Toes in the sand

I needed a day off. Really.  2010, while wonderful in so many ways, has been a whirlwind of go, go, go, and more go. I admit, it is catching up to me. So much work and little R and R.

So last Saturday the boys and I hit the beach. That’s right — we packed up a picnic lunch and headed for the sea, sun, and sand. It was hot, but oh-so-relaxing.  Just what I (er,….we) needed.

So, enjoy the little slide show from our play day. While I get back to work. But at least I’ve got a tiny bit of that “vacation” feeling….

Those are two good-lookin' surfer dudes, don't ya think?

The view from my vantage point for the day

The boys had fun on a giant blow-up beach slide

No doubt about it, that expression says it all. FUN!

The perfect ending to the perfect day at the beach!


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  1. Kim,

    Good to see you got some R&R after your Mystery Quilt class at Scrap & Sew. I want to email you my photos. Can you send me your email address?


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