Thought for a Sunday


Just dropping by on this beautiful Sunday afternoon to share this amazing quote (anonymous) that really touched my heart.
It goes right along with my ONE WORD for 2014, which is GRATITUDE.

“Gratitude for everything you already have makes it enough.”

There is a very worthy cause I’d like to bring to your attention. As fellow quilters, I thought you might like to know how you can help out. Mary Lou Weidman’s sweet husband, Mark, is battling terminal cancer. As you can imagine, the mounting medical costs are overwhelming to this family. There is a fund to help with these ever-rising costs, should you want to do something to help. But above all, I know they would appreciate your prayers. If you would like to donate — no amount is too small — CLICK HERE.

Although I have never met Mary Lou personally, I have read her blog and followed her posts on FB. Her strength and spirit are an inspiration to so many, myself included. My heart goes out to her and Mark. I will be a prayer warrior for them, and I invite you to do the same!




A Spring surprise!

Welcome April! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m happy a new month has begun. March certainly “went out like a lion.” We had a surprise snowfall this past Sunday. It was supposed to rain all weekend, but the temperatures were cold enough that it snowed all Sunday morning and afternoon! Fortunately the snow didn’t stick around long and thankfully, the sun is shining today and it finally feels as if springtime is in the air.

I discovered the most wonderful surprise at our front door the other day. Well, actually the surprise was ON the front door! Take a look at the wreath on our front door.

P1010818Do you notice anything out of the ordinary?

Look closely…..


A pair of purple finches built a nest on the top of our wreath and there are five beautiful eggs inside!


Since I discovered the nest, I’ve been guarding our front door like a soldier; trying to intercept all deliverymen in our driveway to keep them from delivering packages at the front door, which scares the momma bird off the nest. I’ll keep you posted and hopefully there will be some baby birds very soon! Isn’t it exciting? Despite the long, harsh winter, spring is bursting forth with joyful expectations!


Happy Spring, everyone!




 There’s some exciting, B I G news on the horizon. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!


Unfortunately, I can’t share all the details just yet.
But I will be giving “hints” in the next week and the announcement will be coming soon. VERY soon!


It involves things you’ll absolutely LOVE.

3933_Marketing_049 3933_Marketing_003

And did I mention…..a GIVEAWAY?


Stay tuned. Keep checking back here on the blog. And Facebook. And on Craftsy!

In other news….

I’ve kept busy with new patterns….new designs….and lots of other cool stuff in my studio. But I haven’t been too busy to enjoy some of the little things in my life. For instance, the bluebird of happiness landed in my front yard just a few days ago. I happened to look up from my sewing machine and right in my front yard sat a handsome blue bird.

Bluebird bluebird2

Gosh, they sure are beautiful. I grabbed my camera and was lucky enough to snap a few photos before he flew away.
It sure made me happy to see this fellow. They are a rare sight around these parts of the country.


And of course I always take time to stop and love this furry friend.
He is my bitty buddy and a constant companion in the studio.


I’ve even been doing some machine embroidery on a new quilt that is part of a unique invitational.
I can’t wait to finish it and share it with you. But no, this isn’t what the big secret is about!

P1010806 P1010610

And it snowed here yesterday. Again. Everybody seems to be grumbling and complaining and I suppose I could let it get me down, too. But it doesn’t do any good and would take the place of joy in my heart. So I just choose to be grateful that the extra moisture will help the flowers bloom especially pretty this year. Spring snows never last long anyway. Spring IS coming. We can rest in the knowledge that no winter lasts forever! Hang in there. I’m sure better weather is on the way soon!



Come cruise with me to the Sea of Cortez!


It’s not too early to begin planning a fabulous cruise to Mexico when ‘ole man winter comes ’round again at the end of 2014. That’s right — it’s official! I’ll be teaching with Quilt Seminars at Sea during their fabulous Sea of Cortez Cruise in December, 2014! Sail the Mexican Riviera for 11 days on Holland America Line’s ms Statendam!  Our classes are held during our “at sea” days. As usual, there are a wide variety of classes from which to choose, taught by four fantastic instructors in the world of quilting. Paula Nadelstern, Karen Kay Buckley and Stevii Graves will be joining me and we’re going to have so much fun spending time with YOU!  I’ve designed a dynamic, dazzling new mystery quilt EXCLUSIVELY for this cruise, plus I’ll be teaching this exuberant Mexican Sunburst quilt constructed of diamonds cut from 2 1/2″ strips!




