A perfectly merry mouseketeer birthday party


My little guy is turning 11. Tomorrow. My goodness, when did that happen?


So we went to celebrate with the world’s most famous mouse yesterday.
Perfect weather, perfect company, perfect day.



We rode rides. Some tame….

space mountain

  …and others not so tame.


We had a blast finding folks to trade pins with.


My birthday buddy traded for these three pins,
including two of them with “hidden” Mickeys! (Can you spot them?)


As for me, I rode every ride with the guys but one — Splash Mountain. (Brrr, it was a little too chilly for me to brave getting wet). Instead, I managed to snap this pretty picture of a bee hard at work while I waited. Yep, I heard that even bees are on The Mouse’s payroll here.


After dinner, Andrew received a special birthday sundae…..


…and he was thrilled with the Mickey Mouse birthday
confetti the staff had scattered all over our table!


It was the perfect way to celebrate a special day. Yes-siree, perfect I tell you.
Happy birthday, little buddy. This is going to be your year. I just know it!

And talk about perfect timing….

When we got home late last night, I found these lovely photos waiting in my email inbox for me. I just had to share them with you. They are from my friend, Kate Chieffo; whom you might remember from here.



Kate wrote:

“Hi Kimberly….I wanted to send you pictures of the quilt I just finished.  I would have never tried a [pineapple] log cabin quilt because they seem so hard.  I really enjoyed using your Easy Pineapple Log Cabin Ruler.  Thank you for coming up with such tools.  They make quilting easier!!  My niece will love her Christmas present!!  Kate Chieffo”

Wow — thanks a million, Kate! I’m absolutely delighted to see your quilt (thank you for taking time to share with us) and might I add you did an outstanding job! Your neice is one lucky little lady,… er, princess to receive such a darling quilt. I’ll bet you are her FAVORITE aunt. And truly, your pictures arrived at the perfect time!

  1. Thanks for sharing that birthday with us! And I totally LOVE the quilt that Kate did! Wow – it is AWESOME! I have 3 little granddaughters (2 of them still in utero!) and I know that this is a quilt that I will probably be making! It’s darling! Totally DARLING! Thanks for sharing it with us! and I hope Kate won’t mind if we borrow her idea! Now, I’ll have to buy your Pineapple ruler!!! 🙂

  2. Dear LynnEl;

    Ooohhh, I’m so glad you wrote. You’re right — the pineapple quilt Kate made (using the darling Disney princess fabric which she fussy-cut for the block centers) is so cute! Considering you have (or will have) three little granddaughters, this is truly the perfect quilt to make them. I hope you’ll give the Pineapple Log Cabin Ruler a try! And better still: I can show you in person how to use the ruler when I come to stay at your house next spring! (I can’t wait to see you, by the way!)

  3. Wow!! Thank you for all the nice remarks about the quilt. Again it was not hard to make and I have to say it was Kimberly’s Free pattern Easy Pinapple Log Cabin. I must say I do love this quilt. I know my niece will too!! She is taking it to see the princess over the Christmas brake!!!

  4. Thanks again!!!

  5. We went to Disneyland in September and rode Splash Mountain. It’s not my favorite ride anyway, I think it’s pretty lame. But the luck of the draw put me in the front of the boat and I got totally soaked (to my underwear). Fortunately it was a perfectly nice day but it took most of the day to dry out.

  6. Kate — You’re welcome! 🙂

    Be sure and take a picture of your niece (the true princess!) with her new quilt!


    Sorry to hear you were the one who took the brunt of the water on that ride! I’m glad I didn’t ride it on Sunday; I would have been miserable walking around chilled to the bone! LOL

  7. Happy birthday, Andrew!
    Looks like you had a blast @ Disney. I like your pins!

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