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It’s freezing outside. What to do, what to do?

LEARN SOMETHING NEW! The extreme weather seems to be affecting much of the nation — and perhaps much of the world — right now and many folks, like myself are stuck indoors. Sure, there are plenty of quilting UFO’s (unfinished objects) piled up waiting for you to finish

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Busy, busy

I’ve been swamped with deadlines. No kidding. Just buried. Everything is coming due all at once, as in “right-now-or-better-still, yesterday.” Life is like that sometimes, don’t you agree? But believe it or not I’m hanging in there and working really hard. My momentum is going strong. And

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Cue the Kleenex

  The vignette in the photo doesn’t tell the real story. But if I were to show you what it really looks like around my bed, you’d be grossed out. Used tissues everywhere, nasal spray bottles, opened blister packs of cold medication, empty water glasses, etc.  I’m sick.

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