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Calling all quilters!

Who wants to go on a retreat? Is there anyone out there in need of having their emotional batteries recharged? Would you like to have a ton of fun while finding some serious creativity mojo? Well, I’ve got just the thing! Check this out: Scrap and Sew Presents

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The best guests

We hosted some of our favorite people here at home over the weekend, Herb and Sue Hausmann. Of course, we think they are both terrific simply for who they are — sincerely good people and simply great friends — but during their visit this time, we got a bonus! Ever since

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Honored Guests

A few weeks ago, we welcomed our first overnight visitors to the Einmo Inn here in Sindelfingen, Germany. Our dear friends, Sue and Herb Hausmann were traveling through Germany and Austria with their lovely granddaughter, Lyndi, and they made time in their hectic schedule to spend an evening

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