California living

Before we moved to California, my husband used to tell me, “you can swim at the beach in the morning and ski in the mountains in the evening.” Of course I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around this concept. Until now. And now that we’ve completed our transition from the mid-Atlantic area, we’re finally at the point of truly taking advantage of all the good things Southern California living has to offer.

This past weekend we had planned to travel to Virginia to see our son march in the Liberty University marching band at a home game. But hurricane Florence changed those plans and the school postponed the home game until December. So we found ourselves with a “free weekend” without any plans. What fun! 

On Friday morning, we took our little Mini-Cooper convertible for a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway on Redondo Beach and we stopped for breakfast. The scenery was breathtaking and the weather was perfect! 

After lunch, we put our pets in the Jeep and headed up the mountain to our little cabin in Lake Arrowhead. The weather was glorious there as well! I still can’t quite get over how we can be at the beach in the morning and the mountains in the evening. We love it.

A hike at Heaps Peak Arboretum

On Saturday, we took advantage of a wonderful hiking trail not very far from our cabin at the Heaps Peak Arboretum. It was the perfect day for a hike!

A few colorful wildflowers displayed their glory.

The Arboretum does a good job of providing informative stops along the hike.

We learned about all the different trees both native and non-native to the region and how their sap, bark and leaves were used by the Serrano indians.

Of course, Mr. Kim had some fun clowning around.

I loved seeing the color and texture.

We learned about the great fire of 2003 and how the forest has rebounded in the years since.

Many of the trees, though they had scorched bark, survived and thrived.

There is a grove of beautiful Sequoia trees in the Arboretum.

And there are many wild Pacific Dogwoods as well.

I finally get it: You really can have the beach in the morning and mountains in the evening, or visa versa. I may be a Buckeye girl at heart, but this transplanted gal LOVES California living!

  1. So glad you do!

  2. I miss you like crazy but I’m sooooo happy you are happy.

  3. God bless!! Thank you for sharing!! Beautiful!!

  4. My goal is to get back home to California soon. I miss home! Played on Malibu beach as a baby, moved to Loomis, Ca for 7 years, then South San Jose for 16 years then Air Force overseas mostly for 20 years, Harrisonburg, Va for 3 years, Ellicott City, Md for 3 years, then Winchester, Va now for over 11 years. Working on getting hubby a job out in the Sacramento area. I love the California life. I’m a true California girl! So glad you love it! You do seem quite content!

  5. Love the pictures. So glad your happy in California. Sounds like a fun place to live.

  6. Glad to hear you are adjusting and enjoying life in California. Sounds like a perfect time to enjoy some of the best California has to offer. Personally, I’m rather fond of coastal drives & hikes, as well as the local mountains. And, to think you really can enjoy both in the same day is amazing.

  7. Am so glad you found California..I am orginally from Nebraska–lived there the first 19 years of my life then hubby had to find work in other places. Lived in Pierre, SD for a year—never was so glad to get out of any where but there.Moved from there to Garden Grove, CA & now live in Lake Elsinore—been in Southern CA. 68 years but still call Nebraska home…Do love it here & have 2 kids still here & no family left in Nebraska so don’t plan on going back there. I tell everyone the nice weather here is what keeps me here. I am definately a warm weather person & love it when it gets up in the 90s but abit beyond that isn’t too good. Loved seeing Mr. Kim holding that boulder up–sure save that road…About all I can say is WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA..

  8. Your pictures are just beautiful, keep them coming. We had our first frost last night.

    • Hi Aunt Ginny Pinny! Oh, how I miss you! When are you and Dee coming out to the cabin? I have tubs and tubs of photos the three of us should sort through!!! Miss you — HUGS!

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