A treat and three tricks….

First, the treat. Happy Halloween! Even here in Germany, Americans celebrate Halloween with trick-or-treating on the US bases. At our home, Halloween is Andrew’s absolute-most-favorite holiday (even more than Christmas!) and he has been anxiously awaiting this day for months now. He made up his mind ages

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I feel very honored!

My dear friend (and quilt-sister-at-heart) Nadine Ruggles, and I are off to Houston for Quilt Market tomorrow. I’m excited to visit the booths of the many different vendors and manufacturers to see what’s going to be “hot” in the quilting world next season, and to renew friendships

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Midnight visitors

I realize this blog is supposed to be mainly “quilt” related, but the story of our midnight visitors is just too good not to share. For the past four nights, we’ve been visited by little woodland creatures who come right up to the door of my sewing

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