The phrase of the day is…..

“Its almost not raining.”

I said that in the car yesterday and it seemed funny at the time. I don’t know. Maybe it was one of those “you had to be there” moments.

I realize the rainy season in Florida begins in June, however, enough already. Rain that is. It has been cloudy and overcast with no sunshine for nine days (yes, I’ve been counting) and raining steadily for the past four. Seriously — it has rained with little or no break for four days. Four long, dreary, (did I mention long?) days. Sheesh. I think its even too wet for mold.

I apologize for not posting about my amazing trip to Vermont. Photos and details will be posted here soon. Promise. But life has been busy lately. It took me more than a few days after I returned from the Vermont Quilt Festival to get caught up. And we’ve been up to our ears with my boys coming and going to and from church camp and football practice. Fun times for them; washer woman duty for Mom. Not that I’m complaining mind you. Its just that I think it might have been easier to burn those stinky, muddy, damp, mildewy clothes that came home from a week of camping in a cabin by a lake than to try to get them clean and fresh-smelling again.

But all is not gloomy. My friend, Ilona is here visiting with me for a few days. Many of you know her: in fact, you’ll recognize her from her picture on page 90 of Jelly Roll Quilts & More. (Did you look?) We had a grand time visiting Rainbow’s End yesterday (even in the rain) and we enjoyed a delicious lunch at an authentic Greek restaurant in Tarpon Springs. Yum! But last night was the most fun of all. We sewed. Well, in truth we giggled and talked more than we sewed. But I did manage to work out the kinks in the design of a brand new quilt I’m working on. (Hey Birgit, get ready! If this quilt gets put together as soon as I think it will, it will be heading your way! 🙂 ) This one features more fun with Jelly Roll strips, and it is stunning. Hope to share it with you all soon.

So in the meantime, I hope its dry where you are. And that you’re enjoying summer sunshine. Stop back here in a day or so because I promise to post a Vermont Quilt Festival update. Soon. Really. Truly.

In the meantime, I’m still — Soggy Me


  1. It is also a soggy one here! Not as bad but at least it is not a heatwave :0)

    Can’t wait to hear more about Vermont! I have always wanted to visit that area.

    BTW-I just thought of something. Would you like to do a guest blog post on my blog? Think about it & let me know. No rush,maybe before the end of the summer.


    • Stephanie –

      The rain stopped for a couple of hours today, but by late afternoon it was raining again. (sigh!)

      I would absolutely LOVE to do a guest blog post on your blog! I’ll be in touch soon so we can chat about it. Thank you SO much for asking! I’m really tickled….

  2. I thought Florida WANTED rain. I’ve been listening to my mom moan about the drought in Fort Myers for absolutely ages!

    We could use some in Lancaster PA too. Officially a heat wave (no shipping Wilber Buds this week).

  3. Hey Kimberly…reading your post today reminded me of how I felt many days in England. I’d wonder how many days could it possibly rain! I’m sure with the heat it makes for some very muggy days. Also…did you know when you comment it only appears on your own blog comments?

  4. I had a blast giggling… I mean sewing! I’m still thinking about Rainbow’s End and what I could’ve bought. The Greek food was very authentic and out of this world. I really don’t care that it almost didn’t rain most of the time I was there. I’m thankful for the time we spent together. See you in Des Moines!

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