Would you like a tour of my sewing studio?

Welcome! Although we moved this past June, it has taken me this long to organize my photos to share the transformation of my sewing studio. With all the homes we’ve live in the past 24 years (14 total) this was the first time I was able to completely renovate my sewing space and customize it to make it my dream studio.

The first time we walked into this house when it was for sale I knew this room would be perfect for my sewing studio. Look at those amazing windows! It is exactly the kind of natural lighting I had been hoping to find.

My first priority was to change the deep red walls and remove the heavy draperies. They look fine for a living room, but for a sewing studio? Not so much. It took a primer plus three coats of paint to get rid of that dark red. The color kept bleeding through! I hired an electrician to add electrical outlets in the floor and on the walls with  enough power to handle a professional grade steam iron, sewing machines, full-spectrum lighting and other appliances and tools, such as my computer, printer, television, etc.

You can see the outlets and switches on the wall between the windows which were installed by the electrician in anticipation of a built-in desk. The next thing to go was the carpet, which was replaced by a hardwood floor.

I chose my favorite color – periwinkle – for the walls. I love the way it looks! Working with a design consultant at Lowe’s, I ordered custom wood cabinetry. It took about six weeks to have them made to my specifications, but it was worth the wait.

It took the cabinet installation guys three days to build and install the cabinets and cutting island. The electrician returned and finished installing the lighting in the cabinets and on the ceiling, including a ceiling fan. The cutting island is on heavy casters and can be moved easily. The cabinets on the wall hold tons of storage including roll-out shelves, lots of drawer space and even a space to store my oversized ironing board upright. And the natural light that streams through the windows is heavenly! I am simply in love with my new studio, and have to thank my very sweet husband for making it all possible. 

This view is from standing in my studio looking back out into the foyer.



Welcome to my happy space!

But my sewing studio wouldn’t be complete without my favorite furry friends. And I’d like to introduce our newest addition to the Einmo household, Toby. He’s four months old!

Divot and Toby


Miss Snickers and Toby

Update Monday Nov 5th:

THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART — for all your kind words and comments! I am overwhelmed at the outpouring of support and love! Please know that I have read each and every comment and am thinking of you! I’ll be back later this week to post more details of my studio; hopefully you’ll drop by for another visit!


  1. It is gorgeous! clean, sparkling, professional, homey, and all you!

    • Thank you so much, Pat! This is as much “me” as I could get this time! So glad to know it shows!

  2. Heaven! Storage space behind closed doors! So very beautiful – you did a great job of designing an attractive, functional space.

    • Thanks, Pat C! The doors keep things neat, tidy, and organized so when friends or visitors come through the front door, I am not caught with a super mess!

  3. Just beautiful! And everything you need right where you need it…what a wonderful use of space.
    You should write your next book about creating the perfect sewing studio!
    Congratulations, Kimberly!

    • I love that idea of including a chapter about creating the perfect studio in a future book. Thanks for suggesting it! And just to let you know….there is a 5th book in the works! 😉

      • Looking forward to your next book, Kimberly, and I’m thrilled to read that you will soon be filming a new Craftsy course. Can’t wait!

  4. So enjoyed the tour of your sewing studio. You’ve considered everything one could hope for! Thanks for sharing so I could day-dream about having one of my own 🙂 Enjoy your happy space.

    • Thank you, Chumkie! I’ve been “building” this studio in my mind for about 20 years! With every home we’ve lived in, I made mental notes of what I liked and didn’t like, and what worked or what could have worked better. Planning pays off!

  5. Oh my goodness, Kimberly! This would be MY dream studio, too! I love the freshness, beautiful colors, lovely lighting. Happy sewing in your new home! (and thank you for your Craftsy classes and books – I have learned so much from you and plan to utilize your handy quilting tips!)

    • Thank you so much for your sweet and kind comments, Sue! I appreciate them so much!

