Good bye and hello

Resurfacing feels wonderful. You may or may not have noticed but for these past six weeks or so, I’ve been flying under the radar. My last blog post was in mid November and if you’re on Facebook you probably noticed my status updates have been few and far between except for the stray “share” here or there. I’m happy to report that nothing is or was wrong but for reasons even I can’t fully understand or explain, it felt as though I had hit a wall when we got back from a trip abroad in early November. Don’t misunderstand — it was a fabulous, wonderful, amazingly fun trip. Just my sweet husband and me in our two favorite cities celebrating 25 years of being in love and happily married.

K2 25 years at hotel

But when we got home I was…. for lack of a better word……tired. Worn out. Uninspired to create. Not from the trip itself, but from a long year of pushing myself to meet deadlines, create new things, write another book, and be productive. This feeling felt so perplexing and out of character because it certainly isn’t like me to just want (or need) to stop. But the thought of sitting at my computer to answer emails and do the amount of administrative work I normally have to do just didn’t appeal to me on any level. Besides, the holidays were approaching and it felt wonderful to take a break to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season.

P1000686For Thanksgiving, I experimented with non-traditional recipes much to my family’s rave reviews and approval. Homemade turkey pot pie and apple spice cake for dessert. Yummy! Considering I typically don’t do much cooking or baking, everyone thought this was a treat. I admit it; I’ve become hooked on watching shows on the Food Network such as The Barefoot Contessa, Giada’s Everyday Italian and the Pioneer Woman.


After Thanksgiving, I fully intended to get right back to work. Really, I tried.
But then it was our son’s 15th birthday and we surprised him with a trip to NYC.

P1000731And of course there was the hustle and bustle of the holidays leading up to Christmas. Does anyone else feel like the days just flew by? Somehow it seemed as though we lost a week this year and I just couldn’t seem to catch my breath.  But Christmas itself was absolutely lovely. We enjoyed a quiet holiday at home with just the four of us. And I thoroughly enjoyed the decorations, the preparations and most of all, celebrating the true reason for the season which is Christ’s birth.



P1000868a P1000862 P1000859 P1000844

Yes, it was wonderful.
The holidays, time spent with those I love the most, and remembering a tiny baby born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago.

But on December 26th with the sun shining brightly, I found myself ready — no, I was positively eager — to take down all the Christmas decorations and put them away. Part of the reason could be that both of our strong sons were home that day so I had available (although not completely willing) helpers to assist me with the unpleasant task of un-decorating. We all pitched in and spent the day packing up ornaments, Santas, silk flowers, and trees. And by noon the next day all the boxes were filled and put away for next year. It was bittersweet saying good-bye, but it also felt liberating to me to prepare for a fresh, clean beginning. 2013 was wonderful; filled with much laughter, smiles, new friends, old friends and so many good memories. But 2013 also had its share of tears, heartache, and I had to say good-bye to my closest and dearest friend here in this life on earth.

03-2011-retreat weekend 003

Beth Bowman Russell. Jan 1963 – April 2013

I realize the New Year is still a few days away, but I’m ready. So good-bye 2013…….

……and hello, 2014. I’m ready for a fresh start, new beginnings, and the potential for all the good things I know are in store for the coming year. As for resolutions, I prefer to choose a word — just one word — to focus on throughout the year. And believe it or not, I already have my ONE WORD chosen for 2014. (Check back on New Year’s Day for the big reveal!)

In the meantime, God bless each and every one of you. I pray each of you will experience love, joy, friendship and hope in the coming year.

I’m ready for 2014. Bring it on!

  1. Glad to have you back, Kimberly.
    Sometimes, you need time and the love of family to regroup and focus on blessings. Good for you for taking the time, and letting yourself relax and heal.
    2013 is in the rearview mirror, as my husband says.
    Bring on 2014!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Karen. I appreciate them more than you could know!

  3. So glad you are back. It is always a good thing to spend time just for you. Time to rest and soak up the blessings in your life…. Hope you have a great 2014.

    • Thank you, Pat. The idea of soaking up blessings is such a lovely thing for all of us!

  4. Kimberly,

    I so feel in many ways the same as you, where did this year go for one. I enjoyed looking at all your decorations and seeing some of the same Santa’s and Nutcrackers. I love my Russian ones and Jim Shore, and I collected several German Santa’s as they are so different, so glad I did some of that collecting, as you just can’t get that kind of stuff here.

    I have actually had a great 2013, but of course it went by so fast, I didn’t get all done that I wanted too, but oh well, hoping the new year will bring success in completing UfO’s. I signed up for one of your classes, looking forward to getting started with that project. Wishing you a great year and please keep in touch. Barb

    • Hi Barb! It is so wonderful to hear from you! I do enjoy seeing your posts and updates on FB. The photos of the decorations you posted on FB were AMAZING. Such a beautiful home! I wish you and your whole family a wonderful and blessed New Year. And do stay in touch!!!

  5. Kimberly. glad you took the time for yourself and your family. you give so much of yourself with your classes and work, you deserve a break. love the pictures of your beautiful home and decorations…..very pretty. The best to you and yours in 2014…..Happy New Year to you……and more kitty pictures of him helping you!!!

    • Hi Regina! Thank you so much for taking time to leave a comment. It really means so much to me! I’m feeling oh-so much better these days; recharged, and ready to hit the ground running in 2014. All the best to you and your family in the new year. And yes — I will definitely keep posting photos of my sweet and furry “helpers!” God bless you!

