The new adventure begins

Since my husband accepted a new position with a great company on the west coast in early September, we’ve been in high gear preparing for the next big adventure. With the exception of a couple of bookings to lecture and teach workshops for some local quilt guilds, I put quilting related activities aside and focused on our continued downsizing efforts by hosting a huge moving sale, and many trips to Goodwill to drop off donations. I have packed, cleaned, sorted, and shipped cars and many boxes to the west coast. Our house is now listed for sale (anyone looking to move to Northern VA to a pretty home with an amazing quilt studio?) and Mr. Kim has already begun his new job, which he loves. 

This time of year is also the biggest for the quilting industry as Quilt Market and Quilt Festival in Houston are upon us. I leave Sunday morning bright and early to fly to Houston where I’ll teach nine classes and participate in the Saturday Sampler event all within just six days. It will be chaotic and exhausting but I’m rested and ready to go. I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting many new friends. This is the “Super Bowl” of quilting; and having taught there last year I know what to expect. I’m very excited to be teaching in a Janome sponsored classroom all week long and this will be the huge banner in the hallway of the convention center outside the Janome rooms:

How amazing is this? This gal is certainly honored by the gesture!

But before the frenzy and fun of Quilt Festival arrives, I’ve just recently arrived here. In our cabin in the mountains; my happy place. The autumn weather is picture postcard perfect, and I feel calm, peaceful and immensely grateful for the life the good Lord has blessed me with. 

The Stellar Jays have been keeping the cats and me occupied with their peanut antics on our deck. I never get tired of seeing them shake each peanut to find “just the right one.”

We’ve been so focused and working so hard for the past six weeks that it feels amazing to sit back and just breathe in the clear, crisp mountain air. We are not settled yet and won’t be until our house in Virginia sells and we buy another one here in California. But until then, you’ll find me here. Taking one day at a time and appreciating each moment and how much we’ve been blessed with. God is so very good. 

So, whatever you’re doing or wherever you are, I hope you’ll take a few moments to stop and breathe and find some peace. And if you need me, you can find me at Quilt Market and Festival next week. After that? Look to the mountains.

  1. What a beautiful place to go to relax! Best of luck in your new adventure! Will miss you!

  2. I love that you have a mountain cabin in which to breath and relax in the midst of an otherwise hectic time. I am thinking about going to Daytona next spring just because you will be teaching there! It is so exciting to make such a huge change at this stage, isn’t it? I wish I were able to come to Houston this year, but alas, not possible!

  3. Welcome to the West Coast. This is the coast that will save the country and it’s wildlife!! So happy to have you ❤️❤️

  4. Everyone needs a recharging station and I think you found it with some special crisp atmosphere. How nice!

  5. What an awesome view

  6. Beautiful and serene. See you in Houston

  7. Ahhhh sigh… So I guess I’ll see you around the school yard. If the boys need anything.

  8. So glad that things are going as planned. Who would have thought things would have moved so fast in three months. With your new fabric launch and Janome class room in Houston, I hope things in the future continue to go as planned and that you find a home as beautiful as the one your leaving. Safe travels for you, Kent and my special “friends”. See you soon!

  9. Best wishes for your new venture in California!

  10. The pix of your mountain retreat triggered a calming effect on me-I could imagine sitting on the deck and breathing the mountain air. Have fun at Houston. Good luck with the move, always an exhausting time.

  11. I’m thrilled you are moving to California. What part? Either way, I hope you and your beautifu family love it.


  12. Blessings on you and Mr Kim as you journey together! Praying you are led to the perfect new home!

  13. Downsizing can’t be easy but at least your sewing room is set up at the cabin. wishing you an awesome transition.

  14. Where in California will you be moving to? I just moved from California myself and it’s a beautiful state and I know you will love it as much as I did. The weather itself is perfect and that is one big draw to California. Best of luck in your move. Bet you are looking forward to a new sewing space.

  15. I took your Chainsaw Class in Houston and am having so much fun making the quilt. In the class you showed us how to make a pinwheel block with left over half square triangles, but I can’t figure it out…help.

    I appropriate your help and loved your class. I also received your new fabric in the mail that ordered at your class and I LOVE the colors with the slight design.

    Thank you, Gina

    • Thank you Gina for your kind comments!!! I’m on vacation at the moment but will be in touch soon about the pinwheels

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