Isn’t the Aztec inspired face just the perfect center for this vibrant quilt?


Of course when we’re in port, there are all sorts of activities to keep you entertained and having the time of your life! Kent and I took a Rhino Rally excursion and saw hundreds of whales!


If four-wheeling isn’t your thing, what about a ride on a four-legged friend?


Or how about a dive on the wild side by going scuba diving or snorkeling?

Of course you don’t have to take part in any of those activities or excursions at all.
Because there will be tons of time to learn new methods, perfect your piecing skills,
make new friends and spend all your time

IMG_4175 IMG_4139 IMG_4137 IMG_3688 IMG_3672

 Add to all the fun fantastic, gourmet meals in the gorgeous dining room with panoramic windows on every side!


 If that’s not enough to entice you, consider those spectacular sunsets. EVERY. SINGLE. EVENING!

Crete, Greece 643

I hope you’ll join me for this fabulous trip. We’re going to have a blast!!!  Click here for more information!



The seas are calm and peaceful. And it is the perfect time to quilt, travel and enjoy life! Come with me!!!


White and Green


The view early this morning as the snow was piling up to about 7″ high.

 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Surprisingly, there isn’t much – if any - “green” outside in our neck of the woods today. We got yet another wintery blast last night with about 6-7″ of snow. This does seem to be the winter that just won’t give up. But spring arrives later this week and I know it won’t be long before it will be bursting with new green life outside very soon!


The view from my studio this morning. It may be snowy white outside, but there is a burst of sunny colors inside!


Carolyn Archer, Ohio Star Quilting, quilted my new Mexican Sunburst quilt with the perfect quilting designs including this clever Aztec-inspired sun face!

 A taste of spring…..

I spent last week in the sunshine state visiting my folks making many meals and stocking their freezer for them since my Mom doesn’t cook anymore.  The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed the sunny, warm days and all the new greenery in and around the park where my Mom and Dad live. I thought you might like to enjoy a little virtual mini green get-away in honor of St. Patrick’s Day mixed with a bit of spring fever by sharing some of the photos I took while I was there. Think green – think spring!


A beautiful serene canal lies quietly amongst the trees.


Late afternoon sunlight filters through the cypress tree swamp. I just love this place of calm serenity. It is magical and yet spiritual at the same time.




This little no-name hidden lake is a testament to the passage of the seasons and time without fuss or fanfare.


A tractor abandoned among the live oak trees…..


Not green, but certainly heralding the coming of spring this Trumpet tree burst forth in brilliant blooms!


The little boat seems to beckon, “Come and enjoy a quiet afternoon on the lake.”


But it is the cypress trees which beckon to my heart.





I cherish the inhabitants who live there.





Although even I thought the hundred or so vultures resting in the tree branches were kind of creepy.



But after spending the afternoon in this peaceful place, I felt refreshed and renewed.


And all the beautiful shades of green I saw were absolutely breathtaking.

National Quilting Day!

Did you do something special or fun to celebrate National Quilting Day? I had the privilege of teaching a class at one of my all-time favorite quilt shops, Scrap and Sew in Lutz, FL. I taught a brand new mystery class from 6pm – midnight, and we all had such a great time! It was so much fun to visit with my old friends and catch up on what’s been happening in their lives since we moved away from Tampa.







I’m with Tess, owner of Scrap and Sew and a lifelong friend!


If you’re anywhere near the Tampa / Orlando / Ocala area, this shop is a MUST-SEE stop!

 My folks…..

And as for my folks, they got to enjoy a little time with their grandson and I even taught my Dad how to make brownies — his favorite treat in the world!



 So, never fear. I believe spring is on the way. Even with all this wintry weather we’ve been experiencing, there are warmer, brighter days on the horizon.



P1010633So in the meantime, I’m keeping spring in my heart. You’ll do the same, won’t you?