  6. Hey Kim–in the field of education, we call that time off to refresh and rediscover a sabbatical. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries once in a while. It’s good for all of us. All the best in 2014.

    • I like that word, Robin. Sabbatical. Guess that’s what I’ve been doing and I didn’t even realize it! Hope to see you and your dear husband again in the summer when we head that way! Happy New Year, my friend!

  7. I hope the new year brings everything you want and need. So sorry about your friend. Those loses can take a long time to settle, they are always missed but it does get better. Glad you had time to celebrate with your family and enjoy your New Year’s celebrations.

    • Jan — I’m so glad we’ve been friends for all these years. You are a true treasure, my dear! Thank you for your kind words in your comment. It means a lot to me! i’m SO happy for you and excited for your new addition of “Millie” (longarm). Good for you! I can hardly wait to see the beauties you’ll be quilting here in no time. 2014 is off to a great new beginning for you. God bless you, Mike, and Michelle!

  8. What a beautiful post. I loved reading every word of it. It is amazing how at times it is so nice to just do what you love and be with family and wait to be creative. It is so good you listened to yourself and allowed yourself some time away from it all.

    Thank you so much for your friendship Kimberly – 2014 will be the year I finally get to meet you, so I am totally thrilled about that! Take care and happy New Year!


    • Hi Judi — Thank you so much for the precious gift of YOUR friendship this year, my dear! God bless you and your lovely family as we move into 2014. I know good things are in store for you just around the corner! As you said, I too, can’t wait to meet face to face!!!

  9. Kimberly,
    What a great post! I too have run into so much this year that I hit a “stop” somewhere in November. Lost my only brother, two and one half years younger, to cancer in February. I have had personal health issues related to aging. Am learning to adjust my daily life so I may continue to enjoy life. There was more but you get the drift.

    I dealt with it by upping my pace and just about physically ruined myself doing that. Then November came and I did slow down.

    Anyway, there was good and I managed with prayer and God’s grace to see it. The big good is that I am getting a longarm and we are making a small addition to one bedroom that will accommodate the longarm. In about three months, I should have my own personal longarm studio”!

    But I am kissing 2013 good bye as a bittersweet year of sorrow, grief, learning and gratitude.

    Cannot wait to see your word for 2014. I will be working on one for me and my husband.

    Happy New Year,

    Mona Keegan (Texas)

    • Hi Mona! Thank you so much for taking a moment to share a bit of your personal story with me — it truly touched my heart! I’m very sorry for your loss, too. Cancer is such a hideous thing (my friend died from cancer, too.) But how wonderful and exciting that you and your husband are taking such a positive step forward with the new addition to your home and the new machine addition, too! A new longarm? CONGRATULATIONS! This IS exciting! Just hang on to all of God’s promises and look forward to a new year full of learning and growing! God bless you both!

  10. Sometimes we all need to slow down to enjoy our life and family. And have some time to just decompress and recharge our batteries. Happy New Year!

    ElizaBeth in Las Cruces,NM

    • ElizaBeth – My husband is always reminding me to “recharge my batteries.” Wise words. There are no batteries in existence that can last forever without recharging. We as humans are certainly no different! Thank you so much for replying. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead filled with all good things!

  11. I completely understand Kimberly. My year in many ways was like yours. It was a good year full of job promotions, new wonderful dog and terrific new projects. It’s also the year I lost my big sister. Thankfully she died peacefully at home in her sleep. So I’m ready for 2014 as well. Let’s be thankful for what we have and mourn our loses! God bless Kimberly !

    • Jim, you are such a sweetheart! I am so happy for all the good things that happened for you in 2013, but oh my gosh….so, so sorry to hear about your big sister. What a blessing, though, that she died in her sleep. God bless you in 2014 too, my friend!

  12. Kim I so know how you feel! My hubby decided to go to Houston with me in Nov for 7 days. Then less than 2weeks later we went on a Southern Caribbean cruise out of Panama for 14 days. We arrived home the week of Thanksgiving. Did the normal stuff backed 2 apple pies and sweet potatoes. Joined the family at my sisters home. Enjoyed the day! Then boom it was time for Christmas! Dec. really flew by! I am happy to say Goodbye to 2013 and Hello to 2014. I also have a word for 2014. I will check back here to post mine after you post yours! Have a safe and blessed New Years.

    • It is fun to travel but you’re right — it can really a person out! Your trips sound amazing. Especially that cruise! (I love cruising….) I can’t wait to find out what your word for 2014 is, too!

  13. Hi, Kimberly! It is certainly understandable that someone as busy as you needs a break once in a while! And yes, the holidays were close this year and time was tight. Plus, however much fun it is, traveling is tiring. Fun, but it takes a lot of energy. So I am glad you took a break, enjoyed your family and the holidays, and are re-energized for your amazing quilting career. Welcome 2014!

    • You are so right, Emily! Thank you for your encouragement and support. I really appreciate it! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  14. Each time I check your blog I am amazed at your talents. Your home is decorated beautifully. I well remember when you started your Jim Shore collection.
    Your Thanksgiving meal looks delicious!
    So glad we can keep in touch.

    • Helen, you are so sweet and so thoughtful! Thank you so much for your kind compliments about our home. Did you notice the Jim Shore Santa from Buzz? It is one of my most prized and cherished Christmas collectibles, and every year when I open the box, I read the hand-written note you sent me with the Santa. It always brings tears to my eyes to know that Buzz chose him for YOU, and yet you entrusted it to ME. What a treasure! Love you!!

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