Prayers needed for someone very special

I put the finishing stitches in this quilt today. With every stitch I said a heartfelt prayer for a very dear friend of mine who is bravely battling pancreatic cancer. I’m asking you to say a prayer for my friend, Eric, as well.

This quilt is meant for him to use. To wrap himself in warmth, love, comfort, and hope. I put a message for him on the back:

I’ll send it to him tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m calling all prayer warriors out there to join me in holding Eric up in prayer!¬†Would you take a moment right where you’re at and say a special prayer for Eric? It would mean more to him, his lovely wife and son than you could ever know.

Thanks so much.

Blessings and peace, my friends….

  1. Kimberly –
    Your quilt is beautiful (and I love the backing) – in looks, thoughts and prayers – I will be sure to keep Eric in my prayers – Special friends are wonderful and rare – to have one and to be one – Take care (by the way you are also in my prayers) Best Wishes Always – Katie

  2. Kimberly

    I will be sure to keep Eric and his family in my prayers – Your quilt is beautiful – I love your backing – Wonderful thoughts to keep in mind – Best Wishes – Katie

  3. praying hard

  4. Kim, I’ve said a prayer for your friend Eric along with my son’s best friend Wesley. He’s 19 and had open heart surgery 4 weeks ago for a valve replacement and everything went south. He is now off heart lung and has pumps implanted to keep him alive and hopefully have him wake up and recover enough to ask for a donor heart and sign the paper work. Doesn’t matter if its cancer or something else this is hard for the family. Prayers are always welcome.

    Put Eric on your prayer chain at church, and if everyone does that at their own churches before you know it prayers will be coming from around the world. That’s what we are doing for Wesley. The power of prayer has been amazing and will continue to be. The same will be for Eric. God Bless!

    • Darlene –

      You are so sweet and I want to thank YOU and EVERYONE who has been praying for Eric. You’ll never know how much I appreciate it and how much it has meant to his wife and young son, TJ. But I’m very sorry to say that Eric passed away on Monday, March 19th. He was 48. He will truly be missed.

      I will pray for Wesley and add HIM to OUR prayer chain at church. I firmly and wholeheartedly believe in the power of prayer. Even though Eric passed away, I know God sees the BIGGER picture and has a bigger plan than we can see or imagine. That’s what I hang on to and why I cling to my faith.

      Prayer warriors out there — please pray for young Wesley — and please let his family know that we’ll get the word out!

      Thanks again…Kimberly

  5. Hello Kim

    This is my first visit to your site and i really loved it..My though and prayers go out to you and the family of Eric.Cancer is a tough fight. I lost my father a few years back w/cancer. So i can relate w/ you guys..Sad but life goes on.. I would also like to thank you for all you give back to the quilting community..It’s great folks like yourself that keeps me coming back for more…God Bless…

    Thanks again


    • Thank you so much Tommy. I am so pleased you took time to write a comment — and thank you so much for “stopping” by the blog!

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