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Empty nest

Do you remember a few weeks ago I posted a photo of the surprise I found on top of the wreath on our front door? A closer look…. Five pretty light green eggs. The momma and papa birds tended those eggs faithfully for a couple of weeks.

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The phrase of the day is…..

“Its almost not raining.” I said that in the car yesterday and it seemed funny at the time. I don’t know. Maybe it was one of those “you had to be there” moments. I realize the rainy season in Florida begins in June, however, enough already. Rain

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The best guests

We hosted some of our favorite people here at home over the weekend, Herb and Sue Hausmann. Of course, we think they are both terrific simply for who they are — sincerely good people and simply great friends — but during their visit this time, we got a bonus! Ever since

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