Cut the Cake


Who’s ready for spring? I know I am. Although, believe it or not I haven’t minded the snow and wintry weather nearly as much as I have in years past for some reason. Perhaps it’s all because of my ONE WORD philosophy this year. Gratitude. I’ve discovered that when my heart is full of feeling grateful, there is little room for grumbling or negativity. I marvel at what a great choice my ONE WORD for 2014 has been. Here it is, almost 1/4 of the way through the year and I still think about it daily. If you chose ONE WORD for this year, how are you feeling about it now? Does it still feel relevant to you?


I had a great time presenting lectures and workshops for some local guilds recently. I met some terrific people, shared lots of laughter, my passion for quilting, and made new friends. I just love meeting people and getting to know a little bit about their lives and what makes them happy. I taught Lone Starburst at one of the workshops and Cut the Cake at the other workshop. Gosh, that one was fun. What a great no-fail pattern for a Friday! In preparing to teach the class I ended up making lots of blocks for another Cut the Cake Quilt from leftover Layer Cake squares from another recent project. Don’t you just love it when that happens?

Cut the Cake

I hear that the voting for the MQX Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year is still open. I feel so very grateful just to have been nominated! If you’d like to cast your vote it is very easy to do. Simply click HERE. I’ve never won such an award. It would be more than I can imagine!

Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year

I hope your week is off to a fantastic start. I’m sending good vibes out to each of you. Keep smiling and keep on quilting. Hugs, everyone!

00006 (3)

Have you ever participated in a round robin? Oh my goodness, they are F-U-N. Especially when you gather together a group of quilters who are eager to join in and create something special!


Awhile ago, I enlisted some of my international quilting buddies to participate in a Jelly Roll Round Robin. I told them the rules of the exchange were simple: Everyone would receive a couple of yards of backing fabric plus a Jelly Roll. They could construct any 20″ (finished) square of their choice for the quilt center and then send the square and extra fabric to the next person on the list in the exchange. I set up a schedule to keep track of the where-abouts of the quilts in progress, and sent contact information to everyone. Then the fun began!


I told them they didn’t have to create anything elaborate or complex; simple was just fine. Well, these ladies rose to the occasion and completely surpassed my wildest expectations! And we had more fun sending those packages back and forth overseas (although there were a few tense, nail-biting days when packages couldn’t be tracked through customs) adding borders and creating beautiful quilts. In fact, these quilts were featured in my third book, Jelly Roll Quilt Magic! in the “Fun with Friends” chapter. I thought it might be fun to revisit these lovely quilts here on the blog today and to introduce you to those talented friends of mine. Think of it as just a friendly little show-and-tell.

Christine 4

Christine Lacroix, France


Christine’s quilt is constructed with three-dimensional units and origami-type fabric folding. It is exquisitely beautiful!

Carla Conner

Carla Conner, Germany


Carla’s quilt began with a beautiful tree-of-life square.
This quilt ended up surprisingly large in size and captures elements from nature which compliment the tree perfectly!

Claire Close UP

Claire Neal, USA


The design of Claire’s quilt was a delight because the borders flowed into one another in such a way that
when the quilt was completely assembled, it was difficult to tell where each border began and ended!

Birgit close-up

Birgit Schuller, Germany


Birgit’s geometric shapes were so fun to add with each round. And her three dimensional extended
border/edge finishing treatment is the perfect compliment to this cool, modern design!


My quilt — I absolutely love all the pieced shapes and traditional motifs.
Each border was thoughtfully planned and lovingly pieced by my dear friends. A quilt I will always treasure!

Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year
DSC_0145 - 2011-12-13 at 14-36-31
Oh my goodness….I am so excited! I just received a lovely email telling me that I have been nominated for the MQX 2013 Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year award! This is the first time I have been nominated and I am over the moon excited, humbled and incredibly honored! Nominations and voting are now open and if you’ve been a student in one of my classes, I hope you will consider taking a few moments to vote. In the letter I received, it says that “all votes will be tabulated and EVERY statement by your students will be read and considered.  At the MQX Friday night dinner on April 12th the award will be announced and presented.”
Wow! I admit; I’m not really comfortable asking you to vote for me but this is just so exciting and such an incredible honor, and we have been told by the show organizers that it is perfectly acceptable to let students know of this award and opportunity.  Simply CLICK HERE.
Thank you all so much!
Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year

