Mistakes happen



Ok, really BIG sigh……..

Gosh, I hate to have to tell you this, but there’s an itty-bitty error on the Chain Saw pattern of Jelly Roll Quilts & More. A typo. An oversight. A blip. An errata minimus. I don’t know how many pairs of proof-reading eyes missed it in the final editing stage of the book, but as careful as we all tried to be, this goof just got by us.

Now, don’t panic. (Seriously.) It isn’t all that bad. It just involves some block measurements, a bit of extra block trimming, and some adjustments on the sashing strips. You won’t lose any points on your block, and nothing is wasted.

Sigh of relief.

The good folks who published my book have reprinted the pages with the corrections. (Thank you, all you wonderful people at AQS!) All you have to do is simply click here, and print out the corrections and tuck the page inside your book for handy reference. 

Aaaaahhhh. Now, doesn’t that feel better?

And thank you — all you readers, book-buyers, library lenders, book borrowers, friends and comrades. Thank you so much for your understanding. Because sometimes, well …. sometimes, mistakes happen. But you know what? Don’t sweat the small stuff.  And in the scheme of life, this really is small stuff.

Instead, go make a Jelly Roll quilt!  🙂 

  1. Oh my goodness! So, what’s it worth for us not to tell Josh and Andrew? If this is the worst thing that ever happens, everything else is a piece o’ cake (or maybe a slice of jelly roll).

    Printing pages now!

  2. Glad to know that you’re human!! I just spoke to a friend who is not a member of our guild and she is going to come to your class on Friday – Bohemian Crystal Quilt!! Yahoo!! She’s a beginner (has made 2 small quilts) and has only had classes from ME! So she is excited to meet you and learn more! We had more people sign up last night at guild meeting too! Can’t wait!

    • WOW — I’m getting SO excited that the date is finally coming so close! The Bohemian Crystal class will be loads of fun next week. Can’t wait! And thank you for all the wonderful “publicity” and word of mouth promotion I know you have personally been doing for me. You’re the BEST!

  3. After company for almost a week I finally got back to the sewing machine today. My Chain Saw sawtooth borders are pieced together (yahoo! finally). I had a blue and a green TOT and we laid them out on opposit corners with the sawtooth rows to choose my inner border. Of course, we all liked the green of which I didn’t have enough.
    Solved that problem. I will put 1″ finished borders around the quilt center of the background fabric – continuing my sashing strips. Then, I was able to cut green strips for what will be my second border. Then, I will put my sawtooth border on and finally my outer border, which may or maynot be the 8″ wide cuts as listed.
    I also picked out the final fabrics for my ICE Train to Amsterdam mystery thru the guild here in Wenatchee, WA.
    And tomorrow, I hope to finish my Northern Star Trail top. Wow, 3 Kimberly quilts at a time – quite a feat for me.
    And today while bringing dessert for my Monday sewing group, I made brownies from the recipe in your new book. Ended up with the wrong type but fudged a bit, added nuts and put the whipped chocolate frosting on while hot (actually hubby took it out of the oven and did this step for me – thanks Mike). I also added walnuts, just because. The brownies were great.
    And Ruby is going to get your book for her daughter Kathy who just started quilting this year. Everyone is so impressed with the tips and hints in the book, and how well written it is. Good job, Kimberly.

    • I would LOVE to see your CHAIN SAW quilt — you must send photos so I can share it with everyone!
      What fabrics/colors did you choose to make the ICE Train mystery quilt? Would love to see those, too. Lots going on, but I’m really excited to be coming to your neck of the woods in August. Can’t wait to see you again in person!
      Thanks for the flattering comments about my book. You’ll never know how much I appreciate hearing them!

  4. I have made this Chain Saw quilt so many times ( since the Vermont Quilt Festival class) and to be truthful never noticed, guess it was no big deal. I didn’t put in the sashing between the finished blocks either, but I Love, Love this pattern and thanks to the VQF I made it. I also purchased the Easy Star Geese template, do you have directions for this?

  5. Hi Kimberly,

    I’m not able to access the Chainsaw corrections page within the link–it is no longer available. Is it possible to have it sent to me via email? I’m working on a Chainsaw quilt and absolutely love this pattern!

    Thank you, in advance.

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