  6. I really love this room! What are its dimensions?
    Do you still find yourself needing to store some of your stash somewhere else in the house, or is all of it “moved in” to this beautiful new studio?

    • Thanks, Kimberley! The room dimensions are approximately 15″ x 16″. But as wonderful as this room is, I do have to store my fabric stash in cabinets and cupboards in our Rec Room downstairs. (I think that means I have too much fabric!) In my next blog post, I’ll try to post close-ups and details about some of my storage solutions on the inside of the cabinets, along with some of my fun sewing memorabilia!

  7. It’s beautiful. Love the lighting, organization – everything! A little envious. 🙂 Congratulations and best wishes in your new home!

  8. just gorgeous!!!! and you are correct, no space is complete without our furry fourlegged children. the only thing left to do, is another craftsy class filmed in this gorgeous studio!!!

    • Thank you, Betty! And I have some GREAT news in response to your comment about another Craftsy Class: I’ll be filming another class right here in this studio in early December!!! I can hardly wait!

  9. What an awesome sewing room! Fabulous storage space! I love all the natural light you have. You’ll so enjoy sewing there!

    • Thanks so much, Fran! Of all the sewing rooms I’ve had, this one has the best natural light EVER. Feeling like a lucky lady!

  10. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I am very very very jealous! It is an absolutely beautiful and bright space to create!

  11. What a lovely place to create! Enjoy your new space and may wonderful new quilts be born there!

    • Thank you Roz! I’m working on a new quilt right now — can’t wait to show it!

  12. Absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to dig in and re-do my sewing room. I have a beautiful view of our yard and the woods behind it. I have a nice large window also. My colors are too dark so I think I will brighten it like you did.
    I must say your kitties and doggie are so cute. I have 7 kitties and one dog. They like to come into my sewing room and re-arrange everything so sometimes I have to shut the door. I need to organize everything and put stuff away so that they can’t be so distructive.
    Enjoy your room. It is lovely.

    • Thank you Barbara! You know, it wouldn’t take much effort to give your sewing room a “lift.” Like you said, new paint might just be the perfect ticket! And if you have a beautiful view from your window, all the better. But the best part are the furry friends. They make ANY room more comfy and filled with love!

  13. What a great work area!

  14. It is absolutely breathtaking! I can’t wait to see all the lovely things you will create in your new space.

  15. Your new studio is beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing. Wish I could have one like it, but my will do. The light in the room is wonderful!

  16. This is stunning – what a perfect room. Every home should have one!! Please keep us posted on the projects you are inspired to do here.

  17. Wow, I am jealous! We took one of our 4 bedrooms and made it our sewing/embroidery room but nowhere near as nice as yours! I have my stash in bookcases (4) , the ironing board in the wall and my husband put a counter with two cabinets under it. Our cutting table is in another room. I need some ideas on how to keep it all neat and organized. He even hung 6 racks for all my threads for the embroidery machine! Wish I could have some one come in to organize my space. Thinking of moving it to the main floor where we have a sitting room but afraid of the mess!

  18. Wow! What a great space!! I also look forward to seeing your next class on Craftsy!

  19. I just wish I had a room – any room all to myself for sewing. Guess it’s time for us to buy a new house too!!! This is wonderful.

  20. Love it! Spacious, neat and so pretty to look at. Have fun in your new studio!

  21. it is absolutely awesome. the natural light must be fantastic. very very envious. thank you for the class thoroughly enjoying so much inspiration,

  22. Gosh it is beautiful and you have so much room

  23. Just lovely. I am going to print several pictures of your room and leave them in strategic places around my home just to see if my husband gets the hint! Looking forward to new classes in the New Year.

  24. Wow! Stunning and bright! I can only imagine the beautiful things you will create! Love your Craftsy Class, too!

  25. It is a wonderful room!
    But you have no designwall?

    • Hi Elisabeth –

      Well, not at the moment. A built-in design wall was the one thing I just couldn’t figure out how to incorporate with so little wall space leftover. I am looking at several options for portable design walls, and of course, I have a large, obliging floor space in the meantime. Not ideal, but I can’t complain.

