Blizzard of ’23

Does anyone remember the blizzard of ’78? I was a freshman in high school and that blizzard shut down Northeastern Ohio for at least a week. We lost power and my folks did their best to keep our house somewhat warm by using the gas oven in the kitchen and the wood burning fireplace in the family room. We all slept in the family room in front of the fire. It was so cold! There was over 3 feet of snow and roads were shut down for days while people tried their best to dig out. 

Fast forward to now, February, 2023. Currently, in the San Bernadino mountains of Southern California, we’re living through a blizzard that tops the blizzard of ’78. It began snowing on Wednesday, and it has kept coming down in epic amounts along with strong winds and white-out conditions. We heard LA County issued a blizzard warning for the first time in 34 years!

I’m fortunate to have both hubby and son #1 at the cabin with me now, and they have been doing their best to keep us shoveled out. But after shoveling multiple times on Thursday and Friday to clear the walkway, parking pad and deck, it snowed an additional 4 feet overnight and it’s still coming down with an additional 1 – 2 feet of the white stuff predicted to pile up.

This is over four feet high right outside our door, and the guys shoveled at least 2 feet of snow before having to tackle this!

Our generator has clicked on multiple times as the power has gone out, come back on, and then gone out again. (Praise the Lord for that generator!)

Do you see that tiny, skinny thing sticking out of the snow mound? That’s the antennae on one of our two cars!

Our cars!

We’ve got plenty of provisions, plastic tubs and jugs of water, and a gas fireplace, so we’re snug. But seriously, the amount of snow for a geographical area not particularly known for large accumulations, is staggering. Side roads and main roads leading in and out of Lake Arrowhead are completely closed. They haven’t plowed the main road below us for more than 24 hours, so NO one is driving. 

The Weather Channel was even broadcasting live from Lake Arrowhead, which is never a good sign. It means the weather folks expect the brunt of the storm to land in this spot. And “Piper” didn’t disappoint!

Photo taken Friday afternoon.

Same location, less than 24 hours later.

At first, Cheeto desperately wanted to get outside. We opened the door and let him take a step into the snow. He was NOT impressed and made a hasty retreat for the warmth of the indoors. He left his distinctive footprint, though. 

But no one is going hungry.

Homemade tomato bisque and rustic grilled cheese sandwiches on sourdough were a big hit.

At least we have plenty of provisions. While the guys have worked hard shoveling multiple times each day, I have kept busy in the kitchen cooking, baking, making homemade bread, and trying other yummy recipes. I’ve had a request for banana cream pie. 

The homemade cherry pie (from scratch!) didn’t last long!

There was Pasta Primavera last night and on tap for tonight is warm and hearty Zuppa Toscana and fresh bread. Wish we could invite people over to enjoy these meals with us! 

In the meantime, the cats are having a great time watching the birds and squirrels at very close range. There is a lot of cackling and tail-swishing going on. 

This will certainly be a storm to remember. 

The view out the sewing room window down to the road below. It has not been plowed in over 24 hours because the roads are completely closed and no one is driving. Not even the snowplow trucks!

Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I hope you’re snug and safe, and making the best of the situation. I know we are.

From the Einmo cabin, we all send big, warm hugs your way!

  1. Stay safe and warm!

  2. Wowsers!

  3. My niece lives up there joining in the fun with you. Her husband is a fireman up there and their two sons are having a blast. Our road in Wyoming highway I-80 has been closed for 5 days! Stay warm

  4. I made my first homemade cherry pie a few weeks ago! Mine didn’t last long either!”
    I remember the storm of ’78! Wish we still had them! New England states has not been getting good snow for a few years

  5. I know it is cold and inconvenient but the beauty of it is overwhelming!! I guess it is a forced vacation and sewing time!!!

  6. Stay safe and warm. Massachusetts is finally getting some snow.

  7. OH My Kim: I remember living through the 78 blizzard in south central Ohio. It was quite the storm. My husband almost didn’t make it home (we lived at that time in the Hocking Hills in Hocking County) With what you are going though now makes 78 look like a baby blizzard. So glad you aren’t there by yourself. Stay safe and warm and I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. I do remember the blizzard of 78. I was a senior in HS in CT. I had gone at the beginning of the storm with 4 others and our drivers ed instructor to take our driving test. We did the driving part in the snow and we all passsed. Once we got home CT closed the roads due to the storm! It was quite a while befor my parents let me drive. Our house was without power for a good week. We had a fire place that ran almost non stop until I noticed the wall in my bedroom was very warm – my room was right behind the fire place. My mom who never cooked over the fire learned a few things. Yes it was cold especially once we had to have the fire off for a while. But just like you we all made it through. Be safe out there. I’m glad Kent and son #1 are there to keep you company and do the shoveling. Cooking, baking and a little sewing sounds great!

  9. I’m staying inside from the rain and quilting. Stay safe.

  10. That is the biggest snowfall I have ever seen. We had 30″ in Philadelphia one year, which totally crippled the city. Stay safe!

  11. Be safe! Cheeto is adorable!

  12. Warm hugs back atcha!

  13. We have had some doozies here in estern Pennsylvania, but your storm beats them all. The solution to retreat to the kitchen and crank out hearty food would be my activity of choice too!

  14. My goodness. Be safe and keep warm.

  15. Stay cozy warm in your cabin and enjoy the good food, and family time. This storm will become a fun memory years from now.

  16. Please stay safe! We miss you all

  17. WOW!

  18. Glad you are safe and warm Kimberly. Also you have hubby and son there, that would no fun alone. We are lower elevation and getting tons of rain for hours at a time. Fortunately we redid our pipes and sprinkler system this summer when we relandscaped. It’s been so easy and no leaks on roof so far Your cherry pie sure looked good can’t wait to see cream pie. I’m sure your all playing plenty of games, have fun🎉🎉

  19. Tell Kent that he comes from a long line of snow shovellers! Somewhere I have a photo of Aidan standing on a snowdrift to clean his UPSTAIRS windows, no ladder required! Roofs and decks had to be cleared regularly as the sheer weight of snow could cause them to collapse.
    But there is something lovely about been able to sit in the warmth while seeing how beautiful it all looks ❤

  20. Hard to believe, glad your safe, this will be something to remember

  21. Glad you are staying warm, snug and safe!
    Enjoy the scenery this day ones not happen often!
    Most seasons they are praying for snow for the skiers and snowboarders and the businesses!

  22. My goodness! For some reason, the line from the Wizard of Oz comes to my mind: “you’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy”, except it could be changed to: “you’re not in Australia anymore, Kimberly”! Gosh, a “dumping” of snow like that could be frightening, however I am thankful that you have two special men to take care of you and the kitties. I’m certain it will take a while for things to open back up again, and kudos to your wisdom of having plenty of provisions stored up for such an event. May the Good Lord continue to watch over you and your family. Thank you for sharing these “once in a lifetime” photos. 🙂

  23. And we were saying how cold it was at 20 degrees Celsius and have our fire on as it is our Winter here on Tenerife. Thinking of you all and hoping you stay warm and safe.

  24. It helps at times like this to count one’s blessings…and to remember that this will not be forever…lol… Meanwhile…back in Lancaster…still no snow….

  25. This will certainly be something to tell the grandkids about! Im glad you are all doing well and are safe. Thank goodness fir your generator !

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