The small miracle of hope

Have you ever noticed how God gives you HOPE when you need it the most?

The flower bed in our back yard behind the large picture window

The flower bed in our back yard outside the living room window

This morning I wandered around a bit out back while taking out the dog. The yard and garden seemed bleak and barren; beat down by the harshness of winter. (You know, I really should have removed my “yard art” last fall.)

But something caught my eye. Something…….dare I say…

Look closely

Look closely

Can't see them? Look closer still.... there they are!
Can’t see them? Look closer still…..there they are!


Lo and behold, there are the first signs of life springing forth in my garden. Daffodils! It has been fairly cold the entire month of January without a warming spell in sight, and yet, lo and behold, the HOPE of spring. The promise of a new beginning.

The sun will shine again, both literally and figuratively. Now that’s something to smile about!




  1. Hoooray…this is good news…;o)
    I wish I could say the same…but here the snow is still covering the ground under a lot of snow…so no spring signs for me!!! But yours …means that spring will soon come my way too…:o)

  2. Hello, Stina! I was just reading your blog awhile ago, and here you pop up on mine! (Small world, isn’t it?)
    I’m sorry to hear you still have snow but just know that spring IS around the corner. I’ll be sending “warm thoughts” your way for an early thaw!!!

  3. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…So glad you got a glimpse of springtime today!

  4. Paula —

    A glimpse of spring in my garden and a fresh spring breeze of encouragement coming from my friends out there like you!

  5. I finally got most of the leaves raked out of our yard this weekend and there, hiding under the leaves were our first signs of spring! It is exciting and does give hope that winter will not last forever!

  6. Alicia;

    For some reason, I think everyone is a little more eager than usual for spring to arrive this year. I’m so happy you were able to witness your own spring miracle in your yard, too!

  7. I can’t wait to find something GREEN in my yard (Minnesota) – lucky you!

  8. Mary —
    I’ll send lots of WARM wishes your way for an early thaw and a spring posie to pop its head out of the ground in your yard! 🙂

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