I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of momentum lately.

Being the self-motivated, usually-energetic, go-getter type of person I am, momentum is steadily at work in both my professional and personal life. After reflecting on this concept and the events of 2008 recently, I can plainly see momentum carried me through all of last year.

We hit the ground running in 2008 as Kent moved to Germany in early January to begin his new job in Stuttgart. Momentum carried me along during the winter months as I taught on a Quilt Seminars at Sea Cruise to Mexico and afterwards as I prepared for the week long festivities of judging and teaching at the Quilter’s Heritage Celebration Show in Lancaster in late March. After QHC, I immediately flew to Germany and taught at the Prague Patchwork Meetingin April. When I returned to the US, I immediately got busy packing and preparing to move us lock, stock, and barrel to Germany in May. We joined Kent in June and spent the summer unpacking and getting settled here in Sindelfingen.

I worked feverishly putting together a manuscript proposal for my second book in September and taught at the AQS Quilt Show in Des Moines in early October. Two weeks later, I was back in the US for the International Quilt Market in Houston. The month of November was spent catching up, writing articles, finishing projects and gearing up for work on the new book. December was a whirlwind of holiday preparations and a very busy time at work for Kent. Momentum carried us all through — week after week, month after month.

After Christmas, when everything calmed down, we went into hibernation mode for a week. It was lovely.

2009 arrived quietly. At first, it was rather nice. I enjoyed the “down time.” The first week the boys were back in school, I even rallied my creative energies and using my favorite design software, EQ6, I knocked out about 20 fabulous, original quilt designs. I was feeling productive, creative, and well, pretty good about things.

But then, for a variety of large and small, seemingly piddly reasons, I hit a brick wall. It was January 9th. I remember the day. BAM. Just like that, everything came to a screeching halt. I won’t lie to you. The reasons my blog entries have been few and far between for the past several weeks are because I’ve been in a major slump or rut, or because I’m suffering from the designer’s version of writers block. Perhaps it is the January or mid-winter blahs. I do hate dreary, gray weather. Maybe I truly suffer from that sunlight disorder? Who knows. Whatever the reason, I’ve felt aimless, pensive, antsy, irritable. This is so unlike me. I can’t seem to concentrate or focus on the work that needs to be done at hand. And if I’m really honest with you, we have hit some major hurdles recently as a family that have just knocked us down to our knees. We are discouraged.

I know every person on this planet goes through rough patches. No one escapes without enduring trials and tribulations. Many of you out there right now are dealing with your own struggles whether they are because of the terrible economic climate, trials with personal relationships, depression, health issues, or conflicts at work. Let me tell you, I feel your pain. I truly want to empathize with each one of you. It is just no fun when you are facing what seems like insurmountable obstacles. You want to curl up under a quilt and block out the world. Well, at least that’s what I feel like doing.

Normally, I don’t write about such personal, emotional issues on this blog. After all, you stop by to read fun, light-hearted, quilty things; to get ideas or learn something new. I debated a long time before writing this blog entry about whether or not to share the reason for my “absence” lately. And I promise not to bore you any more in the future about the frustrations and issues we’re dealing with right now. Not only is it a real “downer” for anyone reading this blog, but it’s one sure-fire way to ensure you won’t be coming back to read more, and I certainly don’t want to chase anyone away. But I also want to be true and honest to my blogging and cyberspace friends, and it would be dishonest to pretend we’re not going through a rough patch in our lives when everything concerning our future seems so uncertain.

So I promise to post more fun entries, colorful photos, and great ideas for your quilts in the coming weeks. But in the meantime, I hope you will be patient and understanding. Maybe even say a prayer or two for our family. We are strong Christians, and we are praying for God’s guidance and wisdom for our lives. Right now, our future is in His hands. And that certainly is the best place to be.

And little by little, I KNOW that with each small, seemingly insignificant step, the momentum of our lives will spring to life again.

  1. Kim, you are a “giver”: a ray of sunshine to others, the I beam that holds your family’s house up, the techer who encourages. If there’s been a flood & all the fabric is stained, you figure out a way to make those stains into a pattern. And then a quilt. It is a wonderful gift and a heavy burden.

    Please know that you have friends out here who love you, even if you are just sitting in the corner not doing a damned thing. We love you for who you are and what you have given us. The fact that you are our friend is gift enough.