  26. Genial! Congratulations! Natural light ,storage Space, fresh color, …I wish you to spend ” des bons moments”!

  27. Wow! You are so fortunate to have that much space and light! I have a wonderful space with very little light!

  28. Kimberly your happy place is gorgeous! Love the ‘coworkers’ there, too. I know I can’t make a quilt that is not pet approved and tested.

  29. Can only say agree with the previous comments. We all dream of the perfect sewing room. May we assume that you will NOT be moving anytime soon. Enjoy, and we look forward to your next class. You have a lot to teach us. Just a beautiful room.

  30. I LOVE your new room, so bright and beautiful. Congratulations, and want you to know, i love
    your classes. Keep up the good work. Many Blessings

  31. I love it! I painted my kitchen/backroom/sewing room periwinkle years ago and still love it! It’s a happy color and can look more blue or more purple depending on the time of day. I’m in the process of taking over one of my boy’s rooms for my sewing room and am loving having it away from the rest of the house. Enjoy your space!

  32. Incredible space! It’s so light and airy but very functional at the same time. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing the journey with us. I appreciate all that you do for the quilting world! Many blessings on your new space and I’ll be looking forward to the next class, too.

  33. How wonderful! I would never leave this room. I would become so skinny because I would NEVER leave this room. I am so happy you have an awesome space. Enjoy!

  34. All I can say is WOW!

  35. Hi Kimberly! Gorgeous – lovely choices all-around. After that many moves/homes – you deserve it! One question – do you have a design wall?

  36. Wow – the studio is beautiful. I love all the natural light. I cannot wait to see what you will be bringing to a new class. I love your class on Craftsy. Thank you.

  37. I see your ironing board is level with sewing machine. Do you iron sitting down? Great space planning!

  38. That’s what the military does for you–you get to try out all sorts of ideas of what you want. It turned out beautifully! We also have a ‘tortie” she is named Isadora Duncan. (She has 2 maine coons to keep in line & she does) I don’t think quilting is possible without cats. Look forward to many quilts coming out of that space.

  39. OMG!! I hope you never have to move again because this is GORGEOUS! Love the colours, the layout, the natural light, the storage…everything! One question…if this used to be the livingroom, where, oh where, is your livingroom? LOL

  40. This transformation is even better than HGTV! Simply LOVE it Kimberly. You deserve it, especially with all those moves you’ve been through–and your wonderful quilting talent. ;). I’m so very happy for you! Wishing you many, many years of enjoyment. Jane

  41. would love to see how you utilized all those gorgeous cabinets! Am in the process of planning a remodel of my basement and always looking for ideas!

  42. What a beautiful studio!! I have a nice sewing room in a separate room in our basement( I call it our lower level because
    it is all finished off), but I could use a bigger room. We are in a ranch condo and my room shares a wall with my
    next door neighbor. She is also a quilter and I have jokingly said we should knock down the wall between us.
    I bought one of your videos on jelly rolls. I look forward to listening to it.
    Happy sewing and quilting!!

  43. Love the studio – much to envy. Your furry friends are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  44. What a fab space. You did a great job putting it all together. I could sew there!! Congrats on getting it done.

  45. Kimberley, One word WOW – your sewing room is fantastic. ! ! ! !

    Hopefully you will stay here forever after !!!!

    Loved your class as well on Craftsy.

    Yvonne in Australia

  46. This is a fabulous room. I dream of such a place. I have turned one of the bedrooms since the children are all gone now into my sewing / craft room but it is a bit tight! It’s the storage that gets to me. Do you ever worry that your room is right off the entry way for company to have an eyes view at? Happy sewing!

