The kindness of a friend

More tears were flowing at our house yesterday. But they were good tears. 

Tears of love, good memories, joy for our sweet little Divot and the kindness of our dear friend, Sherri Manios. 

Last year, when Tuffy passed away, she sent us a gorgeous drawing 

drawn from this photo she found posted on my social media page. It means more to us than you could ever imagine. 

I had the drawing framed and it now hangs prominently where we can see it and remember Tuffy every day because he was, after all, the “World’s Greatest Cat.” (And that’s what we had inscribed on the little headstone for where his ashes are buried at our cabin.)

In the package we opened yesterday from Sherri was a beautiful drawing of our beloved Divot. It so perfectly captures her unconditional love and her impishly sweet spirit that it took our breath away when we saw it! Kent looked at it and said, “That’s our girl. Her eyes. Her soul. I feel she’s looking right at me and I can tell she’s at peace. We did the right thing to let her go. Even though we couldn’t be with her.” 

That’s when we both shed many tears. It was healing for us to see this sweet face and we know she’s over Rainbow Bridge with Grandma and Pop and Tuffy; romping and playing, happy and free! 

Sherri, you have the most amazing gift. God has blessed you with a talent that blesses people in ways that touch hearts beyond words. Thank you for touching ours not once, but twice. We will treasure these drawings and cherish them forever. They will be family heirlooms because you took the time to create them and share them with us. From your hands to our hearts. And that means everything. Thank you.  

  1. ❤️ is Healing.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Divot.

  3. That is wonderful ❤️❣️ you truly have a special friend,.


  4. Can you tell me what you use to create the blog
    Is it WordPress
    Animal drawings are amazing

  5. Happy to know when you have friends as wonderful as yours, that itself is a blessing. Both pieces of art are beautiful.

  6. Love it an what a amazing thing to honor tour fur ball .

  7. Her drawings are beautiful. So kind of her to send you those drawings. What a great friend.

  8. Sherri has a God given gift for sketching. So nice she could share pictures of your pets. I love your sewing room, you have inspired me to maybe change the color of mine to blue also. I have incorporated some of your room design ideas in my sewing room (2 car garage) but need help as need to let some things go. Have a large fabric stash. Thanks for sharing your ideas!! Was at your trunk show at Frankenmuth, MI and totally enjoyed your humor,quilting tips, etc

  9. ❤️

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