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Not alone.

I’ve tried to write this blog post at least a dozen times. Each time I tried, I simply couldn’t find the right words. Even as I write this, the tears are streaming down my face. But now I’m ready. To say the past two months have been some of the

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Thinking of Mom

I’ve been thinking about my Mom a lot lately. As many of you may know she has been suffering with advanced dementia but about a month ago, she suffered a stroke or series of strokes that affected her in many ways. I spent several days visiting her

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A friendly challenge

More than 10 years ago I had the extreme good fortune to meet Susan Stewart at an industry event. To say in that moment I was star-struck is an understatement. I had been a huge fan of her column, “Sue Says” in Sew Beautiful Magazine for many years

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A few of my favorite things…..

It’s mid December and deadlines are looming. I have a million things I should do. But what I really want to do is stitch. Not because I have to, but because I want to. So I decided it was time to treat myself to a little quilt

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Michigan bound

I’m sitting at the gate ready to board a plane bound for Michigan.  This is much like all the other trips I make for my career as a traveling quilt instructor.  And yet,  this one is different.  This time,  I won’t be the teacher!   I’m headed

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Just breathe……

The summer days are winding down and August is passing quickly. As with every year, I confess I’m not quite ready for summer to end but in particular, this summer. It was such a change of pace for me. Since June, I have not taught any classes nor have

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Join me for a very merry cruise!

Attention: This post contains a lot of photos taken by me personally, so grab a glass of iced tea and join me for an armchair tour through Bavarian Christmas markets! I can finally share my really BIG news with you — and I’m so excited I can hardly stand

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A change of scenery…..

For all intents and purposes I’ve been absent and flying under the radar recently. After a break-neck, hectic schedule from January through June, my body and soul told me I needed a break. A break from working, teaching, administrative work on the computer and yes, social media.

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GO! BIG — and stay home

(ATTENTION: Long blog post with lots of fun and inspiring photos to follow……..) Spring break arrived the week before Easter for my son in high school but the difference this year was that we were not able to make plans to travel or go somewhere exotic and

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“Things are looking up, kid.”

That’s my Dad when he joined the Navy during World War II at just 17 years of age. I found this tiny little photo of him when I was cleaning out my Mom’s dresser drawer late last year after my Dad passed away in November. The photo itself

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