  47. Wow!! That space is amazing, love the soothing colouring you have used, and I agree it IS all you: professional, calm,gifted …. no doubt there are other superlatives that fit but that will do (wink) for today.
    Love it!

  48. It is lovely. I am so happy for you! I am excited to hear you will be filming a new Craftsy class there. It would be awesome to have a bonus segment giving us a grand tour of all the fantastic features you have incorporated into your new studio. I have been begging Craftsy to have another class with you. I really enjoyed your class and all of your lovely projects. You are a fantastic teacher and Craftsy is an awesome platform!

  49. It must be so wonderful to go into your wonderful new studio and create! I am envious. It is a very lovely room. congratulations! Thanks for all your info on Craftsy!

  50. Gorgeous studio! I made my studio Spring 2012 and used a similar color scheme: White trim, white furniture, white blinds, blue gray walls and one shade lighter on the ceiling. And, I took up the carpet and used similar hard wood! One difference–my studio is in an upstairs bedroom and I have the 2 windows, but not the huge window. I could never have my studio off the foyer. I am just not that neat! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Great minds think alike when it comes to color schemes, Karla!

  51. Hi Kimberly, I love your class on Craftsy! Your new studio is perfect, so light and spacious. I want to do my sewing room with a simillar wall unit for storage of my stash and supplies. I too have a furry friend who is always with me in my sewing room. Good luck with the new studio!!! Diane

  52. Your sewing room is wonderful and just what I have always imagined that a workable and beauty space what look like. Even the color of the walls are perfect and match my dream room. I hope to someday have such a place to do my sewing and quilting. Thank you for sharing the pictures and for the inspiration..

  53. Thanks for sharing Kimberly. I especially like the pic from your sewing studio towards the foyer and entrance to your home. My first though was – oh Kim comes in the front door and and first thing she sees is her sewing studio – what a happy thing to see…….. all the threads and beautiful fabrics just waiting for you to come on in and play. Well done !!

  54. Kimberly-
    Congratulations. It is beautiful, and by the way, so are you. Your raftsy class was wonderful. I hope you plan another class along with book 5 (I have 1-4). I learned so much and you are a wonderful teacher. Thank you for making yurself available in this way to more people. Blessings. Adrienne

    • Thank you SO much for your lovely comment, Adrienne. I am so honored, and appreciate your kind words so much!

  55. That looks spectacular and I love the colour of the walls!

  56. Thank you so much for opening your home to us! This space is delightful and puts a smile on my face. We are purchasing a new home, and I am currently working on taking my current design elements and modifying them for my new quilting studio. These photos stir my imagination! And….keep the classes coming!

  57. WOW! Love the color choices and that gorgeous wood floor!!!! The room is so bright and cheery. Great that you have all that storage and it’s behind closed doors.

  58. It’s pretty. Is this right at the front door?

    • Hi Mary –

      Yes, that’s the front door. This was formerly the living room.

  59. Just beautiful. I have a question about the storage , Would love some insight on how to best plan it.in Many thanks

  60. Kimberly,

    “WOW”, your sewing studio is a quilters dream! From the storage cabinets (awesome cabinets) to the sewing and pressing areas and even a computer/desk area with your TV placement perfect for watching from any point in the room. Nicely done! Love, love, love the periwinkle walls – what a transformation!!

  61. And I thought your Tampa sewing room was beautiful. This room is amazing! You can’t help but be creative in this room. A great reason to get up and go to work! Ha, we could all be so lucky!

  62. Hi Kimberly,
    Your new space is gorgeous. I was wondering what the dimensions of the room were. Thanks!

    • Hi Michelle –
      The room is approximately 15′ x 16′. Not all that large, really. But I tried to make the most efficient use of the space available.

