates and happy to see Mr Kim working his little heart out. Enjoy and God bless

  43. Thank you for the blog and all the pictures. Please keep them coming. Some of us will never get to have this experience or see the things you see except by your eyes. We are experiencing them right along with you. Love it.

  44. These bathroom signs are even posted here in Idaho in visitor’s spots for our Asian visitors. Many, if not most, Chinese people are still using the ground level toilets in their homes and businesses. They feel the Western style toilets are unsanitary so some Asians want to squat on the toilet seats to be sanitary. We take our cultures with us when we travel or move, don’t we?

    This was fascinating! Thanks for all your details! I have visited the exterior of Australia and loved every minute.

  45. Hi Kimberly! I truly enjoy ed your updates on your journeys! I’m so glad you made it to Australia safe and be with your other half! You are the most kind and sweetest person I know! Sorry, I don’t comment much…. But I read most of your post when I get a chance. We still trying to adjust here in SoCal (but we love it) been so busy helping my kids with their kids n wine/cheese shop. Thanks again for sharing your journey!

  46. WOW!!!! Sounds like you have a lot going on and having a ball at it. May each adventure brighten your life and creativity.


  47. I love this post and all those wonderful photos!! What a great place to make a life! I could do it. I’m not sure about the summer, but winter is perfect. The sunset with all that purple is just breathtaking. Inhale and gaze, stunned! I would love to see that and all the stars! Those Roos are so cute! I’m excited to follow your “blooming” in a new place. If I don’t get there in this life, I’ll be sure to make it after the resurrection! Thanks for posting!!!

  48. Kimberly,

    My husband, young daughter and I lived in Hawaii, military. We took a tour over to Korea. While out shopping, our daughter, 4 yrs old, had to use the bathroom. The sweet lady showed us to the bathroom. When we saw the hole in the floor, we decided to wait. Don’t think we could adjust.

    I don’t know if you have a wood supply store nearby but maybe a large Melamine White Panel (3/4 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft.) would work for a cutting surface on top of cabinets. Just a thought.

    Beautiful area you live in now. Wonderful wildlife and love your kitties. So glad the kitties made the trip safely. Enjoy your tour there.


    • I love the Melamine white panel idea! Will definitely check to see if it is something we can source locally.

  49. A great adventure and it seems to suit you. I love reading about your adventures please keep them coming. I am excited to see what you make from your fabric.

    Enjoy each adventure in OZ.

  50. So good to get to catch up. Your home is beautiful. Please keep posting really enjoy your updates.

  51. I loved reading your story of “moving to AUSTRALIA”. You have such a great way of describing your experiences and feel as if I am almost there with you. Even though I’ve never met you I feel I know you through your creative writing, likes and dislikes. Love the landscape and animals you live in snd also the wonderful description of the clean air and bright colors. Amazing. I would love to visit their one day. I love art starting with beautiful quilts and the Jenome machine. I’m sure the ladies there will appreciate your being their teacher in this art. Thank you so much Kimberly for sharing your adventure with the rest of us. I’m loving reading the tales you have in the new land you’ve adopted. Happiness and health to you and your family and your sweet cats.. Valerie on Facebook.

  52. Oh Kimberly, it all looks so amazing! Gosh, I just can’t imagine kangaroos looking in my patio window! I wonder what the kitties think? “Is that a giant dog?” 🙂
    I also love seeing your rainbow of fabrics all set up; they will inspire you with their cheerful colors.
    Your new home looks amazing, and I pray that He will continue to bless you and Mr. Kim, and your kitties, as you adapt to this new life. Much love!

