Welcome to my mountain studio

You might have read here on the blog or on my Facebook page that my husband and I bought a cabin in the mountains two years ago. It was a long-cherished dream of ours to own a mountain retreat and future retirement property and we searched for several years before finding the perfect-for-us place. We bought a bank-owned property with stunning views and sunk a lot of sweat equity into it to make it exactly what we envisioned. The lower level of the cabin is wide and spacious and perfect for a quilting studio. Unfortunately, it came equipped with some pretty cheap and ugly carpeting so we saved money until we could afford to install hardwood floors. It was the final touch for the studio and those floors were installed last month. 

Now that the floors are finished and I’ve added my favorite, colorful, sentimental quilts on the walls, I thought you might like a virtual tour of my studio, which is really my happy space. 

At the bottom of the steps from the main level, is a cutting table. A souvenir and signature quilt from a quilting cruise I taught on several years ago adorns the wall to the left of the cutting table. I bought small pins and trinkets at each port of call and added them to the quilt which makes it a great memory quilt. The quilt behind the cutting table is from my book, Precuts Bonanza, and is a personal favorite because of the periwinkle color.

Looking back towards the cutting table.,I have two sewing stations separated by my ironing board and steam iron. The stained glass blocks were made by a dear friend of my folks (he has since passed away.) They are blocks from my very first book, Quilt A Travel Souvenir, and they are very precious to me. Although we don’t have cable at the cabin, we do have internet access so I have a TV with Netflix for binge watching my favorite shows such as Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife while I sew. You know, important necessities.

I’ve finished several small UFO’s this year and have hung them on the walls in this studio to add bright pops of color. All of these quilts are special to me in some way!

Another long-ago-began-and-finally-finished UFO from this year adorns the wall next to the TV.

In the far corner of the room, we have a comfy futon couch which doubles as a bed for guests. The quilt to the left is a variation of the Bricks block, and the back is a signature quilt signed by students from a quilting cruise to the Caribbean I taught for Quilt Seminars at Sea several years ago. The quilt behind the futon is a row-by-row round robin exchange quilt with dear friends I met while living overseas. We all used the same line of fabrics from a Jelly Roll for our blocks and added our own background fabric. I love the bright, cheerful colors of this quilt!

There is a wonderful storage area with shelves under the stairs. I have made great use of this space and have everything neatly organized to be handy and right at my fingertips.

I have another table and cutting space which holds some of my plastic project boxes, a thread rack, my Accuquilt GO! cutter, rulers, and some cutting and pressing mats. The Bear’s Paw block quilt is another souvenir /signature quilt from a quilting cruise to Alaska, and there is also a very old Ginny Beyer color-strips quilt I made in 1994. The cross stitch and embroidery pieces were done by my Mom and some other friends, and I cherish them.

I love this room for the eclectic mix of old and new, functional and decorative, modern and old. It makes me happy to create here. New chair mats were a must to protect the floors.

I have some necessary items such as a wireless speaker for listening to music or books on tape, a bright Ott light for stitching by hand and a small vacuum for sweeping up those pesky stray threads.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

  1. I love your studio and mountain home. I just love the mountains. Thank you for sharing pictures. You are so lucky.

  2. Ohhhh, how lovely! Time to create!!!!

  3. What a great room to create in- surrounded by beautiful, memory-filled quilts. And lots of windows to let in the outdoor beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great space. Enjoy.

  5. Thank you for sharing! What method/technique do you use to hang your quilts?

    • Hi Kate!
      Each quilt has a simple 4″ sleeve on the back and I use dowel rods for the smaller quilts. For the heavy quilts, I still use the sleeve method, but the rod is much thicker to support the weight.

  6. What a lovely and spacious sewing space. Congratulations on making your dream getaway home a reality.

  7. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Love, love, love it !! Do you take reservations for the futon??

  9. Oh Kim, I Love it ???? !

  10. The new floor in my bedroom is beautiful!!!! 🙂

  11. A lovely happy place for creating.

  12. No wonder you are so creative. So happy for your beautiful area and cabin refuge. The floor is a perfect final addition.

  13. Hi Kimberly what a lucky quilter you are…a place in the mountains and a beautiful new studio! I love it, thanks for the ideas – I’m remodeling mine too. Bev

  14. Love that most everything in the room has a story. I have some pieces like that too! So bright and beautiful! Create away! xo

  15. Thanks for sharing! I love how each quilt has memories annd must bring a smile each time you look at them.

  16. So beautiful. Maybe we’ll be able to take more classes from you in SoCal now that you have a residence close by.

  17. Awesome space and that closet is sooooo well organized. Love it.????

  18. Thank you for sharing your awesome space. Very happy for you, enjoy!
    May this space inspire you as you create your new designs. Love Call the Midwife. Thanks to Netflix I was able to catch all old episodes.
    Happy Quilting.

  19. Oh, I can see why you love it so much! It looks like a perfect sewing space! Thanks for the virtual tour!

  20. You have a beautiful sewing/crafting room. I especially love that you have a well lit studio. Also like the stories behind the quilts. Enjoy and Create! Thank you for sharing.

  21. Love your new and organized sewing studio! Many walls to showcase your quilts, of course, the Star is my favorite and remember you doing the other small one too.

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