  63. Hi Kimberly,

    Fabulous design with, as you say, perfect lighting. My studio is slightly larger and is above my husband’s two-bay shop. While I may have a little more room I don’t have the cabinets nor is there any insulation or air conditioning. I do have wonderful laminate flooring installed by my husband and two very small windows. The one thing I love is my design wall which holds a queen size quilt and can roll down another sheet so I can have two projects up at a time.
    I love your classes and look forward to taking your next one in December. What a Christmas present! Great teaching!!!!!

  64. Hi Kimberly,
    Your new sewing room is beautiful. I love the color, the huge window bringing in so much light, and the beautiful storage cabinets. Isn’t it fun to start designing a room from scratch. I had that same opportunity five years ago when we built a new house. I no longer have to sew in the dining room or kitchen or a room that used to be someone’s bedroom. Now I can close the doors and have peace and quiet while I sew. And I can leave everything just where I want it, until I can get back to my project. I did get some lighting ideas from you new room. I’ll be sharing them with my husband so he can install them for me. Thank you for sharing your pictures.
    I am really enjoying taking you class on Craftsy! Beautiful quilts. Looking forward to taking your next class, too.

  65. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART — for all your kind words and comments! I am overwhelmed at the outpouring of support and love! Please know that I have read each and every comment and am thinking of you all! I’ll be back later this week to post more details of my studio; hopefully you’ll drop in for another visit!

  66. Kimberly,
    What an AWESOME studio! Your creativity will explode in this dream room. Can’t wait to see what you create next. It’s absolutely lovely.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving & Christmas….Anne

  67. Now that we have seen your gorgeous studio would you go back and open the storage drawers/cabinets to give us a peek at your sorting and organizing solutions for thread, fabric, rulers, tools, etc? Do you fold your fabric to a certain size? Thanks so much.

  68. Kimberly your studio is just beautiful! Know you will be producting many more exciting courses for your quilting community from this wonderful setting. Love the Jelly Roll course and your book. Was wondering if you have another book that I should order? Purchased your Jelly Roll ruler, what a wonder that is, everyone working with these precuts should have one, it’s marvelous. Thanks again for being there for us all, hugs (DeGramma)
    Love Craftsy!

  69. What a wonderful, beautiful studio you have. The room looks huge. How big is it? Just love all the storage and cabinets, they are beautiful. I’ve converted my garage into my sewing studio. I don’t have any windows but at least I have a space and don’t have to clean up each time. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Sarah — the room is approximately 15′ x 16′. Of course I would have loved a much larger room, but the trick is to make the best use of the space you already have on hand, right?

  70. What else can be said that hasn’t been said here? You new studio is just beautiful! Very happy for you, wishing you all the best in your dream come true space! Thanks for sharing your space with us. Can’t wait to see the next pics!

  71. i am so jealous! it is stunning. the color is wonderful and i absolutely love the furry ensemble! they add so much and are such good helpers. now i am anticipating some wonderful new craftsy classes!

  72. what a lovely space to quilt in, the light coming through the windows is just great. thank you for sharing.

  73. What a beautiful studio. Can’t wait to see the inside of the cabinets. I am constantly looking for ideas. Our house should be done in mid January. I’ll have about the same square footage, but my room is long and narrow with two windows. How was it working with Lowes? Were they ‘quilter savvy’ when it came to designing the cabinets?

    • Hi Paule-Marie –

      I highly recommend the cabinet folks at Lowe’s — they were absolutely wonderful! The cabinet design specialist really LISTENED to what my needs/wants were and then showed me options of how to make it happen. All this and she tried everything to keep costs DOWN. I am very happy with the way it all turned out!

  74. What a wonderful space! It is a dream sewing room, I would trade with you any time! Love the periwinkle blue 🙂 You’re so right, who needs a living room?? In 90% of the houses where I’ve been people only use them once/twice a year for the holidays, otherwise they use the family room. Well done, I’m a teeny tiny bit jealous! 🙂

  75. So beautiful! I love the light and built in cabinetry! Can we have speak behind those doors someday? Thanks for sharing this special space with us all.

