I can’t find….

Don’t judge. I haven’t found our toothbrush holders yet.

My camera.

Or much of anything these days. Don’t ask me where the scissors are located. Or the trash bags. Or the remote control for the garage door opener. (Sigh).

That’s because I’m in the midst of unpacking. Zillions of boxes. (Well, almost 400….but it feels like a zillion or so.) And if you’ve ever moved, you know how it goes. You can’t. Find. Anything.

So for now I can only tell you how wonderful the Vermont Quilt Festival was last week. It was amazing! I had the BEST TIME EVER! I had the privilege of judging almost 250 gorgeous quilts with Gerald Roy (the consummate gentleman;  the Cary Grant of quilting), Dianne S. Hire (a lovely, sweet, completely genuine lady), and Jane Hall (funny and a real ball of fire.) I also had the supreme honor of presenting the Friday night lecture to almost 650 people! I was nervous (which is unusual for me) until I walked up on the podium. And from that moment on, I just had F-U-N. It was amazing. I saw so many friends – old and new – in the audience. It truly was a highlight for me. And then there were the classes. Every single class I taught (all five of them!) was filled to capacity with a waiting list. Just color me oh-so-flattered that all those amazing quilters came to spend class time with me! The 2012 VQF will go down in history as one of the best ever. Really.

But back to our move from Florida to Virginia. I can’t show you the BEFORE pictures of the house at the moment (something about that still missing camera). I do have plenty of photos to share. Let me just say the bones of this house are terrific. The colors and style of the interior? Er, not so much. Think: 90’s. Really, really 90’s. The colors (aacckkk!). The draperies (heavy). The wallpaper (stripes — oh my goodness; the STRIPES.) It all has to go.

So while I’ve been up to my eyeballs in boxes, the men began working yesterday. Removing wallpaper, preparing to paint, measuring for new carpets and floors, and the best part of all…..preparing to help me build my dream sewing studio. New cabinets have been ordered. The floor will be redone. I’ve even hired an electrician to add special wiring so I can run my sewing machine and my iron and not blow any fuses in the house, plus add special lighting on the ceiling. I’m thinking surface-of-the-sun-lighting. Oh yes — and I’ve chosen the most glorious shade of periwinkle for the walls of the studio.

Now, don’t cringe. It will be beautiful. I promise!

So it’s back to unpacking those boxes for me.

Say….what does a zillion minus one equal?

  1. I’m so happy for you! You would have had to drag me kicking and screaming from your Florida sewing studio (gorgeous!), but I’m sure this new studio will be even better. We learn from experience, right? And I’m thinking you’ve had plenty of that! Periwinkle sounds lovely and calming and pretty. I have a few painted patches of pink on my sewing room wall right now that I’m “auditioning”. It’s the only room in the house that I feel I can truely decorate to my taste.
    So, go for it! Periwinkle it is! Can’t wait to see the pictures…

  2. One more thing…
    I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you as planned at the Vermont Quilt Festival. I wasn’t quite ready for the long drive yet after my recent surgery. Maybe next year, if you are there. Do you teach there each year?
    I am enjoying your Craftsy classes so much, and look forward to your new book in the fall.

  3. I know the feeling! We only have around 200 boxes and at the moment they are in storage until we can move in. All very carefully labelled, but I’m not sure how accurate the labels are ! Great fun! It’s so great that you can design and get your studio just the way you want it. Can’t wait to see the photos when your camera comes to light!

  4. Hi!
    Don’t think of thoses boxes as packing boxes–think of them as gifts. Each box holds a treasure inside and what a thrill it will be when you open the magic box that has the camera in it.
    Julie Harrington

    PS I have been in your shoes many times–I was born into an Air Force family and then married an Air Force man. My days of moving are over, or so I hope. My husband retired about 7 yrs ago.

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