  53. I love this blogpost and I hope you will continue to write about your experiences in the Outback. Even though you have lived in many places around the world, Australia, especially Alice Springs, sounds like a very unique experience. Embrace it’s different feel and see your living there as a real adventure. Keep us posted as I think many of us are living the Australia Adventure vicariously through you. Take care❣️

  54. You are where you ought to be. Enjoy!

  55. This is incredible. I love all of the pictures and hearing your experiences. I lived in Adelaide for a year studying music and cried like a baby when I had to leave. The people in Oz are fantastically open and wonderful. I know you will have a beautiful life there. And try the Promite. I liked it better than the Vegemite. 😉 Please continue to share your adventures. ❤️

  56. What a wonderful adventure!

  57. I love seeing your pictures and videos and thoroughly enjoyed your newsletter. You are a great writer but I knew that all ready from reading your articles in AQS magazine.

    • Evelyn, you are too kind and so sweet! THANK YOU! And I’m so happy about your newest family member. Hugs and kisses to sweet Millie.

  58. Such a journey- I don’t know how Mr. Kim can possibly top this one. ❤️❤️❤️

  59. So happy you and hubby are reunited! It’s been great reading about your new adventures. Can’t wait to read more. I’m not sure you could post too many Roo pictures!

  60. I am loving your life and feel so lucky you are sharing your life with us! Enjoy all the new experiences and waiting for your new quilt!

  61. I’m so happy for you and Mr. Kim are getting things in order at your home. I have always loved your adventures and pictures of Arrowhead since I grew up in San Bernardino. I’m really loving your pictures of Australia. The colors are so vivid and bright. They’re inspiring me. So please keep sending them. I pray for you in this new journey God is taking you on.
    Let us know about the quilt shops there.

  62. I had the same thought about Asian countries where it is what my husband calls a “bomb site” CR***per,” as in hole in the floor….. I’m glad you’re settling in. Having the internet means those of us who live outside urban/suburban areas get to keep in touch. Remember the old days? I remember when the Berlin wall fell, we were in Gabon and had to wait 6 weeks for the diplomatic pouch to arrive with our snail mail and see the pictures in Newsweek (does that magazine even still exist?)….Before that, we were in Bolivia where someone pirated the AFRTS TV signal, and we got some news. We moved to Gabon and a station in Botswana pirated CNN International (which I still prefer to the US version though I haven’t seen it, just liked the WORLD news). Now we all have it on our laptops and tablets–the world in a click, as long as the power isn’t out! Sorry about the cutting table, but you’re a military wife, you’ll figure it out! Thanks for all the news, Sarah

  63. I love how open you and Kent are to God’s leading in your life! Enjoy the ride and keep writing. Thank you for sharing about your journey! Looking forward to seeing you back home sometime!

  64. Hi Kimberly, so glad to see you are settling. With your open mind and experience of living in many new places you will find the best in wherever
    you1 are.
    I am looking forward to seeing your studio, could you get your cutting table through a window?
    There are challenges ahead, eg the heat in Summer but I know you are the girl who will adjust accordingly.
    I am really looking forward to following your adventure. Home is where the heart is.

  65. Your positive attitude is serving you well during this change in your life. I don’t think I could live in such an isolated area. I grew up in NYC. I am thrilled to share your adventures thru your blog- vicariously traveling to Australia-It has been #1 on my bucket list since 5th grade. My niece is living in Brisbane working on her PhD. She loves the area but misses her family. Her Mom and Dad will be visiting her next month. So happy all your cats arrived safely. Poor Cheeto on a hunger strike. I’m sure he’s happy to be back in your arms. My friends in AU say Vegamite is only appreciated by Aussies.

  66. Love your posts! Keep us posted as we are with you in spirit! Loving ALL the pictures! What a great adventure!! ❌❤️

  67. Dear Kimberly,
    Thank you for sharing your adventurous life with all of us. Congratulations for the Janome Representative position! I was privileged years ago to be selected as your roomie when we were both teaching at the same event!

    As others have offered, I am also volunteering to ship things your way if you need things! I am in Poway, Ca (near San Diego).

    Please do learn as much as you can about that ancient land. As a former Navy wife, I can honestly say I loved every place we were stationed. I will follow your journal writings with love and envy!

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