    • Studio tour part two — complete with photos of what’s behind those doors — is coming today or tomorrow….. stay tuned!

  76. Absolutely gorgeous! It looks like your sewing room is as large as my entire house. I am excited for you. I know you have worked very hard for this special space. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  77. Like any quilter, space is something we lust for and you have the perfect new room. I too love natural light and you can move around without tripping over yourself. Enjoy years of quilting in your new hide-away.

  78. Wow! What a great space – can’t wait to get mine all set up and to myself. I love your layout for each function. So happy for you, I’m sure after so many moves your new space is like heaven!

  79. Wonderful light and space in that workroom. I wish mine wasn’t in the basement. Thank goodness your husband understands what quilting can bring to a family. Can he talk to mine? jk!

    • Love your name, Merry! (So appropriate!) Why don’t you try leaving little “love hints” for your DH and assure him that it will benefit the whole family! When Mama’s happy….everyone’s happy! LOL

  80. Wow, Kimberly! You did a fantastic job. The before and after pictures are amazing — from dark and gloomy to bright and cheerful. I love your Craftsy classes. I’m afraid I’m hooked, now, on mystery quilts.

  81. it is just amazing, loving the clean lines and the colour seems just right! am new to crafty and trying tonight to get started with you , alas the video 1…jelly rolls will not load! *sigh* thanks again for showing this lovely transformation!

  82. What a truly incredible transformation … you have created a beautiful and serene studio that is the sort of thing dreams are made of! I chuckled when I saw your pussy cats as it reminds me of my little sewing room which seems to be a cat magnet … my cats are drawn to my fabric and feel the need to lay on it whenever I accidentally leave it out lol 🙂 I am sure you will enjoy many hours creating magical masterpieces in your studio … can’t wait to see! 🙂

  83. Kimberly, I know this is an older post but I popped over here from the Mystery Quilt Craftsy class. I love your sewing space! We are moving in June and I’m getting my own craft room as well, though not as large and with as much natural light as yours. It’s gorgeous!

    And I have to say something about your Tortie! We have one, too. Her name is Molly. She’s such a silly little cat and she really likes to talk. She also likes to sit and watch me sew or knit. She especially likes it when I knit while watching TV. She curls up next to me on the couch and goes to sleep.

    Thanks for sharing pictures!

  84. Your studio is beautiful and I am envious to say the least. Your studio looks bigger than my entire home, and the windows are fantastic so much natural light.
    I read other comments and you had mentioned about including possibly a chapter on planning & setting up a studio, I think it is a great idea, when I see what you have done with your space. When and if you do please include information on how to use the space wisely no matter what size area you have access to, storage ideas for both tools and fabric and keep in mind people with limited resources, both monetary and physical.
    I have came over to see your studio blog after revisiting one of your Craftsy classes on the star and saw tooth quilt, which I enjoy so much. I have enjoyed the three you have on Craftsy and was wondering if you will be putting together another one in 2015?
    Let me say, Congratulations for having a beautiful studio and I am sure you will enjoy every minute you are able to spend in your new home.

  85. I love your studio and now in the process of making one of my own. I, too, would like to have everything behind closed doors. I am very interested in what’s inside your cabinets and the dimensions. Just now found your info on Pinterest and saw it was done in 2012 so need an update on what to look for if you have shown it since. Would appreciate any information and thank you for sharing.

  86. I enjoyed seeing your studio inside and out ; ) If you don’t mind me asking What type of table is your sewing machine in?

  87. I adored listening to you today on the Textile Talks podcast. How brave you were to take over your living room…so often we are kept hostage by tradition to our living spaces. You have me thinking…there goes the formal dining room 🙂

    • Debra – Your comment is music to my ears!! I’m so glad I helped you see that YOU ARE WORTH IT to commandeer the best space in the house! I hope you’ll send pics once that dining room is history… 🙂 Thanks so much for writing.

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