Empty nest

Do you remember a few weeks ago I posted a photo of the
surprise I found on top of the wreath on our front door?



A closer look….


Five pretty light green eggs.
The momma and papa birds tended those eggs faithfully for a couple of weeks.

When we arrived home from our vacation the nest
seemed very quiet; not a peep could be heard.
The lovely lady who was house/pet sitting for us said that
the weather had been so cold the week we were gone
that she feared the eggs might not hatch.
So I put my camera up above my head for a closer look.


And lo and behold, all five eggs had hatched!

And just a couple of days later, I no longer saw the momma and papa birds.
So I took another peak with through my camera lens.


All the babies have flown the nest! Isn’t nature a miracle?
I’m so happy those pretty little birds chose my front door
to build their nest and raise their tiny peeps.
Do you suppose if I keep the wreath and hang it up again next year
that they’ll return to raise another sweet family?

  1. Hi Kim
    I was trying to ask you a question on the VQF class. A friend and I are attending your class on spinning stars and on the supply list it calls for the EZ flying geese ruler…. which I am trying to find online and I see one by Wrights Easy Star and Geese then I see one EZ Quilting Flying Geese They seem to look the same except one I believe make a smaller triangle. Which one should we get or are the basically the same? thanks for your help and looking forward to the class

  2. Hi Kimberly,

    I loved the photos of your bird family. I have recently learned about you from a class I am taking on Craftsy. I love the class and have learned a great deal. I recently attended the Spring meeting for the Quilters of South Carolina and I was pleased to hear that you will be the speaker at our Spring meeting in 2015 in Charleston. The quilt guilds that I belong to would be interested in having you teach a class or classes for us when you are here in South Carolina. Would this be something you might be interested in doing? I certainly hope so. I will wait to hear from you via this blog or you can reach me at moc.loanull@elpiesrk.

    A Hopeful,


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