1 APQPodCastBlogButtonsGuest250 2014 Feb Kimberly Einmo Guest ButtonI’m so excited!!! Pat has asked me to be a guest again on her popular quilting talk radio program on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17, at 4pm EST! We’re going to be talking about rulers — everything you wanted to know about specialty rulers and why they make our quilting lives so much better! Even if you can’t listen to the LIVE broadcast, I hope you’ll tune in to listen at a convenient time for you; all you need to do is CLICK HERE. Thanks, Pat, for asking me to join you! I’m really looking forward to chatting with you!

So, how about a GIVEAWAY!

And to all you readers…..if YOU’VE got a question about rulers or would just like to share why you enjoy using specialty rulers (especially mine!) I’d love to hear it. Simply leave a comment below and I’ll choose a winner on Tuesday, February 25th, to receive one of my EZ Jelly Roll Rulers! Even if you already own one, wouldn’t you love to have another one to keep handy next to your sewing machine or in your totebag for taking to classes? Leave a comment, and you might be the lucky winner!



Snowed in


P1010440Winter isn’t quite over and we were in the path (as so many of you were) of Winter Storm Pax. It began snowing around 9pm last night and we awoke to more than 12″ of snow! As of now, there are an additional 2 – 4 more inches of snow due to fall later today. Needless to say, the DC metro area — as is much of the east coast — is all but shut down and everyone is hunkering down at home. But really, isn’t that a nice place to be?


I made homemade meatballs this morning and we enjoyed meatball subs for lunch. Yummy! The kitties found ways to keep warm (I think every available floor heating vent was occupied for awhile this morning) and sweet little Divot only ventured outside long enough to take care of business before running to come back inside.


The kitty condo was also a favorite hangout for the felines today.


I’ve been oh-so-busy preparing for a trip to Denver soon to film my third Craftsy class! I can’t tell you the name of the class just yet, but you won’t be disappointed! I’ve created a knock-out curriculum and exciting class projects that you’ll be head-over-heels excited about while you hone your skills through each lesson.


I chose Moda’s Daydream fabric line to create the main quilt for the class.  The colors are so bright….so cheerful….so absolutely wonderful that it has felt like springtime in my studio even while the winter weather continues outside my window!


I probably shouldn’t show you just yet, but here’s a sneak peek of some of the blocks for one of the projects….


Jam-packed with skill building lessons through fun, stress-free piecing, this is one Craftsy class you won’t want to miss!
I promise to provide more details as they become available right here on my blog.

Introducing new micro-serrated scissors available on my website!

Perfect Circles & Scissors 011

I’ve been using and LOVING my friend Karen Kay Buckley’s fabulous micro-serrated scissors ever since she introduced them to me. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never want to go back to your previous scissors or snips; they are just THAT GOOD! In fact, I love these scissors and believe in them so much that I’ve decided to offer them to you through my website at Simply click here and scroll down to see the three available sizes! I have (and constantly use) all three sizes but if you can only buy and try one size, my advice is to buy the large size (shown above). They are the perfect size for cutting fusible web and fabric, but handy enough to keep right by your sewing machine to use as snips.

Perfect Circles & Scissors 008

But having said that, I absolutely adore using my small snips for cutting threads and trimming dog ears from my pieced units.

Perfect Scissors Medium_0161

And then there are the medium-sized scissors. Sigh….. They are just wonderful for every type of task! So pick your size (or buy two or three!) and let me know what you think of them. You’ll love the soft-grip handles and those micro-serrated edges are beyond sharp. These scissors are just awesome and I think you’ll love them as much as I do!

Stay tuned….

1 APQPodCastBlogButtonsGuest250

I’ve got exciting news to share and I’ll post more about it very soon. I’ll be a guest on Pat Sloan’s next Internet Podcast for American Patchwork and Quilting Radio!

2014 Feb Kimberly Einmo Guest Button

So wherever you are, I hope you are quilting up a storm and enjoying life. There is so much to be grateful for! (Yes, I’m still loving my ONE WORD for 2014.) How about you?