Just breathe……

P1030050The summer days are winding down and August is passing quickly. As with every year, I confess I’m not quite ready for summer to end but in particular, this summer. It was such a change of pace for me. Since June, I have not taught any classes nor have I been fastidious about working on quilt-related deadlines. In fact, for the first time since I can honestly remember, I took time off. I spent almost a month in the San Bernardino Mountains in California. It was absolutely wonderful. Blissful. Time I will always treasure. It gave me time to slow down and really think. Time to ponder, examine feelings and dormant dreams, which in turn gave my creative soul a much needed infusion of new ideas and tangible excitement about creating new things moving forward. And I was even able to do some personal sewing on some UFO’s and a round-robin project with some friends that I had “held up” on my end for the past four years. (I’m still embarrassed I let so much time pass on that one.)P1030201

P1030067In truth, I actually did quite a bit of work while I was there but in the form of cleaning, doing home repairs and fixing up a cabin that was sadly in need of lots of TLC. But I also took walks. Enjoyed nature. Slept late. Read. Sat on the deck and watched the full, blue moon. And breathed. Lake Arrowhead sunset and blue moon


P1030090After years of saving, planning, and dreaming, my husband and I bought a little cabin for get-aways, family visits and future retirement. This is such a dream come true for us. It’s just a little place but it is our little corner of paradise. The cabin in located right next to a national forest with lots of wildlife including a resident bobcat, bears, deer and coyotes we hear howling in the distance at night. The alpine air is crisp and clean and we simply adore the fresh pine scent. We didn’t know until we took ownership that it came with several apple and pear trees on the property. A handful of goodness on purpose from God. We feel truly and abundantly blessed. 20150723_091859 5

2My sweet husband even encouraged me to make the lower level into a snug little sewing oasis (with beautiful views!) so I can invite my quilting friends to join me for retreats and weekend get-aways, which would be another dream come true. 9This break also gave me the opportunity to deal with things I’ve been carrying around and suppressing for far too long because there was no time to deal with them. I had forgotten how good it is (albeit difficult) to do some serious soul-searching. To plan my short and long term goals. To forgive past hurts and move forward without carrying the extra emotional baggage. Yes, our lives are full and richly blessed but that doesn’t mean we don’t endure our share of sadness, hurts and pain. And sometimes you just need to deal with those issues and figure out a way to move forward, don’t you agree? I did this, and more. I also spent precious time with our youngest son who accompanied me this summer. I know all too well that he’ll be leaving the nest in just a couple of years so I am taking every opportunity to enjoy our time together now.  And we did have fun. 



Disney 1


P1030001When my husband and oldest son visited, we even managed to get in a three day visit to Disneyland. For the boys and I, it was our first trip there although we’ve been to Disney World many, many times. And we loved it!

I took lots of photos while I was in California. Although I thoroughly enjoy photography I never seem to have the time to play around with my camera. This summer was different. I experimented and took many, many photos. P1030521










P1030043And I enjoyed the views. Aahhh, the views. But most of all, I breathed. And prayed. And took time to feel restored. And that was truly priceless.20150723_101232






  1. Oh, Kimberly, I’m so glad you were able to just breathe and be restored! We all need that at times. What a beautiful setting for a relaxing respite!

    • Sue — Maybe you can join me there someday! I’ve been thinking of you all day today because I’m working on our challenge quilt! (wink!)

  2. Aren’t holidays and family times, just the nourishment we need! Well, retirement is wonderful too!
    When I attended your workshop in Prague April 2010, I was just 3 years into quilting…now, not many days go by when I don’t get to it.. So much fun. “Keep Calm and Quilt On”

    • That’s so wonderful to know! I hope our paths cross again — who knows? I’ll be back in Prague in December, 2016. Hopefully we’ll meet again then!

  3. I came to your blog after enrolling in 3 (Yes, three) of your Craftsy classes. You are a very talented quilter!

    That said, I am really enjoying seeing the beautiful area your new cabin and everything California! The new turn in your blog is a welcome surprise and a breath of fresh air which has been so refreshing to my soul!!

  4. Kimberly, I don’t think any of us realize what a grinder success in the quilt industry can become. After almost two decades as a traveling teacher/author I found myself completely burned out. Three years ago I decided to cut my travel back to nearly zero and I am now finally reaping the benefit of that. What a luxury to have an afternoon to “waste” just enjoying the birds or the garden! What a revelation to sew again for the fun of it.

    I’m so happy to hear that you’ve taken time for yourself and your family. Breathing is good. I’m doing more of it myself.

  5. Congratulations on your many blessings and your opportunity to rest, reflect, and plan for your future creative endeavors. I appreciate the many pictures of the lovely outdoors; it has been years since I was in CA and it is beautiful! I LOVE your Craftsy classes, and hope someday to finally meet you in person. As a retired military person and a quilter I frequently understand exactly what you reference, and it makes me smile. Enjoy the colorful fall season forthcoming and I look forward to hearing about your next adventure!!

  6. What a beautiful setting for your “retreat” home. Glad you were able to spend time away – thinking, praying, planning, etc. We all need that time. I am looking forward to meeting you when you come to our guild in Illinois next March. In the meantime, enjoy your family and life!

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