One last hurrah…

We wanted to do something special with the boys: take one special last trip before we make the transition back to the US. The weather was rainy here in Stuttgart this past weekend, but not in France. So we drove to Paris! On our way, we made a

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You’ve heard it said….

….that the only thing predictable in life is unpredictability. Too true. Do you remember earlier this year when I blogged about my loss of momentum and feeling discouraged? Well, it was much due to the fact that life threw us a curve ball we just didn’t see

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Giggles and more

First, the giggles… We went to dinner in the nearby village of Esslingen the other evening. I snapped these photos of our boys clowning around with some local sculptures. They’re just too fun not to share. Hope they inspire a case of the giggles like they did

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