Birthdays and More

First, Kent and I want to sincerely thank everyone — more than 150 of you — for sending so many beautiful cards to help Kent celebrate his 60th birthday! (And dozens and dozens more of you posted loving comments to him on Facebook!) It was more appreciated than you could EVER know. He was so surprised! I posted a short video on Facebook of Kent opening the large box of all the cards and packages. (I’d post the video here except this platform doesn’t seem to accept videos or anything over 2MB. Darn it!)

Kent wanted to take time to open and read each and every card thoroughly. We talked about each person or family who sent a card and how we’re connected, and we said a little prayer for that person (or persons) as we went along for health and happiness through the coming year. I captured short videos of him doing this so we could send each video to the sender. If you haven’t received your personalized video yet, please be patient with me. It’s just taking a little time to get through the process of sending them out individually. 

Those cards and letters meant the world to both of us. They arrived from all over the US, France, Germany, Norway, Great Britain, Canada and even two from Australia! My sweet husband was truly overwhelmed by the love, kindness, and thoughtfulness of everyone who sent them and he was almost speechless. He just kept shaking his head saying, “I can’t believe this many people would do this for me.” 

So, from both of us, THANK YOU for taking time to make this day more special than we could ever imagine. You have blessed us both by creating a birthday party which transcended miles and distance between our hearts. We’ve never felt more love between friends.

Today is also very special…..

….because it is MY birthday! It may not be a milestone year, but I’m so grateful for how richly God has blessed my life. I woke up early this morning and in my quiet time, I thanked the Lord for my family, friends, and all the wonderful people whose lives I’ve been privileged to to get to know, if only briefly. Yes, sometimes my crazy schedule is tough and the travel is difficult. But then I think of the loving people I meet in my travels and all the smiles, the laughter we share, and the joy between hearts. If I am able to share a hug, an encouraging word, my enthusiasm and passion for creativity with others, and perhaps simply reflect Christ’s love outwardly, then that’s the best gift in the world. I have the love and commitment of a great man, two wonderful sons, rescue pets we adore, and true friendships.

I am so very content. And so, so blessed.

No birthday could be better!

  1. Many, many Happy Birthday wishes to you, Kimberly. And belated wishes to your husband. I admire you so much…all you do and share with us all. My greatest admiration of you is your willingness to give God the glory and to share His love with others. This is something that is seen less and less in today’s world. May you have a very blessed and happy birthday and many more years ahead with your husband and sons and pets!!

  2. Happy Birthday Kimberly,

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Have a most Beautiful Happy Birthday!

  4. Have a blessed day and year to come. May many more follow.

  5. Happiest of Birthdays to you! It is we who have been blessed by your presence and spirit! Until our paths cross again, Blessings to you and family!

  6. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more to come.

  7. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  8. Hope you have a great day!

  9. Happy birthday Kimberly and a belated one to Kent. God bless, barb foley

  10. Happy birthday! For your birthday I’d like to say thank you. I started quilting a little over 5 years ago. In the midst of it I went through some major health problems. Your Craftsy classes kept me “quilting” when I couldn’t be at my machine. Now just over 5 years later I have started teaching at my local quilt shop! Thanks for being such a wonderful role model and teacher. You are an inspiration to me as I teach my own classes.

  11. Happy Birthday Kimberly❣️ I wish you a very special day, a day filled with love, a day filled with fun, and a day filled with laughter. You are blessed with a wonderful family, and you are a blessing to all of us, your students! I know that Kent (Mr. Kim) will make your day a special one. ❤️

  12. Happy Birthday Kimberly and Happy belated Birthday to Kent.

    My birthday is also this month. I will celebrating in my sewing room as I took the day off from work.

    Thank you for all you do for all of us quilters and giving us the gift of your knowledge, tips, hints and of course patterns.

    I just purchased the Clever Quilts for EQ8 and cannot wait to make a few of your quilts.

    Denise M from FL

  13. Happy Birthday Kimberly and Belated Birthday Wishes to Kent. You are both so truly blessed and wish you good health and happiness in the coming year! Hope to see you back in Florida teaching a class sometime soon.

  14. I am blessed to know you both!

  15. I love how you share your life and love with all you know. Your witness is so beautiful, as are you. Wish we lived closer to each other!

  16. Olá, parabéns embora atrasados!(Portugal)Adoro os seus trabalhos!

  17. I’m sorry that I didn’t get a card to Kent for his big surprise, but know how much I love you both!

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