A new New Year tradition

Everyone here has been craving German food lately. Son #1 has been pleading with me all week to make traditional-style schnitzel. Today seemed like the perfect day to start a new “New Year’s day” tradition. Son #1 loves to make his own schnitzel-on-a-roll sandwiches for school and

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A basket of Christmas wonderful

Speaking of baskets, (see my last post) here’s a basket of “Christmas” wonderful! I simply adore Longaberger baskets (even though I actually own only two small ones.) Until now. A super-sweet, secret Santa surprised me with this gorgeous Medium Market Basket the other day. (Thank you so

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There’s a new SENSATION in my studio! As much as I loved using my Creative Vision, I couldn’t resist all the fabulous new features of Pfaff’s newest addition to their lineup of sewing and embroidery machines. So I traded in my Creative Vision and brought home the

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