Hey it’s good to be back home again…

I’ve got that classic John Denver tune running through my head. It’s been a couple of busy weeks for this gal to say the least. But more than anything, it feels great to be home again.

I apologize for not posting a blog for such a long time, but when Kent had a business trip which took him to sunny Florida, I opted to go along for the ride and visit with my folks. Except it turned out to be anything but sunny! Other than one day of sunshine, our visit coincided with a period of unusually rainy weather — 11 inches of the wet stuff to be exact! The good people of the sunshine state were certainly delighted with the rain considering the extreme drought conditions, but it sure wasn’t much fun for Kent and me. Nevertheless, we spent some good time with my folks, did a little shopping, ate at our favorite restaurants (like Sonny’s real BBQ – yum!) and checked out the local sights. All in all, it was a nice trip. But I’m NOT a fan of Delta airlines. Don’t even get me started about Delta! (I’ll save that rant for another time….)

Today we opted to take the boys and hit the autobahn for a road trip. The weather was gorgeous (75 and brilliant sunshine) so we used our season passes to visit Legoland near Ulm, Germany. It was a fantastic day and such fun making memories with the kids. We had a great time riding rides and walking miles through the park. I thought you might like to see a photo or two. Or three. Or more. In no particular order…enjoy!


 I’m not sure which “kid” was more excited today!

 Too bad this “fabrik” wasn’t the 100% cotton type.
This exhibit demonstrated how Legos are made.

 Although they prefer coasters and thrill rides, thank goodness these guys still ride the train with us. Willingly.

 I love walking through the miniature version of some of the greatest cities in Europe made entirely from Legos!

 Voted “THE COOLEST” ride in the park by the Einmo Brothers, this Bionicle thrill ride consisted of a robotic arm which tossed and pitched the riders through the air in unbelievable twists, turns and thrusts in the dark with strobe lights flashing. I was feeling queasy, and I didn’t even ride it.

 Fun in a pan (panning for gold.) Need I say more?

 This little dude is convinced he struck it rich!

 My vote for best candid shot of the day.

 You’ve heard me say it a dozen times: “It’s pronounced EINMO like EINSTEIN.”
On a side note, did you know that Ulm, Germany was the birthplace of Albert?
This Lego version had eyes which followed you as you walked by. Kinda creepy, if you ask me.

 No, Josh is NOT standing on a step. He’s just that much taller than me now. (Sigh.)

 Frozen refreshment in a rainbow of colors! Think slurpees….

 Mix-n-match your own tasty icee freeze for a quick cool down in the heat of the day.
This concoction left Josh with blue lips and a brain freeze!

 By the end of the day, I was getting tired.
It was then I noticed all the bricks in the park look like Legos.

The boys used the money they’ve saved from their allowance and bought Lego sets.
For me, kitchen function meets fun. I came home with an egg timer, tea towel and Lego salt and pepper shakers. How cute are these?

So…..how did you spend your Saturday? What did you do for fun? Drop me a line and share your day. It didn’t have to be anything special. But I’d love to know. Hope to hear from YOU!

  1. Legoland sounds like fun – my girls loved their legos and made me promise to save them so their kids can have some- (my youngest kids are in college)
    I spent Sunday at a fiber fest – meeting alpacas, sheep, bunnies, etc and their humans and getting lots of yarn. I even got some roving.My quilting is calling me- it feels rejected but I will work on it this week not to worry.

  2. Robin —

    Oh — that sounds like so much FUN! I would have loved to spend the day at a fiber fest! I love wool roving (you should see my “collection”) and can’t wait to start another little wool needlepunched project.

    Thank you SEW much for sharing your fun day with us!

  3. Oh, I remember Lego’s!!! Those were the things that I used to step on in the dark — you know, right in my bare instep. Seriously, we spent some serious money on Lego’s back in the day, and they were an all-time favorite with my kids, especially my son. I was really touched when Andy decided to give the (“bequeth them”) to his younger cousin years ago; they meant a lot to him. Rod picked up a huge pillowcase full of the very large Legos (yep, pillow case full) at a garage sale last year. They are the 1st thing the grandkids look for when they come top visit.

    I would LOVE to visit Lego Land. Did they have any lego sewing machines? What a cool place, and what a cool time your family had. Your blog always takes us to such interesting places!!

  4. hi Kimberley
    I would have loved to tell you I did something fun on saturday but we started our boxes to go to Paris !!
    Yes I know we still have 2 months but we have to get rid of so many things ,we started early!!
    please tell me days you could come and I tell you if it’s possible (before the 12thof june!!)

  5. sorry KIMBERLY i wrote your first name with a mistake again!!!!!!!!

  6. Not a problem at all, Christine! I think spelling my name with an “ey” is sort of classy — certainly very “French”!

  7. Hey, Pat! Thanks for leaving a comment today!

    Legos are THE BEST, aren’t they? Gosh, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like them, and they are a hit with kids of all ages (just ask Kent!) LOL. Too bad they don’t have a sewing machine made from Legos. Do you think I could coax one of my boys into making a Lego Sewing Machine for me? (Now, there’s a thought!)

  8. Good stuff.

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