I’m home again. Whew! The month of August seems like a blur because I’ve been on the road traveling so much. But I had a fabulous time!

During my travels in the past three weeks I enjoyed so many different mountains.

The dramatic mountains of Oahu, Hawaii.

The stunning Cascade Mountains in Washington state.

Majestic Mt. Rainier. 

The splendid mountains in Alaska. 

The glaciers!

 But today, I’m facing different mountains which are not so splendid or so grand. (Sigh.) 

I have so much to show and share, but it will have to wait for a bit longer while I get caught up here at home and help the boys get solidly caught up with missed school work. Its hard for them to have missed the first full week of school, but it was so worth it for them to have the “world experience” of traveling to Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Back to the laundry room. I’ve got mountains to move……

  1. Those pics of all the mountains are gorgeous! We live in a beautiful world!! Sure shows where you have traveled! Of course, then there are the mountains of laundry! Good luck! Am working diligently on my jelly roll quilt and loving it!! Will send a pic when done!!! Happy Homecoming!

  2. So what did they miss during that first week of school that can possibly compare to a World Experience with family? You have to grab your adventures whenever you can — school (like laundry) will always be there.

    Those pictures are magnificent!

    Happy Birthday (a few days early), by the way!!

  3. You’re hilarious! Glad you had such fun! I was in the mountains too – in Park City, Utah for a week in August! My son got married on August 21. You’ll need to see pictures on Facebook! Check it out while you’re moving mountains at your place!

    • This quilt is right up my alley, time constraints and exnoeaticps. I would love to make several quilts for my church SS class. The children all live in poverty, single headed households and the area is considered underserved. A quilt give away would allow me to bless several as the design seam easy for beginners that I can teach in an afternoon program.

  4. You are too funny. I know you had such a good time. The boys will have family vacation memories forever, school they will be able to catch up on AND laundry does finally get caught up to. You were a joy to have here in Wenatchee and we are anxious to get you scheduled for next year!

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