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This and that

So, how’s your week going so far? I can tell you that I’ve been fighting this nasty cold/sinus infection/virus thing for 8 long days now. Kent is sick, too (much worse than I am.) We finally cried “uncle” and went to the doctor yesterday afternoon for some

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Momentum update

I just had to take a few moments to pass along my heartfelt thanks to all of you who I heard from through comments left on my recent blog posting “Momentum,” and also from those of you who contacted me by private email. Your words of support,

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Someone neat you need to meet

(OK, so the heading to this post is a little corny. But I like corny. Corny is good. I think we could all use a bit of corny in our lives sometimes.) When you’re done reading this post, click on the link and check out Lila Tueller’s

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