    Do not be discouraged. Do not beat yourself up. Do not apologize. You MAY, however, call on us to give you support and extra love. I would venture to say that not one of us has light in all of the corners of our closets — all of us have experienced dark times. Pray, reach out to others, feed you soul with good thoughts and the knowledge that you have an army of friends to help you battle those Winter Weenies who are stealing your sunshine.

    We are behind you, helping to push that big ol’ Kimberly train up the hill until it gets to the top, gains momentum again and barrels down the other side.

    By the way, Punxatawny Phil, the groundhog in Pennsylvania who predicts how long Winter will last, sent me an email this morning. He said that he peeked out of his hole at Gobbler’s Knob, and did NOT see his shadow. He told me to tell you that it will be an early Spring for Ms. Kimberly Einmo — if not weatherwise, at least in her heart.

  2. Difficult times and trials make us stronger. God is working even when you cannot see His hand. I know, personally, trials have made me a better person, and my heart goes out to the hurting because I’ve been there. I will be praying for direction, guidance and peace for the journey. In friendship..Paula

  3. I’ve felt a little the same way. Usually it will hit me right after Christmas, but this year it waited a few weeks! Maybe it’s partly that the new year is a time for new beginnings and I’m not sure what to begin–there are just too many things I want to do, so I’m chasing my tail and going in circles.

    As you may have noticed, I’m also “Kimberly” and I go by “Kim”–in the sidebar of my blog, I’m “collecting” Quilt Blogging Kim’s and I’ve added your blog–hope you don’t mind! There are quite a few of us in Blogland!

  4. We need to talk. You know I’m a great sounding board….and I was wondering why you hadn’t emailed as of late. This is not like you!! I’ll send prayers to watch over you, Kent and the boys….you have me concerned girlfriend!

  5. Kimberly, Hang in there. I’m sure you have a case of the winter blahs. Maybe you need a vacation in some exotic place away from everything. Who knows! Hope you recover soon.

  6. Hi Kimberly you lifted my spirit with your honesty and empathy. I too am a strong Christian but facing some difficult trials. Sometimes I think we have to go through things like this so that we can empathise with others. God uses all things for our good; we just can’t see it at the time and often don’t like it either. I’ll pray that you have a real sense of the prescence of Jesus through this difficult time. I find singing good old rousing hymns very very loud helps!

    Western Australia

  7. Mary — Many thanks for the prayers and conerns, girlfriend. We sure have seen each other through some challenging times over the years, haven’t we? Don’t worry — I’ll resurface soon. Love ya –

  8. Pat — Thank you, thank you for your wonderful encouraging words. (What’s that on my keyboard? Moisture drops? They most certainly couldn’t be tears, could they?) You are a such a dear friend. How lucky am I to have a friend like you? And tell my buddy, Phil that I will send extra Groundhog treats his way for granting me an early spring…..

  9. Dear Mary-Kay;

    I think you’re on to something. An exotic vacation sounds lovely! Wouldn’t it be nice? I think I need to really plan on going somewhere warm and wonderful next year in January!

  10. Dear Paula;

    I can’t thank you enough for your supportive comments. Prayers really are the BEST thing. Thank you for offering them up on my behalf. I know God is carrying me and our family right now. It is very comforting to be sure. I’m hanging in there…

  11. Dear Kim;

    Wow — you’ve hit the nail on the head. I, too, feel like I’ve been chasing my tail, going in circles for the past few weeks. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone and that others are going through similar circumstances. Thank you.

    I LOVE your idea of collecting Quilting Kim blogs! Can I play too? Oh, what fun! I think I’ll put out a call on this blog for others and pass them to your blog site. I wonder how many you can get? Just for fun, we should ask all the other quilting Kims to post their middle names. I wonder how many different combinations there would be?

  12. Dear Sam –

    Do you have any idea how amazing and comforting it is to me to know I have a Christian quilting sister praying for me all the way in Perth, Australia? With prayers covering the corners of the globe, I feel so less alone! You are a dear. And although I don’t have a great singing voice, one of my favorite things to do is to sing VERY loudly to hymns and contemporary Christian music in the car. I’m sure it scares people when they look over and see me scooting along down the autobahn singing at the top of my lungs, but I don’t care. It IS good for the soul!

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